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SAP Co-Innovation Lab Projects - Analytics & Search Technology and Solutions

The SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Network hosts and facilitates a broad range of events and activities to foster project based co-innovation, enabling and extend the capabilities of our partners and SAP. Joint achievements of projects are showcased as packaged deliverables to gain broader momentum  around their co-innovation and to make the topic more tangible. The COIL projects pages provide further insight.
The following list outlines a high-level perspective for the major projects successfully completed between 2008 and today in the area of Analytics and Search solutions.

SAP Co-Innovation Lab Business Objects Experience 2013

with various partners [COIL Brasil, December 2013]

In conjunction with the OEM team in Brazil, the Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Brasil executed the third edition of the "SAP Co-Innovation Lab Business Objects Experience" initiative. Goal was to extend the knowledge and use of Business Objects (BO) among the local ecosystem through an OEM partnership. Four companies joined the experience in Q4 2013:

The selected companies received a BO Bootcamp tailored to the initiative, followed by twelve weeks of remote access to an exclusive COIL landscape for prototype building. During the prototyping phase the partners had bi-weekly follow-up calls to receive continuous technical COIL support via SAP Jam. All partners that finalized the prototype were invited to showcase live on December 3rd on the Co-Innovation Forum event.

SAP Co-Innovation Lab Business Objects Experience 2012

with Various Partners [COIL Brasil, March 2013] projects/COILProjects 2012 BOE Experience Brasil.gif

In conjunction with the OEM team in Brasil, the Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Brasil executed the second edition of the "SAP Co-Innovation Lab Business Objects Experience" initiative. Goal was to extend the knowledge and use of Business Objects (BO) among the local ecosystem through an OEM partnership. Six companies joined the experience in Q4 2012:

The selected companies received a BO Bootcamp tailored to the initiative, followed by sixteen weeks of remote access to an exclusive COIL landscape for prototype building. During the prototyping phase the partners had bi-weekly follow-up calls to receive continuous technical COIL support via SAP Streamwork. All partners were invited to showcase their final prototype live on March 8th to SAP.

Best Practices for Deploying SAP BI on VMWare – Testing and Validation
with VMware [COIL PALO ALTO, December 2012] projects/Projects2012_SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA.gif When not configured optimally, SAP BI running on virtual environments may experience performance penalty much higher than industry standard expectation. Our customers are looking for official guidance from SAP and VMware to avoid such unnecessary performance loses. With this project, SAP BI team and VMware built a comprehensive BI landscape at COIL on VMware vSphere infrastructure. The team examined various configurations at the virtualization layer, the guest OS layer, and the BI application layer, validated performance with different configurations aiming to identify the best practices applicable to real customer environment.  The team has finished the first phase of the project which focused on the testing and data collecting. A second phase is planned for 2013 to produce an official best practices guide combining inputs from this COIL project and many other related projects within SAP and VMware. 

Scaling a "Monsta" BI 4 on Sybase ASE and IQ Application
with F5, Intel, Red Hat, SOASTA, Super Micro, and Sybase [COIL Palo Alto, September 2012] The SAP Co-Innovation Lab enabled a performance validation and scalability project of a large-scale deployment of the SAP® BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence (BI) platform, release 4, capable of sustaining ten thousand plus concurrent users. The SAP BusinessObjects BI platform and database technologies were configured to run over a standard enterprise-ready open source operating system from Red Hat (RHEL 6), using enterprise data center–ready Intel® Xeon® processor-based hardware from Supermicro (TwinBlades and SuperServers) and an application delivery control system from F5. The
results have been published in a white paper.

BusinessObjects Dashboards for Mobile

with InfoSol, Capgemini, TekLink International, IBM, Decision First Technologies, Centigon Solutions, Accenture, TriCore Solutions, ProMorphics, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Optimal Solutions,   4C Management Consulting, et al. [COIL Palo Alto, September 2012] projects/Projects2012_BOBJ Dashboards for Mobile.gif With this COIL project, a selected group of SAP partners got early access and validated SAP Dashboards for Mobile solution which is part of SAP’s answer to our developer community’s request to extend the capability of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 to support mobile application development. Participants included InfoSol, Inc,  Capgemini, TekLink International Inc., IBM, Decision First Technologies, Centigon Solutions, Inc,  Accenture, TriCore Solutions, ProMorphics, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Optimal Solutions Inc., and 4C Management Consulting. Enabled by a comprehensive SAP landscape deployed at COIL, these partners were trained by SAP experts and feedback collected from the partners influence early releases of the Dashboards for Mobile solution.

