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SAP Co-Innovation Lab Projects - Sustainability


The SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Network hosts and facilitates a broad range of events and activities to foster project based co-innovation, enabling and extend the capabilities of our partners and SAP. Joint achievements of projects are showcased as packaged deliverables to gain broader momentum around their co-innovation and to make the topic more tangible. The COIL projects pages provide further insight.

The following list outlines a high-level perspective for the major projects successfully completed between 2008 and today in the area of sustainability.

Sentilla Energy management and SAP CI PoC - Phase 1
with Sentilla [COIL PALO ALTO, DECEMBER 2010] projects/Project2010_Sentilla_EM_SAP_CI_phase1_small.gif Sentilla is a provider of energy management solutions for data centers and has teamed with SAP to build a prototype at COIL for integrating with the SAP® Carbon Impact solution and SAP BusinessObjectsTM Explorer software. The integration provides comprehensive visibility into energy performance and forecasting, capacity planning, service optimization and carbon reduction for the data center. Sentilla Energy Manager monitors and manages energy consumption in the data center, then populates SAP BusinessObjects Explorer with energy usage information, enabling decision makers to quickly address critical areas within the data center that have the highest return on energy optimization strategies.


OSIsoft Energy Management showcase at COIL - Integration Development
with OSIsoft [COIL Palo Alto, October 2010] projects/Project 2010 - PA Nov OSISoft IntegrationDev.GIF OSIsoft is the first EBS partner SAP has announced in the green IT space. The existing EBS today is around AMI/MDUS for the Power Generation/Production sector to manage the efficient/green GENERATION of Power. The two companies are taking one more step forward with the COIL initiative to explore our joint offerings for efficient/green power CONSUMPTION.
With this project, OSI and SAP product teams have engaged in COIL with an energy and asset management framework that includes software components such as: PI, PI interfaces, PI Business Package (iViews), SAP MII, SAP Carbon Impact, SAP Environment Compliance, SAP ERP, and  SAP Enterprise
Portal (as the visualization layer) planned for use in a phased approach. The result of this co-innovation demonstrates the use of the PI System software in
the SAP COIL data center facility (Building 1 in Palo Alto) and the use of the SAP landscape to demonstrate SAP and OSIsoft as Exemplars and Enablers of a Green/Sustainable Facility with a focus on Energy Asset Management.
More details are available from the COIL blog and the joint whitepaper by SAP and OSIsoft.

Verification of SAP System Optimization using Power-Saving Platform
with NEC and F5 [COIL Tokyo, May 2009] projects/Project2009-6_Green IT NEC + F5.JPG NEC Corporation and F5 Networks Japan K.K. conducted joint verification concerning optimization of an SAP ERP system. System evaluation took place through the construction of SAP ERP application servers in NEC's Express 5800/ECO CENTER, and load distribution of SAP system users' access that
was implemented with F5's BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager ("BIG-IP LTM"). The load for each application server was monitored by NEC's consolidated operation and management software WebSAM and server resources were allocated accordingly.

Furthermore, the BIG-IP LTM was notified of configuration changes, and system load was equalized in accordance with each change, thereby enabling optimal system configuration for the execution of business processes.
  • Achievement of a power-saving platform for the SAP system
  • Simplified operation and elimination of operation mistakes by making configuration changes autonomous.

Further information can be found in the press release (Japanese only) and on NEC's Japanese web site.

Green Business IT

with Intel [COIL Tokyo, June 2008] projects/Project2008-8_ Green Business IT.JPG SAP's Co-Innovation Lab Tokyo measured the decrease of energy consumption by employing latest-generation chipsets in servers having enterprise applications running on top. In close collaboration with Intel, energy measurements on single-, dual-, and quad-core Intel processor powered servers were performed while running SAP's latest ERP 6.0 software package.

The lab stress tests simulated the load of 600 sales and distribution users - detecting a total energy reduction of over 50%. This corresponds - expressed in CO2 equivalents - to the amount of 84 Japanese cedars that could be saved from being ceased. In essence, these compelling results thus testify that significant energy consumption for business IT systems can be achieved by employing latest chip technology.

Intel and SAP jointly published a whitepaper showing the results of this engagement. It is titled "Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 5400 Series' Proven Contribution to ‘Green IT" (Japanese Version).

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