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SAP Business Rules Management

SAP Decision Service Management

This page provides information, articles, presentations, and videos on Decision Service Management.
SAP Decision Service Management is available with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Pack 3 as well as SAP NetWeaver 7.3 Enhancement Pack 1.
SAP Decision Service Management was previously known as SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management. Some of the materials still reflect the old name. Be aware that these two names connote the same product.


Superior Technology

  • Decision Service Manager provides access to metadata, code and values (master data, customizing) to Managed Systems such as ECC or CRM for “local” modeling
  • From the modeled service Decision Service Manager compiles an executable service on the Managed System for local execution
  • The Managed System does not required upgrades, Decision Service Manager can be upgraded independently

Immediate Business Value / ROI

  • Rapid change cycles in the hand of the domain experts
    • Analyze, Optimize, Implement; service execution testing, tracing, analytics
  • No IT involvement, no downtime, planned service availability, test deployments to any number of systems
  • Automatedbusiness decisions with full transparency
    for better decision
Highest deployment flexibility, fastest change cycle, best performance, lowest TCO


Overview PresentationHigh level overview on SAP Decision Service Management
Detailed PresentationThis presentation provides a general understanding of SAP Decision Service Management, including business details and technical details
Video: SAP Decision Service Management OverviewSee how SAP Decision Service Management offers a new, simplified way to manage decision-making logic across SAP Business Suite and ABAP-based custom applications. This new approach not only increases business agility, but can also significantly improve the efficiency of your IT and business staff.
Video: SetupAfter watching this video you will understand how to setup the system for Decision Service Management
Video: Initial Service DeploymentAfter watching this video you will understand how to deploy new decision services
Video: Delta Service DeploymentAfter watching this video you will understand how to deploy changed decision services
DSM on sap.comInformation on DSM on SAP's public web site
Information Sheet on SAP Decision Service Management
Simplify and Accelerate Decision-Logic Management Across Business Applications
DocumentationDocumentation in SAP Help Portal
Live Expert SessionThis is the recording of a Live Expert Session on Decision Service Management
First Look – SAP Decision Service ManagementJames Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, on SAP Decision Service Management
James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, on ROI of SAP Decision Service Management
Customer Training3 days classroom training on SAP Decision Service Management
Empower Business Experts to Control the Decision Logic Across Enterprise Applications with SAP Decision Service ManagementRecording of a webinar on SAP Decision Service Management. The slides can be accessed here.
Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently asked questions on SAP Decision Service Management and corresponding answers
SAP DSM/BRFPlus System Architecture ConsiderationsThis document, created by SAP partner Mouritech, throws some light on SAP BRFPlus and Decision Service Management system architecture considerations. Decision services are part of and integrated into business applications and thereby impact the overall application performance. The best performance can be achieved when executing pre-compiled coding locally, which is achieved by SAP DSM/BRFplus and a major difference to other rules engines, which must interpret coding (e.g. java based products) or require calls into different stacks and to different servers.
Drag and DropA short video demonstrating drag and drop capabilites of BRFplus and SAP Decision Service Management
Customer-Defined Value Lists in SAP Decision Service ManagementSAP Decision Service Management (DSM) embeds and extends Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus) for the creation of business rules. With DSM those business rules can be used to implement decision services that can be deployed, this means transferred, to managed systems for local execution. DSM allows also access to data from managed systems during rules modeling for best integration with the ABAP stack and ABAP-based applications on the local system or on remote systems. DSM provides access to master data or configuration data on any managed system in the customer landscape.
Dynamic Database View Capability of SAP Decision Service ManagementIntroduction to Dynamic Database View, which allows for HANA integration of SAP Decision Service Management.
Integrating HANA with SAP Decision Service ManagementIn article “Dynamic Database View Capability of SAP Decision Service Management” ( we explain how to integrate SAP Decision Service Management with HANA databases. While the article is more of a technical introduction, this paper offers a realistic business scenario using Dynamic Database View in different ways. We will consider an airline promotion and loyalty program to evaluate special offers for customers who are close to an upgrade of their loyalty status.
Custom-Defined Attributes for BRFplus with SAP Decision Service ManagementAmongst the many features, tools, and capabilities that DSM adds to BRFplus there are also custom attributes. Custom-defined attributes show up in the general data section of BRFplus objects and can for example be used to add customer-specific properties such as “owner”, “organizational area”, and so on. Custom attributes are also supported in the object search dialog.  This document shows you how to define and use custom attributes.
Custom Expression Types and Action TypesThe guide uses an example of an action type for sending an email to illustrate how to create a custom action type or expression type. The example covers all aspects such as specification/design, database table creation, code generation, and user interface. After reading this guide, you should be able to create custom action types and expression types.
Debugging Business Rules with SAP Decision Service ManagementThe debugger is a capability of SAP Decision Service Management to analyze the detailed behavior of a function and all the expressions and rules that are called during function execution. This is helpful, for example, when you need to investigate the function behavior because the function yields unexpected results, or when you want to see how a function behaves depending on changes to the input parameters.
DSM/BRFplus Troubleshooting ToolsFDT_HELPERS is a transaction for DSM/BRFplus data analysis and maintenance. It has list of Transactions/Reports (tools) to analyze and maintain BRFplus objects such as Objects References, Transportation, XML Export/Imports, Code Generation, Rule Execution, etc.
BRFplus using the BOBF Reusable Expression TypeA new expression type is available with which you can create BO Retrieve expressions. This makes Business Object data available in SAP Decision Service Management environment supporting any kind of rule processing.
SAP Decision Service Management Deployment WorkflowThis paper explains the Deployment Workflow of SAP Decision Service Management, which allows for performing custom approval steps and checks before an actual decision service deployment is being executed.
DSM Roadmap 2014This is the 2014 roadmap for SAP Decision Service management, showing current and planned innovations. Be aware that a valid SAP Service Marketplace user is required for accessing this document.
SAP Decision Service Management Trace Visualization

