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SAP Crystal Reports - Comprehensive Deployment Options


SAP Crystal Reports - Comprehensive Deployment Options

Data-driven publishing – You can publish personalized reports such as invoices, statements, and marketing materials to thousands of recipients in a single publishing session. Also known as report bursting, data-driven publishing allows IT personnel to create multiple reports based on different data sources, personalized for each recipient, combined into a single file (such as Adobe PDF), and distributed to a dynamic list of recipients – all with a single action. Content can be archived, printed, or e-mailed. This makes scheduling faster and easier and gives you the ability to conduct cost-effective, one-on-one marketing campaigns and personalized high-volume reporting. Data-driven publishing is available in SAP Crystal Reports Server, SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise, and SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI.

Web services data driver – Integrating with various Web services can be difficult and complex due to a variety of implementation types. This data driver offers additional Web access to Web services by providing support for remote procedure call (RPC) encoding of SOAP messages, SSL-secured Web servers, and compatibility with Web Services Security (WS-Security) protocol. It adapts to  custom logon requirements such as e-mail address or username and password. Developers combine the flexibility of XML and Web services with report formatting and visualization to deliver reports that link data to interactive data mashups, such as integration with third-party mapping systems.

Integrated driver – The driver included with SAP Crystal Reports provides quick access to complete customer data – turning it into actionable business information.

Improved XML exporting – You can render reports in almost any format and enjoy faster and easier integration with industry-specific business processes – without any custom coding. Extensible stylesheet language transformations (XSLT) are embedded in the report file and are triggered by users from within the viewer when exported to XML. This provides a powerful, flexible hook for transforming SAP Crystal Reports data and integrating it into other applications.

.NET report modification software development kit (SDK) – The report application server (RAS) SDK is available for users of the SAP Crystal Reports .NET application programming interface (API) without the use of an RAS. Report modification, such as changing database providers or adding, removing, or creating report objects, can be achieved with the RAS SDK through the .NET SDK.

Java runtime engine – SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse, is a separate download that includes a Java runtime engine optimized for deploying SAP Crystal Reports .rpt files in your Java application. It supports both thick-client and Web applications and includes an integrated development environment (IDE) tool for the Eclipse IDE, a Java runtime engine, and a simple report-design tool integrated into the Eclipse IDE.

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