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SAP Product Stewardship Network

Getting Started with SAP Product Stewardship Network


What is the SAP Product Stewardship Network about?

The SAP Product Stewardship Network is an on-demand networked application enabling you to collaborate with your business partners by exchanging substance-related product data. You can easily generate, share and request product declarations in all parts of your supply chain.

This product completes our on-premise product "SAP EHSM: Product and REACH Compliance" to a business software solution to support the end-to-end process "embedded product compliance" for discrete manufacturers.

Watch a short video giving highlights of SAP Product Stewardship Network´s capabilities and see how it can help lower your product compliance costs. Simply click on the picture to start the video.

[Length: 7:55]

Japanese version  |  Korean version | Chinese version

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Get Started


SAP Product Stewardship Network Tutorials

Learn more about SAP Product Stewardship Network in our tutorials, which are available here.


Features & Pricing

SAP Product Stewardship Network is available in three different editions: Basic, Professional and Enterprise.

Choose the version that best fits your business needs. Start with the free basic edition of SAP Product Stewardshp Network. Grow into the professional edition to support more users, suppliers and parts. Then upgrade to the enterprise edition to leverage the integration benefits of a networked, on demand - on premise solution.

Click here to find detailed information on Features & Pricing.


Application Help

If you need help regarding specific features & functions of SAP Product Stewardship Network, the SAP Product Stewardship Network Application Help will be helpful. It provides detailed assistance for all functions available on the network.To access the documentation, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have a specific question, check the SAP Product Stewardship FAQs for SAP Product Stewardship Network. You might find an answer there. If you do not find an answer here, simply post your question in the community and we are happy to help.


Browsers Recommendations (see SAP note 1762855):

Since SAP Product Stewardship Network is mainly dependent on the availability of CSS3 and HTML5 as well as the new JavaScript API and the JavaScript speed, mainly the HTML5-compatible browsers are supported:


- Internet Explorer 9 and higher

- Firefox 10 (also known as Firefox Extended Support Release # ESR) as well as the latest Firefox version (currently Version 15)

- Safari 5.1 for Apple Macintosh operating systems

- Chrome, latest version (currently Version 2.0)


The following browser is supported with restrictions:

- Internet Explorer 8


The following browsers are not supported:

- Internet Explorer 6 and 7

- All other browsers that are not listed above


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