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SAP Business One – Custom Help Mapping


This page describes how to install and use the SAP Business One Custom Help Mapping add-on (B1HM), which enables the addition of custom documentation, generally for add-ons but also for existing forms.

Additional Features in 1.1 (April 2009)

  • Ability to localize menu and message texts (without code changes)
  • Fix for incorrect display of Custom Help Mapping tab in Hebrew in the Help Settings window
  • Thoroughly tested on SAP Business One 2007 A and 2007 B

How to Install

The download consists of an ARD file and the B1HM Installer executable. Install B1HM as you would install any other Add-On using both the ARD file and the installer executable. For additional information, refer to the Setting Up Custom Help Mapping section in B1HM documentation.

Note: Help mappings for forms and UI items created by the add-on are supposed to be loaded automatically; however, since this functionality requires the changes in DB structure to become effective in the SAP Business One application, this loading may fail the first time the add-on starts.

These mappings will be imported the second time the add-on starts. Therefore, you can restart the add-on to load the mappings. Alternatively, you can import the relevant file from this path (relative to the add-on installation folder): \SAP B1HM AddOn Help\B1HM_AddOn_Help_Import.csv

How it Works

You can attach custom help to windows, tabs, and fields in the core as well as to user-defined fields and to add-ons that run within SAP Business One. Thus, users can access add-on-specific, industry-specific, and company-specific help in the same way that they access the context-sensitive SAP help.

For details, see the documentation, as well as the accompanying materials listed below.

Additional Information:

About the Source Code

The source code might leave you wondering why some things were implemented the way they were. Often the reason may be connected to the fact that this add-on is trying to replace SAP Business One standard functionality in a manner that SAP Business One UI API was not initially designed to support - and, therefore, implementation tasks may turn out to be more complex than imagined.

We had to engage quite a number of workarounds and make compromises to complete the overall functionality as designed. Also, we had to limit our implementation efforts to basic functionality a couple of times due to time and resource constraints. Please keep that in mind while diving into the code.

Furthermore we decided that we would use our B1DE toolset to develop the add-on, which had pros and cons as well - and even resulted in an update to B1DE!

For insights into the building of B1HM, see Frank Moebius's blog on the making of B1HM.

In the rare case that you need to modify the source code, check out the documentation on how to create an installer for the B1HM add-On.

Featured Download

You must have .NET Framework 2.0 to run this tool.

The B1HM - Custom Help Mapping Add-on is given as a free source code and therefore there is no support by SAP for this tool.

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