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SAP Co-Innovation Lab Projects - Partner-delivered Enterprise Services (PdES)



The SAP Global Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Network hosts and facilitates a broad range of events and activities to foster project based co-innovation, enabling and extend the capabilities of our partners and SAP. Joint achievements of projects are showcased as packaged deliverables to gain broader momentum  around their co-innovation and to make the topic more tangible. The COIL projects pages provide further insight.

The following list outlines a high-level perspective for the major projects successfully completed between 2008 and today in the area of Partner-delivered Enterprise Services.

Accenture's successful PdES story continued: Complete retail scenario now implemented!
with Accenture [COIL Bangalore, Tokyo, Walldorf, July 2010] Accenture shows continued commitment to SAP's SOA methodology and the concept of Partner-delivered Enterprise Services:

After already defining and implementing three scenarios in the industries Utilities, Automotive and Oil & Gas earlier this year, the Accenture Innovation Center (AIC) for SAP located in Bangalore now strikes again by implementing a complete Retail scenario:
Retail Event and Space Management. Go for a deep dive into the complete set of scenarios and the provided SAP SOA methodology-compliant services now offered by Accenture.

Accenture makes PdES a key element of their SOA practice
with Accenture [COIL Bangalore, December 2009] In 2009, Accenture joined SAP's global initiative Partner-delivered Enterprise Services with the goal to make SAP's SOA methodology a key element of their SOA practice. Going far beyond the 2008 activities, the PdES initiative encouraged partners to enable full solutions with SAP SOA methodology-compliant services.
The Tokyo, Bangalore and Walldorf teams of SAP Co-Innovation Lab Network enabled the responsible team at the Accenture Innovation Center (AIC) for SAP located in Bangalore with the neccessary knowledge and supported them on the complete path from the business scenario analysis via service identification to the completion of the full ESR content. Accenture defined and implemented three scenarios in the industries Utilities, Automotive and Oil & Gas.

Nakisa enables its solution SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa with full set of Partner-delivered Enterprise Services
with Nakisa [COIL Walldorf, December 2009] In the frame of SAP's initiative Partner-delivered Enterprise Services, SAP partner Nakisa continued on the journey they embarked on already in 2008. Nakisa created a full set of SAP methodology-compliant services around their well-established solution "SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa".
Have a look at Nakisa's Partner-delivered Enterprise Services model entities here.

ESR Content certification released: Second pilot partner CONET certified
with CONET Solutions [COIL Walldorf, September 2009] With the successful certification of CONET's solution COACH (Groupware Integration), the new Enterprise Services Repository content certification (NW-ESR-CNT) has been released by SAP Integration and Certification Center (ICC). The Co-Innovation Lab team in Walldorf supported CONET with additional guidance on SAP's SOA methodology. CONET in return gave valuable feedback needed for the finalization of certification documents and finally the release of the certification.

SAP ICC collaborated with the Global Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Network project team and SAP's own enterprise service development governance team to define this new certification. Partners that are aiming at investing into the enhancement of their solutions with SAP SOA methodology-compliant services will from now on be able to certify their solutions.
Further links:

PdES Architecture Series on PdES
with Nakisa [Global COIL Network, July 2009] projects/Project2009-1_PdES Process.JPG Delivering Enterprise Services (ES) forms a crucial element to SAP's SOA strategy. By today, SAP has released roughly 3000 productized services over the course of the last two years. More and more partners and customers now actively seek to learn SAP's best practices on how to build their very own Enterprise Services; services with increased usability and reuse inside and beyond one's organization. SAP's underlying modeling and definition methodology is hence experiencing broad momentum.

This architecture series is now targeted to provide you first hand insights into the entire process of delivering methodology-compliant services following SAP's best practices. Following this series you will learn how to model, how to define and how to implement your services to come. As a special goody, we will introduce - for the very first time - an automated wizard with integrated governance that you may use free of charge to swiftly create your methodology compliant services. The series is a part of the overall "Partner delivered Enterprise Services initiative".

Ride in the tube of SOA and learn how to deliver your services based on SAP's modeling and definition methodology. Stay tuned and jumpstart your PdES journey with the introduction Blog. In the following the entire series:
Automation Wizard for Partner delivered Enterprise Services
[COIL Tokyo, June 2009] projects/Project2009-2_ESWizard.JPG The project of creating an Enterprise Service Methodology Wizard emerged out of the Partner-delivered Enterprise Services (PdES) initiative in 2008 with the intention to create a tool that supports and partially automates the creation of Enterprise Services in alignment with SAP's modeling and definition methodology.

Today, the resulting wizard combines ES methodology and ES governance and covers roughly 80% of the modeling and 20% of all the definition work required for building services. The wizard boosts service creation from a matter of weeks to a couple of days through governance and methodology automation. It guides step by step through the generic methodology and ensures consistent terminology by, for example, generating names according to the methodology's naming conventions. Mischa Keil's Blog describes the usage of the tool in details.

In the following the three most common use-cases:
  • Partners can use the wizard as supporting tool for the creation of services that can be certified within the upcoming certification offering from ICC
  • Customers can build SAP methodology compliant services for their own organization
  • And SAP employees can use it to boost internal service creation
Please note: The wizard is still a draft version, but it has already reached a stable state and will be enhanced over time.The prototype is officially released as a free download via SDN.

ESR Content certification: First pilot solution MegaXML/ESP certified
with Task Performance Group [COIL Walldorf, May 2009] After the pilot phase of its Partner-delivered Enterprise Services initiative in 2008, the Global Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Network project team collaborated with the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) as well as SAP's own enterprise service development governance team to define a new certification called ESR Content Certification (ESR-CNT). This new certification now passed its first milestone: Partner Task Performance Group passed the certification with its solution MegaXML/ESP.

Have a closer look at the new solution on SAP EcoHub.

Partner-delivered Enterprise Services Initiative 2008
with aMplus, Arteria, Atos Origin, BearingPoint, B-EN-G, BSG, Capgemini, Intelligroup, Nakisa, OSISoft, Paymetric, Satyam, Siemens, Task Performance Group, Visiprise, Wipro

[Global COIL Network, December 2008] projects/Project2008-1_PROJECT pdes.JPG In 2008, the Global Ecosystem Partner Group (GEPG) has driven the initiative Partner-delivered Enterprise Services (PdES) to a huge success. The PdES initiative has been targeted at setting up a framework and a standard process for partners, providing them with everything necessary to model, define and ultimately deliver their own enterprise services.

A global team of COIL experts executed enablement trainings and individual partner kick-off workshops in Bangalore, Walldorf, Palo Alto, Seoul, and Tokyo, followed by dedicated partner projects. With sixteen partners the team successfully finished the complete path from scenario identification, service modeling and definition, to at least a prototypical implementation.

The partners were: aMplus, Arteria, Atos Origin, BearingPoint, B-EN-G, BSG, Capgemini, Intelligroup, Nakisa, OSISoft, Paymetric, Satyam, Siemens, TaskPerformanceGroup, Visiprise and Wipro.

Please have a look at the partners' achievements that are published on our SAP Community Network presence on PdES 2008. Further information on the entire project setup and the correlated trainings and initiatives can be found on the dedicated COIL PdES Site.
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