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Recently Featured Content on SAP HANA and In-Memory Business Data Management


Impact of Platform Changes:  How SAP HANA Impacts an SAP Landscape

This new blog post from SAP Mentor @Owen Pettiford focuses on the impact of SAP HANA as a platform, while future blogs in the same series will cover changes to the application architecture, user experience architecture, and integration architecture. Owen outlines the implementation steps required in any organization. September 11, 2014

Installing SAP HANA SPS 08: What's New

Recently, SAP created new tutorial videos for the SAP HANA Academy to show new features and functionality introduced with SAP HANA Support Package Stack (SPS) 08. You can find them collected on the YouTube playlist: SPS 08 - What's New. Read the related blog post, Installing SAP HANA SPS 08: What's New. July 11, 2014

The Impact of Aggregates

(Posted on by Hasso Plattner)

For over 45 years the world has built enterprise systems with the help of aggregates. But in the dawn of near-zero response time, says SAP Founder Former Member, the results are extraordinary: A dramatically simplified set of programs, flexibility for the organization, an unheard of reduction in the data footprint, a simplified data model, and a new product release strategy (continuous update) in the cloud. July 7, 2014

SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer Badge

The SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer (HDE) Program is devoted to recognizing and promoting SAP HANA technical skills, as well as helping others to learn those skills. To recognize the individuals who have earned the designation, we've created a special badge. Read @Craig Cmehil's blog to learn more. Visit the SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer Program space for more information about the program. July 3, 2014

How to - Install and Configure "SAP HANA ANSWERS" in HANA Studio

With the release of SAP HANA SPS 08, you'll find an interesting addition to the help feature named "SAP HANA Answers." For more details, refer to SAP HANA SPS 08 - What's New? SAP HANA Answers. Also read the informative blog post by @Kumar Mayuresh. June 27, 2014

SAP HANA Developer Edition v1.8.80 Now Available

SAP HANA SPS8 revision 80 is now available! In this blog post, @Craig Cmehil covers the what's new in this release. You can find this new version in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) for both the Amazon EC2 landscape as well as the Microsoft Azure platform. June 27, 2014

What's new in SAP HANA SPS08?

SAP Mentor @John Appleby provides insight into the latest release of the SAP HANA platform in this blog. June 9, 2014

Meet the finalists in the First SAP HANA Innovation Award

The participants in the first SAP HANA award were asked to share how they are using the power of SAP HANA to drive innovation and highlight the positive impact to their workforce, partners, customers, and society. @Rukhshaan Omar announces the finalists. May 28, 2014

HANA Cloud Integration: Webinar Series

In this blog @Meghna Shishodiya announces a new HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) webinar series starting on May 29 with an overview, architecture, and security aspects. Bookmark the blog for upcoming dates and join us to learn everything you wanted to know about #HCI and get your questions answered. May 28, 2014

Meet the finalists in the First SAP HANA Innovation Award

The participants in the first SAP HANA award were asked to share how they are using the power of SAP HANA to drive innovation and highlight the positive impact to their workforce, partners, customers, and society. @Rukhshaan Omar announces the finalists. May 28, 2014

Develop your first SAP HANA native Application on the Cloud within SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench

This tutorial describes step by step how to create your first SAP HANA native application on an on premise SAP HANA Platform by purely using the zero-install SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench. You develop a simple PersonsList web application end-to-end. You build and run it on the SAP HANA Platform SPS07 using SAP HANA XS. The HTML5 web application frontend is built with SAPUI5. Further technical details: CDS-based data persistence objects, XSOData service definition with read and update access, SQLScript procedure to implement XSOData modification exit, server-side logic with XS-JavaScript, debugging XSJS code with HANA Web IDE. April 18, 2014

Interested in learning about SAP HANA? It’s never been easier!

openSAP, which is the SAP platform for open online courses, offers two new courses. An Introduction to SAP HANA by Dr. Vishal Sikka provides an overview of why SAP built SAP HANA, how it works, and how it’s helping SAP customers to run better. Once you’ve learned the basics of SAP HANA, you might be interested in learning about SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. April 18, 2014

Get Your SAP HANA Idea Incubator Badge Today!

SAP Idea Incubator is a crowdsourcing program that brings together customers with fresh ideas about how to use their data – and innovators who can quickly build prototypes of solutions that reflect these ideas. Read this blog post by Jun Wan, then show you’re a fan of the Idea Incubator and earn this badge in the process! April 18, 2014

Share Your HANA Story - Win 4 Tickets to d-code!

