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BRM with SAP - Previously Featured



Previously Featured

Below is a list of previously featured news in the BRM space including:

*SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management | *SAP Netweaver Decision Service Management | *BRFplus;br&gt;Ensuring Rule Modeling Guidelines with BRFplus/DSM

Can we use the BRFplus application exit to use BRFplus to check BRFplus, e.g. enforcing guidelines on rules design? Yes we can! May 2015 2015: Reader’s Digest for SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)

Here is a new edition of the digest blog series providing an overview of content on SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus), April 2015 2014: Reader’s Digest for SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)

Here is a new edition of the digest blog series providing an overview of content on SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus).November 2014

SAP Application Interface Framework with SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management

This demo video by @Richard Feco shows you how to use DSM with AIF. October 2014 Decision Service Management Test Case Tool

SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) supports organizations in automating business decisions in their applications. Often, the decision making process is not trivial. Therefore, testing the rules that make the decisions is a must. Test Case Tool provides the infrastructure to define inputs and expected outputs for decision services. It is very well integrated with DSM and the BRFplus workbench. With note 2056709 “Test Case Tool - Enhancements for test results (UI)” the latest set of features for the test case tool was released. October 2014 your custom code by using BRFplus / DSM

@Lukas Bretschneider gives you some examples from different projects (anynomized, of course) to show how BRFplus can replace custom code, increase flexibility (closer to business users, easier to change) and reduce costs (e.g. in case of upgrade, migration to HANA, etc., this is no longer custom code!). October 2014 quick look at DSM HANA Expressions using Dynamic Database View

@Tobias Trapp discusses his experience with decision tables created by DSM that are running on HANA, which may be the most exciting technologies so far. October 2014 of Applications with the BRF+ API (Part 1)

@Christian Lechner introduces some basic usage scenarios of the API of BRFplus/DSM. October 2014

Intelligent Business Operations global webcast on 12/6: Infuse insights into your business processes in

While many organizations recognize opportunities presented by , fewer understand how to harness big data’s full potential using their existing SAP and non-SAP Middleware investments. Collecting and analyzing data is a start, but the full value is only realized by embedding big data insights in your business processes in , allowing you to work smarter and improve responsiveness to threats and opportunities. This is where Intelligent Business Operations powered by SAP HANA comes in. Register for the live event on 12/6 and/ or to get the slides and replay. June 2014 April 2014: Reader’s Digest for SAP DSM and BRFplus

With this fresh compilation @Carsten Ziegler makes it easier for you to capture the latest and greatest in the SAP Decision Service Management and Business Rule Framework plus arena. Check it out! April 2014

&lt;img alt=&quot;;size=72&quot; class=&quot;jive-image&quot; src=&quot;/profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=4225&amp;size=72&quot; style=&quot;float: left;&quot;/&gt; Do you make decisions? Or just rules?

Many people set rules to keep from making decisions. With this blog @Jocelyn Dart attempts to encourage you to tune your strategy with vibrant questions like: What’s the difference between a decision and a decision service? Why can’t I just use a web service, method or function module? How to decide whether to turn a decision into a decision service? What’s the difference between a decision service and a business rule and more. Check it out and post your questions! March 2014;size=72 Common Misconceptions of SAP NetWeaver DSM/ BRFplus

In this blog SAP Mentor @Tobias Trapp has a new challenge for IT. Who is so crazy to do hot deployment into production? “It comes the time that you deploy your application resp. change into production and you can use DSM with or without any downtime” says Tobias. March 2014 Expression Types and Action Types in SAP NetWeaver DSM & BRFplus

In this guide @Wolfgang Schaper uses an example of an action type for sending an email to illustrate how to create a custom action type or expression type. After completing this guide, you should be able to create custom action types and expression types. Feb 2014 February 2014: Reader’s Digest for SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (NW DSM) & Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)