Case Study: SOASTA Helps COIL demonstrate BI Scalability and Reliability
with SOASTA [COIL PALO ALTO, August 2012] projects/Projects2012_SOASTA Case Study.gif Aiming to respond to the need to put business intelligence (BI) in the hands of thousands of users, SAP has made extensive investments to make our BI platform scalable and reliable. COIL has conducted a major project in 2012 (see Scaling a "Monsta" BI 4 on Sybase ASE and IQ Application)  to validate large-scale BI deployment that can enable tens of thousands of users concurrently access the application. To achieve our goal, load testing also must scale up to volumes that were unthinkable even a few years ago, and our partner SOASTA has stood up to the challenge to provide us a high-volume testing solution that is cost-effective, available and scalable. This case study provides an overview of how the SOASTA solution contributed to our scalability tests.

SAP Co-Innovation Lab Business Objects Experience 2012
with various partners [COIL Brasil, July 2012] projects/COILProjects 2012 BOE Experience Brasil.gif In conjunction with the Ecosystem and Channels and the OEM team in Brasil, the Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Brasil launched an initiative called "SAP Co-Innovation Lab Business Objects Experience 2012". Goal was to extend the knowledge and use of Business Objects (BO) among the local ecosystem through an OEM partnership. Four companies joined the experience on late May 2012 for a total of two months:

The selected companies received three SAP Education trainings (SAPBI, BOE315, BODS10) and one BO Bootcamp tailored to the initiative, followed by eight weeks of remote access to an exclusive COIL landscape for prototype building. During the prototyping phase (May to July) the partners had weekly follow-up calls to receive continuous technical COIL support via SAP Streamwork. All partners were invited to showcase their final prototype live on July 11th to various teams within SAP and to all the participants of the initiative. During the initiative all participants became official SAP partners through the OEM program.

Running BI on VMware: Guidance and best practices for the Java stack
with VMware [COIL Palo Alto, June 2012] projects/Projects2012_BI on VMware.gif As virtualization and cloud computing are getting more and more tractions, many of our customers are looking for guidance on how to run SAP solutions efficiently in a virtualized environment.  With this project at COIL, SAP and VMware evaluated a subset of Java-specific best practices by applying them to an SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 deployment and analyzing their effects. A series of tests were performed at COIL using the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 suite and VMware vSphere 5. The resulting recommendations provide a set of general guidelines related to Java with BI deployment and are available from this whitepaper.

CIO Cockpit with CA technologies Integration
with CA Technologies Inc. [COIL Palo Alto, March 2012] projects/Projects2012_CA CIO Cockpit.gif SAP and CA Technologies teamed up at COIL to validate integration between SAP BusinessObjects GRC CIO Cockpit and CA solutions. The SAP CIO cockpit helps corporate executives to get complete visibility on their IT landscape and manage business and IT risks. With this project, the team examined how to enhance the cockpit with CA’s comprehensive monitoring capabilities to offer a single framework for CIOs to probe deep into IT infrastructure and surface the information they need to simplify their controls, prevent crisis and take on more calculated technology risks. The team built up a live demo running at COIL Palo Alto to showcase the integration for visiting joint customers and partners.

UCS BWA Appliance Showcase at COIL
with Cisco [COIL Palo Alto, February 2012] projects/Projects2012_UCS BWA Appliance Showcase.gif As a result of Cisco and SAP working to deliver SAP BWA as a Cisco UCS appliance, COIL, Cisco and members of the SAP RIG team worked with the SAP North American field sales team (US West) to setup BWA on UCS as a demonstration system complementary to the same appliance Cisco deployed into its own production IT environment for decision support. The Cisco BWA UCS system is comprised of 8 ½ width B200 M1 blades, 2 Nexus N5K switches, 2 UCS 6120 Fabric extenders and 2 NetApp dual port 10Ge FAS 3140 Controllers running a 300GB 15K FC Disc array.

