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POWL Inbox configurations for Manager Self-Service EhP5 and above



This document describes configurations required for using POWL based Inbox in Manager Self-Service in SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5 and above. It includes backend table configurations for the inbox, configuring actions and POWL configurations.



UWL is generally used for displaying and acting on the workflow tasks in Manager Self-Service. Since SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5, POWL (Personal Object Worklist) based inbox is available which can be used as an alternative to UWL. It has most of the features available in UWL and it can be connected to different backend systems. Various features offered are –

  • It is WebDynpro ABAP based
  • Connect different backend system to inbox and retrieve workitems from that system
  • Standard actions(Forward, resubmit) available for tasks
  • Additional actions can be configured for tasks
  • Additional POWL queries can be added 


This document describes backend configurations for POWL based Inbox in order to achieve following things in Manager Self-service -

  • To retrieve workitems for custom workflow tasks in the POWL inbox
  • To connect different backend system to Inbox
  • Configuring additional actions for tasks
  • Adding custom queries by POWL configurations



SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) 6.0 with SAP enhancement
package 5

MSS Add-On 1.0

Overview of POWL Inbox in MSS

POWL (Personal Object Worklist) based Inbox is provided in Business Suite Foundation layer for processing work items, alerts and notifications. The inbox is used in Manager Self-Service add-on 1.0 (Work overview section) for processing MSS specific workitems and notifications by manager users. AdditionalPOWL queries are available in this inbox for MSS like – leave approvals. If MSS is deployed on SAP Enterprise Portal then also itis possible to use the POWL inbox as an alternative to UWL. An iview can be created in portal to display WebDynpro ABAP application of POWL inbox. Following are
technical details to create such an iview-


WebDynpro Application name – IBO_WDA_INBOX

WebDynpro Application configuration – HRMSS_AC_POWL_INBOX


This document does not go into details of creating this iview in SAP portal, but it gives more details on various configuring possibilities of the POWL Inbox. 

In order to understand the configuration, let’ s say you havea custom workflow for shopping cart and the manager’s approval is needed after shopping cart is raised and you would like to bring this workitem in POWL inbox of MSS. 

Configure Workflow tasks for POWL Inbox

The inbox provides standard POWL query for processing Workflow based tasks (in “Workitems” query). For the MSS inbox, it filters
workflow tasks based on task id’s defined in customizing. In order to display additional workitem corresponding to custom workflow task of shopping cart approval, provide the task id against POWL application id MANAGER_MSS_INBOX_2 in the maintenance
view IBO_C_WF_TA_P_SC. The type in this maintenance view is the “POWL type” of standard Workitems query. IMG Path  for
this customizing step is as follows:

Cross-Application Components -> Process and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Inbox
-> Assign Task ID’s to POWL Types

Configure Workflow tasks from Different backend

If the workitem should come from a different backend system, as you have different backend system for shopping cart application, then the RFC destination id of the system has to be assigned to the POWL application id in the maintenance view IBO_C_BE_SYST. The IMG path for this customizing:

Cross-Application Components -> Process and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Inbox
->Assign Connected Backend Systems to Inbox

Note that Business function FND_IBO_MULTIBE_1 has to be activated in order to use multi-backend capabilities of Inbox. Also appropriate roles have to be assigned to end user and service user in both systems. For more details refer to SAP help link in related content section.

Configure actions for tasks

With the above configuration the shopping cart approval
workitem would appear in in the Workitems query of inbox.  It is possible to have a default action for this
workitem. The default action is triggered when user clicks on the workitem link.
Follow below steps for configuring this action -

  1. First create all actions which are possible for MSS application id in the maintenance view
    IBO_C_WF_ACC. The IMG path to this customizing is:


Cross-Application Components -> Process and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Inbox
->Define Tasks and Actions

   The type of action can be

  1. OBJECTNAVIGATIONLAUNCHER – An Object Based Navigation is triggered
  2. FUNCTIONMODULEHANDLER – A function module is called
  3. LAUNCHPADACTIONHANDLER- Launchpad(lpd_cust) navigation


Also a button id can be assigned for action which is referenced in POWL query. The refresh type can be OPTIMISTIC or
no value. Optimistic refresh indicates removal of the line from query results.

2. Define properties for actions in the maintenance view IBO_C_WF_APC. The IMG path to this customizing is:


Cross-Application Components -> Process and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Inbox
->Define Tasks and Actions


For OBJECTNAVIGATION type of action, properties like OBJECTNAME, OPERATION, OBJECTVALUE etc. can be configured here. If the value has to be read from a variable in Workflow container, then
configure it like - ${ITEM.EXTERNALID}.

For FUNCTIONMODULEHANDLER type of action, property FUNCTIONMODULE can be set to the name of function module that would handle the action.


For LAUNCHPADHANDLER type of action, properties like ROLE, INSTANCE and alias can be configured. The corresponding
application configured in Launchpad would be launched.

3. Now configure in the maintenance view IBO_V_WF_TTAC list of possible actions that are possible for the task id
corresponding to shopping cart approval workitem. The IMG path to this customizing is:


Cross-Application Components -> Process and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Inbox
->Define Tasks and Actions


If the action has to be triggered for completed task the enter X in the field here.

4. Finally specify default action for the shopping cart approval task id. This step has to be done in the maintenance view
IBO_C_WF_TAC, the IMG path is:

Cross-Application Components -> Process and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Inbox
->Define Tasks and Actions

POWL Configurations for Inbox

This section gives only brief overview of POWL configurations of Inbox. Details about POWL query configurations can be found
in the links provided in related contents section.

In the POWL transaction FPB_MAINTAIN_HIER you can find the application id for MSS POWL inbox.

For this application id several POWL types are registered by default like – Notifications, Workitems, and Leave approvals. You can view all the POWL types registered against application id in transaction POWL_TYPER.

You can define new POWL types and associate with your feeder class in transaction POWL_TYPE.

You can also create new POWL types and assign to the MSS application id. This way you can have custom queries configured in the MSS Inbox. Further properties of POWL queries can be defined in POWL_QUERY and
POWL_QUERYR transaction. Please read POWL configuration details from related content section.

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