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B1TC: SAP Business One Test Composer


SAP Business One Test Composer is an automation testing tool for SAP Business One. It provides a simple way for record/replay scenarios that can be used for testing as well as for demo purposes. The tool is built on top of the SAP Business One SDK and the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET environment.


SAP Business One Test Composer (B1TC) is an automation tool built with the SAP Business One SDK and can perform very precise actions within SAP Business One and verify data throughout the application. Therefore, you can quickly create precise and accurate tests of SAP Business One scenarios and add-ons.

B1TC enables you to do the following:

  • Record and save a sequence of operations on the SAP Business One application along with a set of checkpoints.
  • Generate an STD (Software Test Document) in plain English.
  • Replay a saved sequence while verifying application data at the defined checkpoints, in real time or scheduled.

B1TC can be valuable during several phases of a solution's lifetime, from the initial unit tests, to regression tests, integration and support.

Figure 1: Main Window of SAP Business One Test Composer. B1TC comes with a setup program for easy installation, as well as its source code in case you want to modify the tool.

Added in Version 2

Version 2.0 includes the following new features:

  • Analog Recording: Within a script, you can now record mouse and keystrokes, not just in the SAP Business One application but in any Windows applications. Essentially, by clicking the icon on the right in the recording mode toolbar, you pause the recording of SAP Business One actions and add to the script plain mouse clicks and keystrokes.

  • Matrix Comparisons: In addition to checking field values, you can now check all the values in a matrix. When recording, you can select a matrix and the values of all its cells are then stored with the script. When the script is rerun, B1TC can check that all values are correct. 
  • Breakpoints: You can now add breakpoints in a script in order to pause it at a specific line. You can add breakpoints in the script editor (shown below) and in the run mode window while running the script.

  • Commenting: You can now comment out lines in a script in case you want to skip operations in a particular run of a script but restore them later.When editing a script, you can select a line and click the comment icon in the toolbar. The line is italicized, grayed out, and a # is shown on the left of the line.

  • Custom Operations: You can create custom operations so you can perform your own actions within a script. Check Daniel Wroblewski blog for more information on custom operations.

  • Documentation: The Windows Help that comes with the tool is an amazing leap in documentation. The writing is condensed, the procedures are clearer, and the organization is task-oriented.

Featured Download

Download the new version for SAP Business One 9.0, NEW!

Old version for SAP Business One 8.82 can be downloaded here below:

Note: In order to be able to run this tool you need to have installed in your machine:

  • SAP Business One 8.82 version or later
  • .NET Framework 2.0

SAP Business One Test Composer is provided as-is and comes with the source code - There is no support by SAP for this tool

We have created an SDN Blog for B1TC. This blog lists the latest news and known limitations of the current version of the tool. You can also use this blog to give us feedback – we are interested in your opinion!

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