The COIL-based demo system was comprised of an 8B record automotive dB using a star schema to set up relationships between the various tables of vehicle attributes, quantities and pricing uploaded to  BWA and then made remotely accessible to a select group of Cisco and SAP account team managers using Business Objects Explorer running from a Desktop, Notebook or Tablet.

The demo made it possible to showcase use of Explorer featuring exceptional ease of use and performance running queries to the business warehouse accelerated by BWA deployed as an appliance using UCS Mark 1 blades.

Scaling a "Monsta" BusinessObjects Enterprise Application - BI Platform Testing Phase
with F5, Intel, OSIsoft, Red Hat, SOASTA, Super Micro, and Sybase [COIL Palo Alto, November 2011] projects/Project2011_Monsta_I_monster.gif This project seeks to validate performance of a very large BI 4 implementation capable of supporting really large enterprises. Leveraging a BI4 deployment on a rack of 80+ Super Micro blades and super servers, this COIL project tests architectural, scalability and performance limits of valuable interest serving as a confidence builder internally, but also externally. Future customers for environments of this size would feel much more comfortable to find that SAP tested this in our own labs prior prove that it works. To develop the tests and to produce such proof points as an orchestrated co-innovation activity among partners from the SAP ecosystem adds validation and opens up new opportunity to accelerate innovation on this front.

In this first project phase, the BI Platform team successfully scaled the system to support 10,000 concurrent users using only the CMS and Sybase ASE DB layers. The performance results are used to support product feature/functional claims and the tacit knowledge derived from the project work is useful to creating best practices and configuration recommendations. The output from this phase will also be used to inform the 2nd phase of the project that will assess energy use of the system and optimizations to reduce energy use by a large BI 4 deployment. projects/Project2011_Monsta_I_logos.gif

BusinessObjects 4.0 validation for a total office support service provider - Phase 1
with a retail company [COIL Tokyo, December 2010] projects/Project2010_Aurora Validation.gif A leading Japanese company for total office support offers "next-day delivery" of office supplies and services to its customers.They use SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) in the areas of Sales and Financial Analysis.

SAP Japan invited them to COIL Tokyo to experience and to validate the new features of SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4.0 (Aurora).

BOE Demo System for iPhone / iPad access
with SAP Japan [COIL Tokyo, August 2010] projects/Project2010_BOE Demo System for iPhone + iPad access.gif The general popularity of Apple's iPhone and iPad make both mobile devices also interesting for business use including business analytic scenarios. Goal of this project was to demonstrate what is already technically possible today in accessing SAP BOE (Business Objects Explorer) via iPhone and iPad.

A demo system environment of BOE accessible with iPhone and iPad has been created at COIL Tokyo in collaboration with SAP Japan. The BOE demo environment can also be accessed via standard internet.

BOE/BWA Wave 2 landscape on Fujitsu Platform
with Fujitsu [COIL Tokyo, June2010] projects/Project2010_BOE-BWA Wave 2 on Fujitsu.gif An SAP Business Objects Explorer and SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator Wave 2 (BOE/BWA) landscape was implemented at COIL Tokyo. With sponsorship from Fujitsu, this system was set up in June 2010. Thus, COIL can show BWA demo efficiently and easily. Also, an iPad application has been deployed to the BWA landscape at COIL Tokyo. It can be accessed via Internet by using iPad devices.

This BWA system has innovatively extended the showcase capabilities for Japanese customers. The demo environment was utilized by SAP Japan and three proof-of-concepts projects using this landscape have been established with the customers in the following areas:
  • Railroad & Transportation Services: a performance evaluation of BW Reporting showed that BWA is around 100 times faster than BW.
  • Consumer Industries: proof superiority of BWA by evaluating its effect on performance of BW Reporting and comparing BWA with competitors' products
  • High tech: demonstrate BWA effect on performance of BW Reporting.