Traces are well proven for analyzing rules execution. For instance in simulation or test case administration, as well as in productive use, traces can be used for understanding which steps were executed with which

While a trace allows for very detailed analysis of a single execution of a decision service, sometimes you need to get a broader picture by analyzing many decision service runs together, for instance to identify frequently executed branches. This may help with investment decisions for instance.

To do so SAP Decision Service Management comes together with a trace visualization tool that permits to visualize traces of many rules executions. You can implement your own graphics using HTML5.

TechEd 2013 Hands-On ExercisesThis is a video showing how to solve the exercises from TechEd 2013 DSM Hands-On session. The exercises together with a click-through guide are available here.
Custom Code Management

Custom Code Management is an approach to manage value-added custom code in SAP environment for customer specific business processes needs. It manages Custom Code along its entire lifecycle from requirement to retirement. You can take advantage of its capabilities to receive comprehensive insights in an efficient and effective way. It will support you to get the most out of IT, increasing software utilization, ready to innovate, less business interruptions, better software quality or less security risks are just a few examples.

Tracing in SAP Decision Service ManagementThe document gives a comprehensive overview about rule tracing in SAP Decision Service Management and Business Rule Framework plus. It explains user interface, API, and database layout and it gives background where appropriate.
SAP Decision Service Management Test Case ToolSAP Decision Service Management (DSM) supports organizations in automating business decisions in their applications. Often, the decision making process is not trivial. Therefore, testing the rules that make the decisions is a must. Test Case Tool provides the infrastructure to define inputs and expected outputs for decision services. It is very well integrated with DSM and the BRFplus workbench. With note 2056709 “Test Case Tool - Enhancements for test results (UI)” the latest set of features for the test case tool was released.
SAP HANA Rules Framework

SAP HANA Rules Framework (HRF) provides tools that enable application developers to build solutions with automated decision and rules management services, implementers and administrators to set up a projects/customer systems, and business users to manage and automate business decisions and rules. HRF will be integrated with SAP Decision Service Management soon.

Use Cases

Applications AreaLinkDesciption
Sample use Cases for Applying SAP Decision Service ManagementThis presentation includes simple and hopefully inspirational use case examples that illustrate how SAP DSM can be applied. The goal of this slide deck is to give a sense of the kind of use cases where SAP DSM can potentially be applied. In fact, most of the examples harvest from real customer projects.  The description and visualization of these scenarios was kept intentionally simplistic.
SAP for SocialSocial Benefit Determination with SAP Decision Service ManagementSocial authorities around the world need to determine social benefits for their citizens. These social benefits refer to sickness, maternity, invalidity, unemployment, funeral grant, employment injury, retirement, and many more. For each benefit it is required to validate the application data, check for benefit eligibility, and calculate benefit entitlement. All three processes follow specific rules, typically defined by local legislation. This paper shows how to create such decision services using SAP Decision Service Management.
PricingConfigurable Parameters and Formulas in PricingConfigurable Parameters and Formulas (CPF) formula consist of freely definable parameters and functions for a calculation. The system stores the parameter values together with the business document, and carries them throughout the whole business process. After you assign a CPF formula to a price condition, it calculates the condition base, rate, and/or value.
SAP for InsuranceSAP Decision Service Management in SAP for Insurance Claims ManagementThis document describes how to use SAP Decision Service Management with SAP for Insurance Claims Management
SAP for FinancialsBudget Transfer RulesBudget transfers need to be limited (controlled) according to rules defined by law and loaded into system by the customer. This documents describes how SAP Decision Service Management can be used to accomplish this task.
SAP CRM for UtilitiesSAP Decision Service Management in SAP CRM for UtilitiesBy using SAP Decision Service Management in SAP CRM for Utilities you can deploy modeled product versions of utility products consistently to connected systems, easily keep the cross-system catalog of utility products on an up to date level, keep a system landscape including development systems, test systems, and productive systems synchronous and on the current state without disrupting productive sales processes.
SAP FinancialsNext Generation Collections Management with SAP Decision Service ManagementSAP Collections Management permits customer-specific dunning processes with segment-specific collection strategies. For adapting collection strategies to changing market situations, legal requirements, and policies it is essential to empower business domain experts to apply changes easily and with no IT expertise. SAP Collections Management uses SAP Decision Service Management to define rules for determining the next collection step for a business partner in a specific situation.
SAP Application Interface FrameworkSAP Application Interface Framework with SAP Decision Service ManagementDemonstrating how to use AIF together with DSM in a video.

