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Creating Add-On Documentation


This page provides a possible solution for delivering your add-on help together with the SAP Business One application help.

Download Template

Download the KW Offline Template Package for writing at SAP from here This is a Microsoft Word template based on the Standards and Guidelines for Writing at SAP that supplies keyblocks, style components and so on.

Create SAP-Like Documentation

Use the Offline Template to create your add-on documentation.

For more information on this template, see the Package and Distribution section in the SDK Help Center.

Target Audience

The target audience for your technical documentation is the user who will use the functionality you have developed using the SDK. This person may be a technical consultant or an end user.

When writing documentation, keep your target audience in mind. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What information does the target audience need?
  • How does this information help the target audience?

Save The Document To HTML

Save the document or documents you have created to .html files.

Create a .CHM File

To compile your HTML files into a .CHM file, you may use different tools, for example the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop. The HTML Help Workshop is available for free at

Activate The .CHM File

Use the F1 key to display the add-on help when the add-on form is in focus. The SAP Business One application does not handle F1 help for add-ons. You must handle this event yourself within your add-on code.

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