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SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 1.3 - Workspace - Types of providers


1. With the support to Workspaces in 1.3 we can see a new folder type in Open Datasource - "Workspaces"

< Insert --> Select Datasource --> Choose a BW system (>730 SP5) --> Folders >

2. Choose a specific Workspace.

3. There are 3 types of providers that Workspace can have.

     a. Central Provider

     - BW Infocube or Multiprovider that are added to workspace occupy this area.

     b. Local Provider

     - Local provider are created by uploading excel data into the workspace

     Refer - for more details about how to upload excel data in to BW Workspace using AO.

     c. Composite Provider

     - As the name suggests these are providers which are built by combining BW provider (Infocube/Multiprovider) and Local Provider(s). Yes, there can be      more than 1 local provider attached to a BW provider to form a composite provider.


1. SAP Business Objects Analysis 1.3

2. SAP BW >= 730 SP5

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