In this blog post, read how @Ronald Konijnenburg, Ramon Hutters, and Ilhami Yanmaz combined the power of SAP HANA and iBeacons, Apple’s indoor positioning system, to take the shopping experience to a whole new level. Watch a demo of the app they developed: a video is included in the blog. See this blog to find out how contributing your own SAP HANA Innovation story could earn you an award (and an SCN badge). March 28, 2014

Thoughts on The Future of Hadoop in Enterprise Environments

After answering questions at BI2014 in Orlando and preparing to ask some at Hadoop Summit in Amsterdam, @Timo Elliott gathers his thoughts in this blog on Hadoop for the enterprise. See also HANA vs Hadoop - showdown by @John Appleby. March 28, 2014

HANA Monitoring Handy SQL's

Check out Former Member blog about monitoring memory usage - and much more. March 28, 2014

SAP HANA Tools Now Also Available on Eclipse Update Site

@Thomas Fiedler announces a good bit of news for you developers: You'll now have all the tools in one place now that HANA tools are available on SAP Development Tools for Eclipse. March 17, 2014

Intelligent Business Operations powered by SAP HANA

In this blog @Silvio Arcangeli explains how Intelligent Business Operations with SAP HANA – the newest SAP Middleware tech bundle - can help you firmly set your organization towards real time business navigation even in heterogeneous IT landscapes and/ or currently no SAP footprint. March 17, 2014

SAP HANA Cloud Platform: The Full Package

On March 5, SAP announced the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Read @Matthias Steiner’s latest blog post on how these new packages are part of a greater effort to drive simplicity and consolidate various HANA-based cloud offerings from SAP into one over-arching platform. Then read this related blog on the Largest Data Warehouse. March 5, 2014

Announcing SAP HANA Developer Edition v1.7.70

SAP HANA SPS7 revision 70 is now available as the new developer edition. In this blog post, Craig Cmehil outlines the details of the new edition, including content pre-loaded, new configuration settings and a whole brand new experience. February 21, 2014

SAP Operational Process Intelligence - Video Tours

In this blog, @Archana Shukla provides an overview of #opint powered by SAP HANA. She shares manufacturing, logistics, and telecom video use cases showing how easy it is to gain real time process intelligence into your business operations with SAP Operational Process Intelligence. February 14, 2014

Check out John Appleby's latest stuff:

SAP Mentor and HANA Distinguished Engineer @John Appleby spends "all day, every day" in SAP HANA. So when does he have time to write all this?

10 Golden Rules for SAP BW on HANA Migrations

Licensing, Sizing and Architecting BW on HANA

10 Golden Rules for SAP HANA Project Managers

8 Tips on pre-processing flat files with SAP HANA

FAQ: SAP HANA Release Strategy

SAP HANA SPS06: What's new in certification?

Instructor-led training courses, elearning, e-Academy and the associated certification program has been revised for SAP HANA SPS06. @Tim Breitwieser provides an overview of changes to the new exam versions and provides guidance for questions that test candidates might have. February 4, 2014

Reverse Geocode your HANA Data with this XS JavaScript Utility

This blog by Kevin Small explains how to use an XS JavaScript utility to reverse geocode data in your HANA tables. February 4, 2014

New ABAP for HANA features in SAP NW 7.4 SP5

The newly released AS ABAP 7.4 SP5 brings the interplay between ABAP and SAP HANA to another level and provides enhanced capabilities in regards to the ABAP for HANA development following the “code-to-data” paradigm. Find more information about the new ABAP for HANA features in @Jens Weiler's blog. February 4, 2014

Latest from the SAP HANA Developer Center:

February 4, 2014

Special Feature on SAP River

SAP River is a new development language and environment for developing a complete SAP HANA backend application, describing the data model, the business logic and access control within a single and integrated program specification. Check out the latest content flowing in:

Watch this space and the for more SAP River content. January 8, 2014

6 Golden Rules for New SAP HANA Developers

With mass adoption taking hold for SAP HANA, more resources are needed to support those beginning the journey. Having seen many of the same mistakes queried as he culled the forums, SAP Mentor @John Appleby came up with a few golden rules to help.