Partner Corner

SAP Decision Service Management at PartnerEdge PortalInformation on SAP Decision Service Management for partners
SAP Decision Service Management Partner CornerThis page is dedicated to Partner offerings related to SAP Decision Service Management. Partners providing solutions or services adding to or complementing SAP Decision Service Management are welcome to create SCN blogs and documents describing their offering and list them here.

Blogs and Press

Blog or Article
April 2015: Reader’s Digest for SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)Here’s a new edition of my digest blog series providing an overview of the content I found when dealing with SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus).
Reduce your custom code by using BRFplus / DSMExamples from customer projects to show how DSM can replace custom code, increase flexibility and reduce costs.
German Web Seminar: BRFplus and DSM / September 16Lukas Bretschneider announcing an "Espresso" webinar on DSM and BRFplus - the webinar will be conducted in German language
Using CDS to provide aggregation of amounts in BRFplusDaniel Ridder from AOK Systems elaborates on DB Lookup expression and currencies.

August 2014: Reader’s Digest for SAP DSM and BRFplus

Once again it’s time for a new blog about the news and
contributions in the space of SAP Decision Service Management and Business Rule
Framework plus.

Misconceptions about SAP Decision Service Management vs. BRFplusSome misconceptions prevent customers from switching from BRFplus to DSM. In this blog the most popular arguments are being discussed, showing why they do not hold true.
Jocelyn Dart recently published a series of blogs on some special topics in the fields of decision service design. Reading them is highly recommended ...
Common Misconceptions of DSM/BRFplusTobias Trapp elaborates on some common misunderstandings and explains why these topics are not pain points after all
SAP TechEd Amsterdam:  A Wrap-Up and some Food for Thought for SAPThoughts from a customer about SAP's product strategy including SAP NW DSM
DSA – Decision Service AcceleratorDecision Service Accelerator (DSA) is an add-on that extends SAP NW DSM/BRFplus into a multi-purpose, multi-platform, and multi-language business rule management and execution platform to suit the entire organization. It allows for central creation and distribution of SAP business rules and decision services as executable packages onto non-SAP servers, devices, and platforms.
The Joy of the Discard - Experiences with DSM, BRFplus and complex rulesFirst hand experience from actual customer projects
SAP Decision Service Management – Let’s Talk FeaturesSeveral customers and partners asked for a comprehensive list of features provided by SAP Decision Service Management (DSM). This is a task almost impossible to do as there are so many features and capabilities. With this blog let us give it a try focusing on the most important ones.
SAP Decision Service Management Roadmap Publicly available!Announcing DSM Roadmap on SAP Service Market Place
How to Kill Custom Code and Z-TablesBlog on replacing custom code by decision services using SAP Decision Service Management
Readers Digest for SAP Decision Service Management (NW DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)With this blog, I would like to make you aware of new material about SAP Decision Service Management (NW DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus).
SAP Insider ArticleArticle on DSM in the January 2013 issue of SAP Insider
Best Practices for Decision Modeling in SAP Decision Service ManagementThis blog shows some best practices for the authoring of decision services in SAP Decision Service Management with BRFplus business rules
SAP Decision Service Management 1.0 Ramp-Up Process Starting Now
The Release to Customer of SAP Decision Service Management 1.0 is planned for July 31st 2012, which signals the beginning of the Ramp-Up process.
New SAP Decision Service Management to Empower Business Experts to Control Decision Logic Across Enterprise ApplicationsPress release on SAP Decision Service Management


All documents that are outdated or no longer relevant have been moved to this section.
Ramp-Up SAP Decision Service ManagementInformation on the Ramp-Up
ASUG Annual Congress 2012This is the presentation on Decision Service Management from ASUG Annual Congress at May 14-16, 2012
SAP Skills Conference 2012This is the presentation on Decision Service Management from SAP Skills Conference at June 26, 2012
Ramp-Up Decision Service ManagementRamp-Up page in SAP service market place
Ramp-Up nomination for customersCustomers can apply for Ramp-Up through Online Scoping.
Ramp-Up nomination for partnersPartners can apply for Ramp-Up through Partner nomination in Partner Portal.
RKT Learning MapThis is the learning map of SAP Decision Service Management. Be aware that only customers participating in Ramp-Up can access that learning map.


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