In this blog @Carsten Ziegler highlights the latest and greatest reads in the BRFplus and DSM arena. Check it out, join the discussion and share in a comment if you have found other helpful content. Feb 2014

&lt;img alt=&quot;;size=72&quot; class=&quot;jive-image&quot; src=&quot;/profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=31454&amp;size=72&quot; style=&quot;float: left;&quot;/&gt; New Articles on Collections Management and HANA Integration with SAP NetWeaver DSM

With this blog @Wolfgang Schaper introduces two new articles on Collection management and HANA integration with SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management . Take a look and feel free to post your questions and comments. Jan 2014;size=72 Hurry up for BRFplus/DSM Call for Conference of DSAG!

If you are interested in or practitioner in BRFplus/Decision Service Management and DSAG member this call is for you. In this blog @Tobias Trapp opens a call for conference. But hurry up - it ends in a few days. Feb 2014

SAP Orchestration, Integration and Rules solutions: TechEd 2013 Replays

Missed TechEd? Replay sessions on demand! In this blog @Gabriela Gahse highlights the available replays from TechEd Las Vegas 2013 and invites you to check the latest and greatest on Business Rules and Decision Service Management with SAP, B2B with Process Orchestration and HANA Cloud Integration , as well as SAP Operational Process Intelligence . Jan 2014 Decision Management in the Enterprise – It’s Time for a Conference

In this blog SAP Mentor @Tobias Trapp shares an idea about a conference that can set up the stage for an open in-depth forum dedicated to business rules and decision service management where we can exchange and learn from each other. Feel free to join the discussion and share your thoughts. Dec 2013 Modelling Rulesets Using Ontologies

Many decision services are classifications. Business experts define classifications as business rules which can be implemented using BRFplus for example. In this blog @Tobias Trapp explains the use of ontologies as blueprints for decision services and highlights the benefits and drawbacks of this approach. Dec 2013 Use-case: Car Dealer Discount Rules with Decision Table on SAP HANA

Operational decision on discount rules are automated in SAP HANA using decision tables and exposed in the SAP HANA cloud. Use @Vikas Rohatgi’s blog as a “recipe” to model, modify and consume your business rules in the form of decision tables and forget about sending updated spreadsheets over email. Nov 2013 SAP TechEd Amsterdam: A Wrap-Up and some Food for Thought for SAP

In this blog SAP Mentor @Tobias Trapp shares experiences from and his findings around SAP NetWeaver DSM and its roadmap. Tobias says: ”It was a little funny, because I realized this enormous potential of DSM together with HANA while I was interviewing @Carsten Ziegler at SAP TechEd live.” Read on and find out more! Nov 2013

&lt;img alt=&quot;;size=72&quot; class=&quot;jive-image&quot; src=&quot;/profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=3075&amp;size=72&quot; style=&quot;float: left;&quot;/&gt; SAP NetWeaver DSM: great solution, but wondering where to apply?

In his latest blog @Matthias Weber is featuring 10 great SAP NetWeaver DSM use cases. Take them as an inspiration as you explore where this solution might be able to add value in your organization and feel free to share other good examples. Nov 2013 2013: Reader’s Digest for SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (NW DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)

This blog by @Carsten Ziegler is a compilation of the latest reads in the BRFplus and DSM arena. Take a look and join the discussion. Nov 2013 Decision-Making made better with Business Rules in SAP HANA

This is the first of series of blogs by @Archana Shukla focusing on various aspects of business rules in SAP HANA to help you discover, learn, build, use and execute rules in form of decision tables. – Decision Service Accelerator

The Decision Service Accelerator (DSA) is an add-on extending SAP NetWeaver DSM / BRFplus into a multi-purpose, multi-platform, and multi-language business rules management and execution platform. Read more about this new partner offering in Former Member's blog. Joy of the Discard - Experiences with DSM, BRFplus and complex rules

Read about the experiences of @Jocelyn Dart who recently completed 2 projects that involved using BRFplus for some very complex rules. As always she shares plenty of useful advice. Join the discussion and let us know your experiences. 2013 Sessions on SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management and BRFplus

is in full swing now! Join the open discussion about decision management and business rules with @Carsten Ziegler and team. Also check the Process Orchestration and SAP Operational Process Intelligence sessions to keep yourself up to speed with latest developments.

SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management – Let’s Talk Features

SAP NetWeaver DSM brings so many features and capabilities that it’s almost impossible to list all. In this blog @Carsten Ziegler provides a comprehensive overview of the most important ones.

How to Kill Custom Code and Z-Tables

Can SAP NetWeaver DSM solve the problems related to custom code and z-tables? Find out from this insightful blog by @Carsten Ziegler. Configurable Parameters and Formulas in Pricing

With configurable parameters and formulas (CPF), you can define complex pricing rules without programming effort, just by creating additional pricing-relevant parameters through configuration and using them in assigned Business Rule Framework plus functions. With this presentation, @Berno Kofler explains how to use CPF in pricing. 2013: Readers Digest for SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (NW DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus) and TechEd 2013 Sessions on SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management and BRFplus

Review the latest blogs of @Carsten Ziegler and join the discussion.

Q&A: Process Orchestration Webcast Series

In June SAP delivered a series of 5 webcasts. Check this Q&A blog to find a handful of answers to many important questions for all customers running or who consider running Business Process and Rules Management, Process Integration and Orchestration scenarios. Also check the related blogs. Replays of all 5 webcasts will be available until the end of 2013 to all registrants. replay: Business Rules Management Solutions from SAP

This webcast was part of the Process Orchestration series delivered in June. Check this blog to find out quick facts about business rules solutions from SAP, Q&A from the session, key takeaways and how to access the recording.

Webinar Replay: The SAP NetWeaver BPM Roadmap

If you could not join us on July 18th, you will find the recording in this blog. This webinar is a walk through current and future capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management, SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management and SAP Operational Process Intelligence.

&lt;img alt=&quot;;size=72&quot; class=&quot;jive-image jiveImage&quot; src=&quot;/profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=2832&amp;size=72&quot; style=&quot;float: left;&quot;/&gt;

SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (DSM) is Generally Available !

In this blog Former Member announces the general availability of SAP NetWeaver DSM to all SAP customers. An SAP NetWeaver add-on, based on SAP’s ABAP rules engine BRFplus, SAP NetWeaver DSM provides a cost-effective, simplified alternative to extensive application customization, custom coding, and application-embedded business rules. Read more about SAP NetWeaver DSM here. NetWeaver Process Orchestration Webcast Series 2013!

Join us for a 5 webcast series to hear latest news about Process Management software from SAP: SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration including B2B capabilities, SAP Operational Process Intelligence and SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management. Please share with anyone who may be interested. Replays will be available until the end of 2013! Read this blog for details. Decision Requirements Models to scope BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver DSM

Decision Management has become the de-facto best practice for implementing business rules. At the heart of this approach is an explicit focus on decisions and this is reflected in the decision-centric approach taken in SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management. In this blog Former Member shows how these best practices increase your likelihood of success and boost ROI. He also shares a webinar replay! Also check his latest article: Blueprinting BRFplus and NW DSM projects with Decision Requirements. Readers Digest for SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (NW DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus)

Check out this blog by @Carsten Ziegler for new and informative publications about SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (SAP NetWeaver DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus).

> Getting started with SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management

Making decisions explicit and managing them together with processes ensures the effective separation of concerns and a more streamlined business. Combining business process management and decision service management helps to decrease process complexity, and to increase straight through processing. Read more here, feel free to ask questions and get involved.

> Controlling the UI Appearance of the BRFplus Workbench

Configuration of the BRFplus workbench is an important feature of BRFplus. In his latest blog @Carsten Ziegler shows how to change the visual appearance of the BRFplus workbench.