See also Appleby’s 10 Predictions: What's new for SAP HANA in 2014?? January 8, 2014

Special Feature on SAP HANA Migration

Use the decision matrix to find the best migration option for SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP, watch a demo of change management in SAP HANA to learn how to benefit from the new feature in SPS07, and find recommendations on the the Migration to SAP HANA document. Visit the Software Logistics space for more. January 8, 2014


What's new in SAP HANA SPS 07?

SPS 07 for SAP HANA is focused on three major themes: Open platform innovation to support a broad range of applications developed by SAP and its partner ecosystem, developer empowerment with and new capabilities to increase developer efficiency, and extended support for mission critical enterprise applications. Find out more about the latest release in @John Appleby’s blog and @Lars Breddemann's "dazzling highlights" blog. December 09, 2013

Be sure to check out the related webcast series focused on the SPS07 release.

Eight Easy Steps to Develop an XS Application on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides you with native development capabilities, allowing you to build and execute native SAP HANA XS applications that run in the cloud. Find out how from @Stoyan Manchev. December 09, 2013

Big Data Geek - Finding and Loading NOAA Hourly Climate Data

Take a journey to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), as @John Appleby extracts and analyzes big data with SAP HANA and SAP Lumira. In Part I, he begins to download the data, pull it into HANA, and build a readable model for Lumira. In Part 2, Appleby seeks to answer the question posed by a fellow SCN member, “Is it getting warmer in Virginia?” November 18, 2013

Find out how you can test out SAP HANA and SAP Lumira in a big data scenario (processing Wikipedia data with Hive) in this blog by Former Member.

The HANA Journey: Determining When HANA is Right for You

You've probably heard of different ways to deploy SAP HANA in your business, using solutions such as SAP Business Suite accelerators, SAP HANA applications, SAP BW on HANA, SAP Business Suite on HANA, and more. But when do you start implementing it? Read The HANA Journey: Determining When HANA is Right for You from @Tom Kurtz to find out. November 18, 2013

SAP HANA Cloud Integration

Want to learn more about SAP HANA Cloud Integration? Read SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI): Getting Started by @Meghna Shishodiya and SAP HANA Cloud Integration: An Intro by @Sujit Hemachandran. Finally, see the @SAP HANA Cloud Integration: Early Customer and Partner Project in which @Udo Paltzer shares details about the opportunity to get hands-on experience with SAP HCI. November 18, 2013

The Unique Benefits of Running SAP HANA on the Cisco UCS Server Platform

SAP and Cisco over the past four years with the launch of the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) server platform have partnered in just about every SAP solution. In this webcast, you will learn how your organization can lower TCO implementing Cisco’s TDI Shared Networking for HANA​, and how to maximize ROI through the benefits of Cisco’s Disaster Tolerance capabilities. November 15, 2013

Learn how to use SAP Lumira SP12 with SAP NetWeaver BW

With SAP Lumira SP12, customers can now connect to the relational Universes (UNX) using the SAP NetWeaver BW InfoProvider level as a source for their analytics. In Part 1 of a new blog series, @Ingo Hilgefort provides the details to get your own SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA system. October 16, 2013

The SAP HANA and Cloud Platform Symbiosis

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform combines the power of SAP HANA with the ease of use of a cloud platform, lowering the entry barrier to experience SAP HANA. SAP Mentor @Matthias Steiner explains how cloud + HANA is more than the sum of its parts. October 16, 2013

Playing with SAP HANA

This in-depth presentation from @Lars Breddemann shows some interesting and not-so obvious aspects of SAP HANA’s column store tables. Get more details in the SAP HANA space. October 16, 2013

Your own SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA with BI4 system... in just a few minutes

It is now possible to get your own BW on HANA system connected to a fully configured BI 4.0 system, plus a 300-page tutorial containing everything you need to know about BW on HANA, in a matter of mere minutes. @Ingo Hilgefort outlines the trial offering and how to get it from SAP HANA Marketplace in this recent blog.

Join the October 17 webinar to learn how you can use SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA with SAP BusinessObjects BI4.x. September 27, 2013

Get your hands on SAP HANA webinar replays!

