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SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports - Powerful Data Mashups


SAP Crystal Reports - Powerful Data Mashups

Enhanced designer features – Designers can be more productive with features like global formula search, duplicate formula, duplicate running total, autocomplete field names, and the “find in field explorer” feature.

Adobe Flash integration – Produce powerful data mashups with a wide variety of data presentation options through Adobe Flash. SWF files can be integrated into a report (either built in or linked via a Web site), and report data can be shared with SWF via FlashVars for compelling, interactive, and information-rich reports.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design integration – Import Shockwave Flash (SWF) files generated from SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software, personal edition (formerly Xcelsius® Engage), into our reports and benefit from improved design-time integration and visualizations. Enhance reports with what-if models that enable users to make important decisions dynamically without leaving the report file.

Adobe Flex integration – Integrate reports with operational workflows by building Adobe Flex applications into reports. Using Adobe Flex Builder or Adobe Flash Builder, you can create a user interface (UI) to access report data and to integrate with external Web services. Data in a report can be passed to Adobe Flex, making it easier to create a flexible UI even when you don’t have access to your data via Web services. Adobe Flex can do tasks such as database write-back and invoking operational workflows directly within SAP Crystal Reports.

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