> Best Practices for Decision Modeling in SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management

In this blog @Carsten Ziegler shares tips and advices about  authoring of decision services in SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management with BRFplus business rules.

> Webinar replay! Empower Business Experts to Control the Decision Logic Across Enterprise Applications with SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management

Presenters: SAP’s @Carsten Ziegler & @Matthias Weber and Gagan Saxena from Decision Management Solutions.

> Implementing Rebate Voucher Functionality with BRF+ in a Classical ERP

In this blog @Rüdiger Plantiko shares his experiences and some implementation details of a recent development project where he successfully used BRFplus as the rules engine for voucher-based rebates in a Retail scenario.

> TechEd 2012: Process Orchestration session replays!

1) SAP TechEd 2012 Online Covering SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration by Former Member and 2) SAP TechEd 2012 Online-2 by Former Member

> SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration SAPPHIRE NOW+TechEd Madrid 2012

quick guides on sessions with PI focus by @Alexander Bundschuh and on BPM focus by Former Member.

> SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration and SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management at SAP TechEd 2012

Here is your Process Orchestration/BPM quick guide by Former Member. Hurry up and build your playlist with the online broadcast schedule!

> Business Rules Management updates with EHP1 for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.3

Former Member blog gives a comprehensive overview of the new BRM features of the Rules Manager and Rules Composer with EHP1 for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.3.

> SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management 1.0 Ramp-Up Process Starting Now!

Read @Carsten Ziegler's blog to know how SAP’s new superior technology can help you cut down implementation times by 90% and still add more flexibility. Join the ramp-up to reap immediate business value.

> Workflow and Orchestration Solutions from SAP – Overview and Positioning*

With this blog Former Member introduces a collaborative whitepaper designed to help SAP Customers, Partners and Professionals with understanding workflow and orchestration solutions from SAP. Included are also details on interoperability and comparative summary with usage recommendations for each solution.

> Choosing Business Rule Providers in Heterogeneous Landscapes*

For heterogeneous landscapes, SAP provides two BRMS engines - SAP NetWeaver BRM (on SAP NetWeaver AS Java) and BRFplus (on SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP). This article explains how to determine which of these engines should be chosen as the rule provider, also whether the native configuration of the invoking application should be used instead, or whether particular use cases should be treated as business rules at all.

> Trial version of SAP NetWeaver CE 7.3 on SCN

Yes, it’s now available for download! Details in @Benny Schaich-Lebek's blog.

> Webinar Series: SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration

Register and join us for a series of webinars in July 2012 covering new capabilities of SAP NetWeaver PI, BPM and BRM, the road ahead and B2B!

> BRF (Business Rule Framework) Integration

This 15 min screen-cast by Former Member demonstrates a BRF (Business Rule Framework) integration scenario.

> News on BRFplus and Decision Service Management

Get informed on the latest news on rules related activities at ASUG annual conference, the upcoming ASUG webcast, SAP Skills Conference, and BRFplus material in different languages. More details in @Carsten Ziegler's latest blog.

> Welcome to SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.31 and to the Process Orchestration space! 

Our teams worked around the clock and the unrestricted shipment was approved 2 weeks before the planned date.

> Business Rules, Decision Management and ASUG

Former Member does a lot of work with companies and organizations adopting business rules. He states that decision management and the use of business rules has tremendous potential for SAP Customers. In this blog he’s sharing some of his experiences and insights. Also find out details about his joint sessions with @Carsten Ziegler at ASUG/Sapphire 2012 on these topics.

> WNABRF - BRFplus training course 

Hundreds of organizations use Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus) to model business logic and decision services like validations or calculations in a transparent and flexible way. BRFplus is packed into many SAP standard applications such as Master Data Governance, Tax and Revenue Management, Utilities, and many more. Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn directly from the BRFplus founder himself -- @Carsten Ziegler on May 10-11 at the MicroTek training facility in Minneapolis, MN (read more).

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