Transcripts and replays are available for the September webcast "Hands on SAP HANA" series:

Deploying SAP HANA in Your Data Center - Replay, Q&A Available

High Availability and Disaster Recovery with SAP HANA - Replay, Q&A Available

Want more? Check out the Big Data webinar series. September 24, 2013

Best Practice: Test Management for SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA Migration Projects

This technical guide describes test management activities necessary for functional and performance tests that enable customers to migrate to SAP HANA without negatively impacting business processes. September 24, 2013

SAP HANA Landscape Redistribution with SP6

Former Member describes how the landscape redistribution process was fundamentally revised in SAP HANA SP6. September 24, 2013

My encounter with the freight train called HANA

Former SAP architect @Holger Stumm shares his perspective on the momentum behind SAP HANA. September 24, 2013

What´s new in SAP Operational Process Intelligence SP01

The first support pack offered by the SAPOPInt team provides new goodies and fixes based on your feedback.

@Harshavardhan Jegadeesan explains some of the new features in his blog. September 24, 2013

SAP HANA Reference for Developers

Interested in learning more about SAP HANA from a development perspective? @Vivek Singh Bhoj, application developer at Mindtree, has compiled this comprehensive, two-part SAP HANA reference: Part 1 | Part 2 September 13, 2013

Connecting to HANA with Python using ODBC or oData

@Ronald Konijnenburg provides advice, and a “head start” for connecting to SAP HANA with Python. September 13, 2013

SAP HANA Lifecycle Management

SAP HANA software includes a lifecycle manager that incorporates procedures for customizing and updating your SAP HANA platform and for managing SAP HANA content products and transports. September 13, 2013

This paper delivers best practices with respect to testing SAP HANA and outlines how SAP Consulting can assist customers in developing and implementing a tailored testing approach by taking those practices into account. September 13, 2013

Best Practice Guide - Classical Migration of SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP to SAP HANA

Profit from the best practice information provided in this document for your classical migration (using software provisioning manager 1.0) of your ABAP system to SAP HANA. September 13, 2013

The Fastest Way to Become a Real-time Business

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud launched earlier this year following extensive work on petabyte scale SAP HANA infrastructure. Former Member, who was part of the launch team, explains some of the key qualities and differentiating characteristics of the HEC offering. August 28, 2013

Convergence of OLTP and OLAP Analytics

We’ve seen the evolution of analytics – from operational analytics, using OLTP ABAP programs in ERP, to analytics using SAP BW and a more robust architecture and governance, storing data in an EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse), and running OLAP reports. Read more in the blog posted by @Alexandra Carvalho. August 28, 2013

SAP HANA Developer Guide

This guide explains how to build applications using SAP HANA, including how to model data, how to write procedures, and how to build application logic in SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS). August 28, 2013

"Hands on SAP HANA" Webcasts

SCN presents "Hands on SAP HANA," an informal, audience-driven webcast series beginning in September. Technical experts from SAP and its partners will answer questions about planning, implementing, and using SAP HANA. The webcast agenda and presentation is based on questions from the audience - beginning with those you ask right here. August 13, 2013

Using HANA Modeler in the SAP HANA Cloud

SAP's vision to enable SAP HANA native development on the SAP HANA Cloud platform has reached beta: Developers can now leverage SAP HANA data-persistence and analytic model artifacts using the SAP HANA Studio Development or Modeler perspective. In this blog, SAP's @Stoyan Manchev shows how to build a sample application that uses a calculation view and is consumed via Java Servlet. August 13, 2013

The Real Reason for SAP HANA

Hear it from SAP co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Hasso Plattner himself. August 13, 2013

SAP HANA SPS6: New Developer Features

In this blog post from Thomas Jung, you'll learn more about the recent release of SAP HANA SPS6 (Revision 60). Developers working on SAP HANA can expect a wide variety of new and improved features, including development workflow. Jung also includes sample code and videos. Ready to try SAP HANA yourself? Download a trial version today. August 13, 2013

Building Your First End-to-End SAP HANA Cloud "PersonsList" Web Application Scenario

The document offers developers a comprehensive way for developing an SAP HANA Cloud web application scenario. Among other things, you'll learn to set up your SAP HANA Cloud Development Environment from scratch; develop a minimal end-to-end SAP HANA Cloud Application from UI to database; publish and run each developed increment on SAP HANA Cloud local runtime for testing. August 13, 2013

Factors to Consider when Choosing an SAP HANA Managed Hosting Provider

Once you’ve decided to implement SAP HANA in a managed hosting environment, you’ll begin the process of evaluating potential partners. This is the first entry in a four-part blog series by Former Member in which he examines how the size of your implementation, network needs, and application environment consolidation play into your decision. August 13, 2013

The Top 10 SAP HANA Myths Spread by Other Vendors

SAP Mentor John Appleby solves for X in the equation, "Another vendor has told me X about SAP HANA, is it true?" while Vijay Vijayasankar explains why A Faster Horse Just Won’t Cut It Anymore. July 19, 2013

The Process Black Box – SAP Operational Process Intelligence shines a light inside

Much has been made of what breakthroughs SAP HANA can provide to the world of business. In this blog, SAP Mentor @Owen Pettiford of CompriseIT shares his take on how sapopint is a product that delivers.

