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SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports - Design Acceleration Features


SAP Crystal Reports - Design Acceleration Features

Hyperlinking wizard – Designers save time by automatically creating the formulas required to hyperlink to a document stored in SAP Crystal Reports Server, SAP BusinessObjects™ Enterprise, or SAP BusinessObjects Edge Business Intelligence (BI) software.

Built-in bar-code support – Report designers can generate bar codes with only a few mouse clicks by using the “turn to bar code” function in the context menu. They can convert fields to Code 39 bar codes without any coding or extra steps. Additional bar-code fonts are available from third-party vendors.

Parameter panel – Report designers build panels into their reports prior to publishing them. Parameters are displayed on the panel so that report consumers can find them readily, make changes, and have the new values applied directly to the saved data (without refreshing data).

Powerful cross-tabs – Custom row and column calculations can be inserted into a cross-tab, which is useful for reports that benefit from a table structure. The cross-tab table structure makes reports much faster to build and maintain.

Flexible pagination – Report designers can customize page size and page breaks. A single report can combine portrait and landscape page formats, and the white space at the end of groups can be removed by compressing page footers.

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