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SAP Crystal Reports - Popular Design Features


SAP Crystal Reports - Popular Design Features

SAP Crystal Reports 2011 software lets you: create compelling reports with stunning visualizations, benefit from comprehensive report deployment options, and enable better-informed decisions for all employees, all while saving development time with improved, integrated, report-design tools.

SAP Crystal Reports 2011 software is a powerful, dynamic, and actionable reporting solution that helps you design, explore, visualize, and deliver reports for person use, via the Web or by building them into custom applications. Users can consume reports with stunning visualizations, conduct on-report business modeling, and execute decisions instantly from the report itself – reducing dependency on IT and developer resources.

With SAP Crystal Reports, you can:

• Empower users to explore reports interactively

• Create compelling reports with stunning visualizations

• Develop powerful data mashups

• Save valuable report-design time

• Enjoy comprehensive report deployment options

Empower Users to Explore Reports Interactively Interactive report viewing, on-report sorting, filtering, and reformatting allow users to explore information interactively without querying the database again. Optional parameters support complex, user-driven filtering scenarios. Users can answer more questions with fewer, more flexible reports – significantly reducing dependency on developer and IT support. Filtering panels and sorting buttons can be built into the report as needed.

Parameter panel – The report designer and viewers have a parameter panel so that parameter values can be set without refreshing data.

Multilingual reporting – During product installation, you can choose a working language by selecting the language packs you want and then switching the report designer UI to use any of the packs that are installed. Report-content locale can be set explicitly for each report file. This setting controls sorting, grouping, and formatting that matches the local language customs and conventions.

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