Join Owen in the SAP Mentor Monday webinar to find out more about SAPOPInt.

Also learn about SAPOPInt from @Sebastian Zick, who shares his real-world experience on how CubeServ gained transparency of processes across system boundaries. July 19, 2013

Real-time Sentiment Ratings of Movies on SAP HANA One

SAP intern Former Member describes using SAP HANA One to power an app that rated movies. Learn how he used the Rotten Tomatoes API to find newly released movies, along with Twitter and Sina Weibo APIs to check sentiment among U.S. and China-based movie-goers, respectively. July 19, 2013

SAP Solutions and Best Practices for Testing SAP HANA

Ensuring a smooth introduction and ongoing operation of applications running on SAP HANA requires a thorough and automated testing approach. This includes a selection of representative test cases that address technical, functional, and non-functional needs, as well as dedicated tools that accelerate and increase the effectiveness of testing efforts. Learn from this white paper how to develop and implement a tailored testing approach based on best practices. July 19, 2013

New Features in SAP HANA Studio Revision 55

In case you missed it, @Lars Breddemann reports on the improvements released with revision 55 of SAP HANA Studio. July 19, 2013

Calling XSJS Service Using SAP UI5

Inspired by a previous blog on SAP HANA Extended Application Services, @Vivek Singh Bhoj elaborates on how to call the XSJS service. July 19, 2013

SAP HANA Turns 2

Our groundbreaking in-memory platform is growing up. See how SAP HANA continues to transform and inspire business. June 21, 2013

Setting the Record Straight - SAP HANA vs. IBM DB2 BLU

Recently IBM announced BLU accelerator for DB2, which does query acceleration of manually selected tables in DB2 in batch mode using in-memory and columnar techniques. However, there were some unsubstantiated claims and over-reaching statements amid the excitement about BLU. SAP’s Ken Tsai provides his assessment in this blog. June 18, 2013

SAP HANA Commands, Command Line Tools, SQL Reference Examples for NetWeaver Basis Administrators

@Andy Silvey set out on a massive undertaking to create a one-stop shop reference for HANA commands and command line tools, plus administrator's SQL queries. Lucky for us, he decided to share it here. June 18, 2013

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud - Important step to... where?

SAP Mentor (and SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer@Tomas Krojzl speculates on what the May 7 announcement of HANA Enterprise Cloud might mean for SAP in the future. His blog inspires more than a few opinionated comments. June 17, 2013

How Does It Work Together: BW, BW on SAP HANA, Suite on SAP HANA, SAP HANA Live

Part 3 of this solid blog series continues the discussion of how diverse customer landscapes can be efficient and synergistic. Posted by @Ingo Hilgefort, Part 1 introduced the different landscapes and discussed a customer site without SAP as the backend. In Part 2, Ingo discussed an SAP ERP customer and how such a customer could leverage SAP BusinessObjects BI with and without SAP HANA Live. June 6, 2013

Get SAP HANA One Premium

SAP HANA One Premium is designed for users who want to run their SAP HANA instances 24x7. See the demo of SAP HANA on AWS (on the AWS blog) and learn about its ability to connect to source data from SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver BW in the cloud, SAP Enterprise Support, and the Data Services component of SAP HANA Cloud Integration. Also read this related blog by SAP Mentor Richard Hirsch and this SAPInsider article. For more information and resources, visit the SAP HANA One page. June 6, 2013

Understanding the HANA Enterprise Cloud:  An Initial Whiteboard

If you want to better grasp SAP’s new HANA Enterprise Cloud offering, follow SAP Mentor @Richard Hirsch as he diagrams his way to a better understanding in his recent blog.

SAP’s @Bjoern Goerke provides additional clarity across the cloud offerings in his recent blog.

