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Software Provisioning with SAPinst


System Installation

For the installation of new SAP systems in your landscape, it is important that you can perform the procedure reliable according to your needs - be it the installation on your preferred operating system/database combination, the installation of a system distributed to several hosts or the installation of a high-availability system.

SAPinst is a software provisioning tool for SAP systems, covering a broad range of platforms and products and both the ABAP and Java technology. Whether you are going to install an SAP NetWeaver system, an SAP Business Suite system or a standalone engine (such as SAP liveCache), you can handle all these installations flexible and reliable on all supported platforms. In addition, SAPinst supports many other procedures in the context of software provisioning, such as the system copy, system migration and dual-stack split of SAP systems.

As SAPinst offers these services all with the same look-and-feel and behavior, your whole system provisioning experience is easier and faster.


  • To plan your installation, use the Master Guide (SMP login required) available for each SAP application.
  • After the installation of a new SAP system with SAPinst has been completed, you can use the Technical Configuration for the automated configuration of SAP NetWeaver.
  • To build up a three-system landscape with development, test and production system, use the System Copy tools provided by SAP.

Feature Requests

Influence the future of SAPinst by collaborating on ideas for new features in SAP Idea Place, the public channel to participate in innovation at SAP. SAPinst belongs to the idea session Software Logistics, category Solution Implementation. Submit new ideas, vote for existing ideas and connect directly with the team at SAP that is in charge of SAPinst-based procedures!

Getting Started

Software Provisioning Features in Detail
This document provides an overview of the features of the software provisioning tool for SAP systems.

FAQ - System Installation

See this document with frequently asked questions about the installation of SAP systems.

SAPinst - Demo
This demo shows how an installation is performed with the SAP system installation tool SAPinst.

More on System Installation with SAPinst

SAP Installation Guides   (SMP login required)
Under <Product> --> <Release>, find the appropriate SAP system installation guide for your operating system, database and technology. Also, you can find there frontend installations guides (such as the SAP Front End Installation Guide).

Installation Options for a High-Availability SAP System Based on SAP NetWeaver in a Microsoft Cluster
Installations of SAP systems in a high availability environment are known as a complex task. In this document, get a descripition of the improved installation of SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver 7.1 including enhancement package 1. With this installation, it is easier and less error-prone to set up a high availability system in a Microsoft Windows Cluster.