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The IT management space provides information on how to manage your enterprise IT efficiently and effectively. Check the latest blogs and articles, participate in discussions or ask questions here or in its sub spaces and affiliate spaces:

CIOs Top 10 Drivers to Increase IT-Enabled Business Value

In his most recent blog, Former Member shares CIOs' Top Ten measures with the highest potential to increase IT enabled business value. It is the third blog in a series to provide insights about IT economics and discusses results from the 2013 edition of the CIO surveyTCO & IT Economics. 92 CIOs and IT managers from the German speaking SAP user group DSAG provided their perspective on key questions and best practices. December 19, 2013

Increasing Momentum for SAP Cloud Appliance Library

Since its Go-To-Market, SAP Cloud Appliance Library, SAP's solution for automated provisioning of on-premise SAP solutions in a cloud environment, is getting more and more momentum. After publishing its first trial and developer edition in early August, it has been frequently updated and is now available in version 1.11, providing more trial offerings and solutions than ever. Meanwhile more than 5,000 users have subscribed for a trial, and we've got great customer feedback. Read the blog from product owner @Hannes K├╝hnemund for more details. To accomodate the increasing momentum for SAP CAL, a new community space has been created on SCN. Click here to join and follow the new SAP Cloud Appliance Library space. November 22, 2013

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