HP Neoview and SAP Integration - Development Landscape Setup and Hosting
with HP [COIL Palo Alto, December 2009]

At TechED 2009 in Phoenix, SAP and HP announced a joint initiative to help customers attain unrealized business intelligence benefits. SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Palo Alto, California was chosen as the place where HP and SAP engineers would architect, develop, and test an integrated solution with HP Neoview high volume database, SAP MaxDB, BW, BWA, and related Business Object offerings. The COIL team has worked closely with managers, engineers, and architects from both companies to setup the HP Neoview and SAP environment at COIL. We successfully completed the first phase of this multiple phase project by the end of August 2009. With the completion of the first phase, COIL has brought a comprehensive SAP and Neoview development landscape up and running. The engineers are developing the solution at full speed. The joint solutions is described further in a press release available from

BusinessObjects Wave 2 Explorer Demo Platform
with Teradata, HP[COIL Palo Alto, October 2009]

The SAP Echosystem has never been more important to the strategy for the success of SAP. The integration of partner solutions (hardware and software) within SAP core solutions is a key board level goal. The project objective was building executive demonstrations that show just that vision. In 2009, working in collaboration with the Co-Innovation Lab we have built out just such an environment. A key milestone was reached in the second quarter when SBOP Demo team working with COIL team, HP, TeraData was able to build out the first Wave2 Explorer environment showing just that partner integration. Demos
have this system where shown in every major marketing event in 2009. Working with the COIL team and partners will be key to our 2010 strategy.
The findings of the project were presented at SAP Sapphire, SAP TechED 2009 and a Teradata conference.

Reference Architecture and Sizing Guide for HP Integrity Platforms for BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE) XI 3.1
with HP [COIL Palo Alto, August 2009]

This project enabled HP to create a reference architecture and sizing guide for HP Integrity Platforms for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE) XI 3.1 to be used as sales tools for the HP field organization. The project was initiated by HP USA and the SAP Technical Alliance Management team and was supported by SAP's US Regional Implementation Group (RIG), and the SAP Service Partners Management team. The following objectives where planned and achieved by applying the joint knowledge of the involved teams using HP LoadRunner 9.5 as the performance testing tool:
  • To get hands on experience in installing BOE XI 3.1 on HP Integrity systems and Windows environments
  • To run the tests described in the benchmark kit provided by Business Object to understand the HP platform behaviour and the appropriate resource consumption
  • To create a sizing guide and a reference architecture on HP Platforms for HP alliances team go-to-market program

BusinessObjects Executive Industry Dashboards HP Try and Buy Program
with HP [COIL Palo Alto, May 2009]

Business Objects executive industry dashboards resonate with customers and help transform the customer's business requirements into key performance drivers that integrate and flow to all areas of the business. The dashboards are designed first and foremost with regard to the most import users in the enterprise, the executive. They are designed for simplicity of use while providing the appropriate level of detail for an executive to manage their business. No other company selling BI uses this approach as most BI companies do not sell to the board room but more to the operational managers. This provides a unique opportunity for SAP to not only differential with Business Objects but also a way for our sales people to preserve a high, value-based, price point for the Business Objects product suite. This Try and Buy offer provides the opportunity to engage customers and demonstrate business value without capital investment. Solution is pre-tested, optimized, certified and designed to meet customer requirements.

Insurance Claims Analytics on SAP Business Objects
with Wipro [COIL Bangalore, April 2009] projects/Project2009-11_Insurance Claims Analytics.JPG Wipro developed its Insurance Claims Analytics solution by working on a platform specially developed in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, combining its experience in business intelligence (BI) and strong global insurance domain expertise with SAP® BusinessObjectsTM XI 3.1 solutions. Collaborating in the secure environment of the lab, Wipro and SAP have created
a solution that will have a tremendous impact on the industry's future profitability, competitiveness and compliance levels, as it targets property and casualty (P&C) insurance carriers.
This is an integrated performance management solution for the claims area with scorecards, reports & predictive analytics. The solution has scorecards with KPIs aligned to strategic objectives in a "Balanced Scorecard" framework. It also has an integrated predictive analytics workbench which can be used to detect those claims with high propensity for fraud litigation and subrogation, as soon as they enter the claims unit.
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