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SAP Contact Center, cloud edition

SAP Contact Center 7 Product Presentations


Learn more about SAP Contact Center features, functions and business benefits. This section contains presentations for SAP Contact Center stand alone as well as SAP Contact Center integrated with SAP CRM.

SAP Contact Center Business Overview Presentation

Business overview presentation which describes how you can improve your contact center performance with SAP Contact Center.
Technical overview presentation covering for example SAP Contact Center 7 architecture,deployment, multi-tenancy and security.

Overview presentation describing the contact center functionality in SAP Contact Center 7 stand-alone version.

SAP Contact Center 7 Monitoring and Reporting Presentation

This presentation provides overview for SAP Contact Center 7 Monitoring and Reporting tools including overview for standard SAP Contact Center 7 report templates.

Customer surveys overview presentation explains how automated post-call surveys, agent driven surveys, and customer interviews using dialer-driven outbound call campaigns are handled with SAP Contact Center software.

SAP Contact Center 7 Callback Functionality Overview

This presentation shows the callback capability in SAP Contact Center. It explains how the callback is received and handled, both when callback is initiated while in phone queue and via web pages.

Overview presentation describing how SAP Contact Center 7 and SAP Cloud for Customer work together for improved marketing, sales and service.
With SAP Contact Center 7, the integration with SAP CRM is deeper than before. This document describes the integrated scenario for example in multichannel contact handling, action item routing and outbound campaigns.
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