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SAP Business One SDK

SAP Business One SDK Licensing


SAP Business One and Software Development Kit Licensing

This presentation gives a brief overview of the new licensing mechanisms and processes of SAP Business One and the Software Development Kit.

SAP Business One License FAQ 

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the SAP Business One license.


Licensing and Upgrade Processes for SAP Business One and Partner Add-On's   (Time: 01:08:22)

This session will update you on the licensing process for SAP Business One 2004 A (where and how to get new license, what needs to be considered etc). In addition to that you will get tips & tricks with respect to the upgrade of SAP Business One Partner Add-Ons. Download the presentation

Licensing Overview   (Time: 00:23:00)

In this session you will learn about the following topics: Installing the license service, setting up the license service, setting up users with a license, what's new in 2005, license types, and tips. Download the presentation


SDK Licensing 

Learn about add-on licensing which can be confusing, the  different SDK license types and what they are used for. The blog will also go through the process of licensing your own Add-ons.

SAP Business One License API

The SAP Business One License API is an external API that allows you to read information from the license service to which the application is connected.This blog explains what the SAP Business One License API is and how you can use it in your Add-on.

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