Follow the ‘hana_enterprise_cloud’ tag for related blogs. May 17, 2013

Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA - Free Online Course

By now you might have heard about the launch of openSAP – a platform that offers free online learning opportunities. Who better to instruct the first course than SAP Mentor and eLearning expert (just check our library) @Thomas Jung? But this, he says, is something different than “traditional” eLearning.... May 17, 2013

#NBA Sabermetrics 101 (Powered by #SAPHANA)

In the SAPPHIRE NOW keynote, SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott talked about how SAP is working with professional sports to create the next-generation fan experience. In his latest blog, SCN’s own Former Member discusses the value SAP can bring to the sports and entertainment industry. For more on SAP and sports, check out Proof of SAP’s evolution from a B2B to a B2C company. May 17, 2013

Enter SAP Enterprise Cloud

Last week, SAP announced the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud empowers you to deploy SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver BW, and custom HANA applications to support real-time business. Learn more in the blog by executive board memberFormer Member and watch the replay of the press event. Then read Former Member blog Adding a New On-Ramp to the HANA Highway for more insight. May 8, 2013

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud: “Instant Value without Compromise”

SVP Mark Yolton describes what the new offering can do for customers, shares his take on the announcement as well as some early reactions from the media. His blog is also filled with HANA resources. May 8, 2013

SAP HANA Cloud Integration Now Available

SAP HANA Cloud Integration, now available for customers and partners, is an integration platform hosted in SAP HANA Cloud that facilitates the integration of business processes spanning across different departments, organizations, or companies. Former Member explains and provides resources in this document. May 8, 2013

Cloudy on the terminology? Check out the blog by @Bjoern Goerke in which he clarifies recent branding around cloud.

New SAP HANA Development Platform Training as Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Register for a new online course: "Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA." Over six weeks’ time, you’ll get an overview of the native programming capabilities of SAP HANA. Dr. Markus Schwarz, SVP SAP Education, says, "We want to give learners choice. With the new course we can reach even a broader audience." May 1, 2013

The Evolution of HANA One: More Than Just HANA Hosted in a Public Cloud

SAP Mentor @Richard Hirsch comments on a recent SAPinsider publication about HANA One. May 1, 2013

SLT Suggestions for SAP HANA

In what he describes as a “brainstorming blog,” @Thomas Krojzl writes about his ideas on how SLT replication could be improved. Don’t worry, he’s open to criticism. Seems like a good time to like it, rate it, and comment away! April 26, 2013

Bipedal Process and Data Intelligence.... Stop Hopping.... RUN!

The fact that we’re living in the age of big data is no surprise at this point, but according to @Alan Rickayzen, “the age of process intelligence has just started.” Find out what he means, where HANA comes into the picture, and how solution experts and process operators and process owners are the big benefactors of SAP Operational Process Intelligence. April 26, 2013

Why Users Need SSO in SAP HANA

With Single Sign On (SSO), users can directly log in from any front-end application and access the SAP HANA database without providing login credentials again. Read more highly rated blogs on SAP HANA. This blog by Former Member gives you details on setting up SSO with SAP HANA using Kerberos. April 26, 2013

New Publications from SAPinsider:

A Look Under the Hood of SAP HANA

Get look at some of the key components of the SAP HANA platform and the features and functions that make the it compelling for developers.

SAPinsider: SAP HANA One Illuminates New Possibilities

Learn about the instant deployment option that facilitates smaller SAP HANA projects and applications that are not easily accommodated by on-premise system procurement cycles. April 26, 2013

Pairing the Power of SAP HANA with the Innovative Agility of a Startup

Learn more about the Startup Focus program, how to get involved, and what it means for SAP customers. April 26, 2013

Best Practices for SAP HANA Data Loads

As SAP Mentor @John Appleby says, “you can take the best technology in the world, create a bad design, and it will work badly. Yes, even SAP HANA can be slow.” With that in mind, check out his best practices for HANA data loading. April 10, 2013

Performance Guidelines for ABAP Development on the SAP HANA Database

If you’re an experienced ABAP developer, you’re probably familiar with the classic performance guidelines for using Open SQL. This begs the question of what changes are there to the guidelines in the context of SAP HANA. Former Membertackles that question.  April 10, 2013

