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Temporary folder issue with BusinessObjects Explorer



This document assumes you are

  • Using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.0 or higher
  • Attempting to use data from a text/csv file or from an SAP ERP system (SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.0 FP3 or higher)

Issue description

When a new InfoSpace is created, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer needs to index its content. In order to do this, it runs queries against the underlying datasource.

For some queries, the Text/CSV and SAP ERP connectors need to create and use temporary files. The location for these temporary files is generally provided by the operating system.

Under some circumstances the operating system may return an invalid or unusable folder, for instance a folder that does not exist, or where the user is not allowed to create files.

If this happens, the Text/CSV or SAP ERP connector is unable to
run the query, and indexing fails for the current InfoSpace


To resolve the issue, the administrator should manually provide a temporary folder to the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer servers.

Resolution steps are :

  1. Identify or create a folder for temporary files. Ensure the user under which the SAP BusinessObjects servers run have write permissions to the folder.
  2. Open the Central Management Console, go to the Servers tab

For each of the following servers :

  • ExplorerExplorationServer
  • ExplorerIndexingServer
  • ExplorerMasterServer
  • ExplorerSearchServer
  • Adaptive Processing Server

Do the below actions :

  1. Open the server properties
  2. Add ”<your_temp_folder>” at the beginning of the command line parameters, for instance :

Once this is done for all 5 servers, restart your SAP BusinessObjects cluster.

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