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Internet Transaction Server

Today, the power of the Web and its ability to deliver business solutions throughout and beyond the enterprise has been acknowledged by most companies. As Web initiatives are undertaken, many companies have also come to realize the unique challenges associated with the Web environment in terms of real-time business process integration while avoiding duplicative efforts. The World Wide Web offers an unique way of extending SAP transactions and customizing the interface to SAP's comprehensive business logic to meet the needs of diverse user constituencies.

SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) was the first approach of SAP to extend business applications to a Web Browser or the Internet by converting SAP dynpro screens into HTML format making it possible to access SAP systems with user-friendly Web technology. SAP ITS as middleware component provides Web access for several SAP products like SAP ERP, SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), SAP Employee Self Services (ESS), SAP Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP).


Keeping up-to-date

You find the latest news, how-tos, tutorials, and FAQs on the SDN wiki page on ITS.

Main Concepts

ITS Types

ITS was first only available as standalone engine. With SAP NW 04, ITS has been integrated into the SAP NetWeaver. This page explains the different ITS types, their use, and benefits.

ITS Programming Models

This page explains which complementary Web technologies can be used by ITS to access SAP data.


Standalone ITS

SAP@Web Installation Guide (ITS 6.20)

This documentation describes how to install the standalone SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS 6.20) and related tools on released Windows and Linux platforms.

Standalone ITS Online Help   (SAP help)

This documentation describes all aspects of the standalone version of the SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) after installation: administration, implementation, service parameters, IACs, HTML Business Functions Library etc.

Standalone ITS Sizing Information   (SMP Login required!)

This document contains sizing recommendations for SAP ITS 6.20 (standalone ITS). It contains information on A/WGate and shows the factors that influence performance. Also, you learn about sizing possibilities for CPU and disk space.

ITS Standalone: Installing WGate on Solaris

This document refers to the standalone ITS and describes the steps necessary to install WGate on Solaris.

ITSmobile for the Standalone ITS   (SAP help)

You can use ITSmobile to make an application or parts of an application executable in the browser of mobile devices.

Integrated ITS

Integrated ITS Online Help   (SAP help)

As of SAP Web Application Server 6.40 (SAP NW '04), the SAP Internet Transaction Server (SAP ITS) is integrated into the kernel  as an Internet Communication Framework (ICF) service called the integrated ITS. This documentation explains thoroughly the differences of the integrated and standalone ITS versions. In addition, you find information on the configuration, administration, and monitoring of the integrated ITS.

Developing IACs with the SAP Integrated ITS   (SAP help)

The development of IACs to be used with the integrated ITS differs from the development of IACs for the standalone ITS in a few points. This documentation deals with what they have in common and what distinguishes them.

Integrated ITS: Creating Mobile Applications with ITSmobile   (SAP help)

You can use ITSmobile to make an application or parts of an application executable in the browser of mobile devices.


General Information

TechEd 2006: Security in SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) Landscapes

This presentation explains how computers can be attacked and how you can prevent a standalone or integrated ITS from being attacked.

TechEd 2004: SAP Infrastructure Security

This workshop presentation explains security goals, threats, and safeguards. You will learn to categorize security measures and what steps are necessary to establish a secure system environment.

Standalone ITS

TechEd 2003: SAP ITS 6.20: Installation, Administration, Security, and Tuning

This workshop presentation shows the concept of the standalone ITS. You will learn how to install an ITS 6.20 with multiple virtual instances and how to configure and loadbalance your ITS landscape. In addition, it is shown how to administer the ITS server and how to tune your ITS instances.

TechEd 2003: SAP Internet Transaction Server on Linux

This TechEd 2003 presentation explains the concepts of the standalone SAP ITS 6.20 on the basis of Linux.

Integrated ITS

TechEd 2007: Update on Internet Transaction Server (ITS) and ITSmobile

Apart from a general introduction to the ITS types (standalone and integrated) and the migration from the standalone to the integrated ITS, this presentation explains how you access SAP applications from mobile devices like handheld barcode scanners with ITS mobile. Also you will learn what will come up next in the ITSmobile and SAP GUI for HTML field.

TechEd 2006: SAP NetWeaver Application Server with Integrated ITS and SAP NetWeaver 2004s

This presentation explains the strategy of SAP regarding ITS and the architecture of SAP NetWeaver application server with the integrated ITS. In addition, you will find out how system administration of SAP integrated ITS works and how IACs from ITS 6.20 (standalone) can be migrated to the SAP integrated ITS. Also, you will get a feeling for the value of SAP integrated ITS regarding your TCO.

TechEd 2005: SAP NetWeaver Application Server with Integrated ITS

This TechEd 2005 presentation explains the strategy of SAP regarding ITS. You will get to know the architecture of SAP Netweaver application server with integrated ITS and how the system administration of SAP integrated ITS works. In addition, it explains how you move your IACs from the standalone ITS 6.20 to SAP integrated ITS. Finally, you will find out the value of SAP integrated ITS regarding your TCO.

TechEd 2004: Integrated ITS in SAP Web Application Server

This presentation shows a comparison between the standalone SAP Internet Transaction Server 6.20 and the SAP integrated ITS in Web Application Server 6.40. In addition, you will learn how to administer the integrated ITS.

TechEd 2004: Migration of Existing ITS Services from Standalone to Integrated SAP ITS

This workshop presentation explains the architectural differences of standalone and integrated ITS and what changes in the SAP system result from this architectural change. In addition, it shows how to create an ITS service which can be used with the integrated ITS functionality. Also, it explains what differences need to be taken into account for compatible ITS services.

TechEd 2003: The Future of SAP ITS

This presentation explains why the ITS is integrated into SAP Web AS and which ITS components are integrated. In addition, you learn how the ITS is integrated in the SAP Web AS and how SAP will support existing ITS applications.

Maintenance and Support

The Software Download Center contains information on ITS maintenance and support. Please note, that you need to login into SAP Service Marketplace when following this link.

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