Experience the Magic: How to Setup Your Own ABAP on HANA in the Cloud

Are you an ABAP developer who can’t wait to explore the intricacies of ABAP on HANA coding? Do you want to set up a sandbox environment where you can try out things such as consuming HANA Calculation Views or Stored Procedures from ABAP programs, and learn how to accelerate your ABAP applications with HANA or build entirely new ones? Then SAP Mentor @Thorsten Franz wrote this for you. April 10, 2013

Tame BIG Processes with SAP Operational Process Intelligence, Powered by SAP HANA

Read the three-part series by @Harshavardhan Jegadeesan, in which he walks through "big processes," the challenges they pose, and how SAP Operational Process Intelligence, powered by SAP HANA can help businesses overcome them. Then see how to test drive #SAPOPInt in this post. March 22, 2013

Get your hands on this HANA stuff:

March 13, 2013

Migrating Java Open-Source Application from Oracle to SAP HANA

The purpose of this document is to guide the process of migrating OLTP systems from a source ORACLE database to a target SAP HANA database. The Java Open-Source mvnForm is used in this guide to simulate the example of an OLTP system on the source Oracle database. March 7, 2013

When SAP HANA met R - What's new?

Last year’s ”When SAP HANA met R - First kiss” blog has some people wondering what’s new the integration of the SAP HANA database with R. @Blag responds in his recent blog. March 4, 2013

Webinar: SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA

On January 10, 2013, SAP announced the availability of the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA – built to deliver an integrated family of business applications unifying analytics and transactions into a single in-memory platform. Join an exclusive webcast on March 14, at 15:00 CET and learn how to become a real-time business.

Engage with SAP HANA through Hours of Free Videos and Projects

Explore the SAP HANA Academy and watch more than 250 videos answering your what, why, and how questions about SAP HANA. March 4, 2013

Uncovering the Value of SAP BW Powered by HANA: Answering the Second Question

When Suite runs on HANA, BW runs on HANA, and assorted data marts run on HANA - what would be different for a business user? After talking to several customers, Former Member thinks it’s the "ease of answering the second question" that is the most value adding scenario for a business user. What is your "second question"? March 4, 2013

Clear the Process Fog with SAP Operational Process Intelligence

Learn about this new SAP offering designed to improve your operational efficiency. Check out the overview video on YouTube and share your thoughts on therelated blog by @Peter McNulty. February 21, 2013

Say cheese... on taking snapshots with SAP HANA

In this detailed blog, @Lars Breddemann shows how to take a snapshot of your SAP HANA instance. February 21, 2013

Fast is Not a Number

You might call it a constructive rant, but why not ask the difficult questions? @Jim Spath - SAP Mentor, SCN forum moderator, ASUG volunteer, employee of a company that runs SAP – does. February 21, 2013

The OLAP Compiler in BW on SAP HANA

@Thomas Zurek blogs about a functionality he considers one of the “crown jewels” of BW on HANA. February 21, 2013

SAP HANA Certification Pathways

In this comprehensive blog, @Vishal Soni shares his organization’s plans which outline paths to SAP HANA certification for technical consultants and application consultants. February 18, 2013

Harness Insight from Hadoop with MapReduce and Text Data Processing Using SAP Data Services and SAP HANA

This white paper, developed at SAP Co-Innovation Lab,  explores how IT organizations can use solutions from SAP and our partners to harness the value of large volumes of data stored in Hadoop, identify salient entities from unstructured textual data, and combine it with structured data in SAP HANA to leverage meaningful information in real-time. February 13, 2013

New SAP TV Videos on SME Customers Using SAP HANA

Michael Nuesslein of SAP TV announces two new SAP HANA game-changer videos worth checking out. January 28, 2013

SAP on HANA, and Pushdown for All: News about ABAP's Adventurous Relationship with the Database

Business Suite on HANA wasn't all news to this SAP Mentor, but the January 10 announcement came with some "extremely new and noteworthy" information to @Thorsten Franz, such as a shift in the ABAP programming model. January 21, 2013

The Business Suite on HANA: The Announcement and What this Means for Customers

Besides providing an overview of the January 10 announcement, SAP Mentor and SCN Moderator @Luke Marson outlines customer benefits and his thoughts on what it all means. Of course there are still questions, as summarized in Former Member candidly-titled “What I did not learn” blog. Don’t miss the discussion that follows.

