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SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse

SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse - Features and functionality


SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse - Features and functionality

Report Design

  • Editable preview SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse is the only Eclipse report designer with editable preview. Report designers no longer have to switch back and forth between a layout and a preview window. Edit your report directly in the preview window, with data, to save time.
  • Designed to work with SAP Crystal Reports 2008-2011 Design reports using either the embedded Eclipse designer, or in the more powerful SAP Crystal Reports 2008 and 2011 designers. Reports generated with either designer are compatible with the runtime engine.
  • Extensible editor Developers can extend and enhance the default editor by adding your own report wizard, custom tabs, and handlers for drag-and-drop events. You can gain support for more extension points, including listeners for opening and saving the report, navigating between designer pages, and browsing data.
  • Freeform placement Don't be restricted to a tabular format, bound to nesting HTML tables in your report. Drag and drop your report objects exactly where you want them to appear in your report.
  • No SQL knowledge required The SQL query is auto-generated based on the database fields added to the report – so you don't need SQL knowledge to design a report.
  • Cross-tab reports Design cross-tab reports to easily visualize data in a tabular form. You'll get full support for the SAP Crystal Reports 2008 /2011 feature for calculated members in the runtime engine.
  • Java user function library (UFL) support – Access external Java logic from within your SAP Crystal Reports formulas. It's even easier to add Java UFL libraries to your project with improved support for adding libraries to a project.
  • Multiple data source support Use the visual database pane to easily create links among multiple data sources.

Data Access

  • Data access from the Eclipse IDE Access all the major databases like IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle, and more directly from the Eclipse IDE using JDBC and the Eclipse Data Tools Project (DTP). Hand-written SQL is now supported at design time in the report designer.
  • POJO support – Drag and drop your Java classes into your report to use the class definition in your report design.

Application Integration

  • Simpler license, no keycodes, single edition Streamlined licensing aligns with SAP Crystal Reports 2008 and 2011. No watermarks, keycodes, or complicated edition scheme is employed.
  • New API for complete report control A new API is based on the SAP Crystal Reports 2008 Java RAS SDK allows for report creation and modification with code. It is compatible with the SAP Crystal Reports JRC API, and includes new API innovations, such as an event notification framework.
  • SAP Crystal Reports Web project Create a Web project that already includes all of the required runtime configurations. Easily add a sample database and reports to the project.
  • JSP page wizard Drag and drop a report onto a JSP page, or create a new JSP page via the context menu of a report. Choose a number of different stub codes, add parameters to reports, change the database at runtime, or export directly to PDF without coding.
  • Improved library support Easily add the SAP Crystal Reports runtime environment, Java User Function Library (UFL) integration, or the XML driver to any new or existing Web applications.
  • Deployment assistance You never have to worry about ensuring the proper JDBC drivers are available at runtime. When a report is added to a project, the tooling will ensure that the required runtime libraries are present when the application is built.
  • Easy-to-use parameter prompting in the JSP report viewer Your end users will benefit from an easy-to-use, intuitive, Flash-based prompting user interface that lets them search for the prompt values they want.
  • Java user function library wizard – Expose Java logic to SAP Crystal Reports formulas. Wrap up logic in a User Function Library (UFL) using this easy wizard and your SAP Crystal Reports files will be able to access this same logic.
  • Update manager support – You never have to worry about whether you have the latest version. Use the existing Eclipse update manager to check and install updates automatically.

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