As far as what’s next, SAP Mentor @Richard Hirsch “connects the dots” and suggests the next big play for HANA. January 17, 2013

2013 - The Year of the SAP Database

With the incredible success of SAP HANA over the last 18 months and a greatly expanded database and technology portfolio, SAP is poised to surge ahead in the database market. SAP Mentor John Appleby shares his thoughts on why 2013 will be a pivotal year. January 3, 2013

SAP TechEd Sessions on SAP HANA

What principles guide SAP’s platform and infrastructure decisions? Watch Introduction to Our Technology Strategy and Road Map to learn about the "big bets" that SAP is making in the technology game. Then learn about Integrating SAP HANA into Your Landscape through the intelligent use of in-memory technology. You’ll gain valuable insight with this interview: From ABAPer to MOBILEr: The Evolution of SAP Developers, where SAP Mentor @DJ Adams talks about developer evolution with SAP HANA, Java, Eclipse, and Cloud. Watch more sessions on SAP HANA. January 10, 2013

It’s Here: SAP Business Suite, Powered by SAP HANA

SAP just announced availability of the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. SCN’s own Former Member summarizes the announcement, including a blog post by SAP CTO Vishal Sikka and overview video. January 10, 2013

What's New in SAP HANA SPS05

Following the model of his very successful "What's New" blogs from his SAP NetWeaver Portal days, @Daniel Wroblewski summarizes the new features of SAP HANA SPS05 in this blog. See the related post by Former Member about the SAP HANA Text Analysis capabilities of SPS05. January 3, 2013

Meet the Distinguished Engineers

SAP HANA is the fastest growing product in SAP's history, with over 400 customers after just 12 months, and there will be an unprecedented demand for SAP HANA resources. With this comes the need to understand the level of experience of a HANA engineer and their areas of expertise. The Distinguished Engineer program is an SAP-sponsored, community-led effort to address this perceived skills gap in the HANA technical community, and to recognize those with a high level of technical skills, as well as embracing those who are learning and are on their way to gaining skills. Learn more. January 3, 2013

New from SAPinsider Magazine:

Optimizing ABAP for SAP HANA: SAP's 3-Step Approach - In this article, you'll learn SAP's three-step approach to optimize SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NetWeaver AS) ABAP for the SAP HANA database.

Build Solutions Powered by SAP HANA to Transform Your Business - Read how the SAP Custom Development organization is helping customers build business-critical solutions powered by SAP HANA. January 3, 2013


HANA Videos from SAP TechEd Live

Replay these interviews from Madrid for a variety of insights into SAP HANA:

Find more interviews in the catalog of HANA interviews from Las Vegas. November 28, 2012

SAP HANA One Innovative App Contest

Build your most innovative app on HANA One in AWS Cloud. Register by December 12, 2012. Learn more. December 3, 2012

More HANA from SAP TechEd Live!

Replay these interviews from Madrid for a variety of insights into SAP HANA:

Find more interviews in the catalog of HANA interviews from Las Vegas. November 28, 2012

New Space: SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA

Follow the new space dedicated to releases of SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA. November 26, 2012

How to Configure SAP HANA for CTS

Learn how to use the Change and Transport System (CTS) together with SAP HANA. November 26, 2012

SAP HANA Installation Guide – Trigger-Based Data Replication

This guide details the installation and configuration of trigger-based replication for SAP HANA – the SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server.November 26, 2012

The Road to HANA for Software Developers

Developer Whisperer Former Member published this helpful guide for developers interested in HANA to help find their way through the jungle of documents out there. October 31, 2012

Preparing for HANA: How to Achieve SAP Certified Technology Associate Certification

How do you prepare for the actual certification? In this blog, SAP Mentor Tom Cenens provides some helpful information on the certification and how to pass. October 31, 2012

Hit “Replay” on SAP HANA! Visit SAP TechEd Online

The SAP TechEd Live studio in Las Vegas featured interviews about SAP HANA One (productive HANA on AWS), SAP HANA Academy, RDS for HANA, the HANA Distinguished Engineer program, how startups are using HANA, and a deep dive on SAP HANA development. Check outall these and more interviews. October 26, 2012

SAP HANA Academy: Watch, Follow, and Learn SAP HANA from SAP and Ecosystem Partners Experts

This week at SAP TechEd, we announced the launch of the SAP HANA Academy. Access videos and exercises about everything from security, to working with data in SAP HANA Studio and SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, to integrating SAP HANA with Mobile or Analytics. Also, see the related SAP TechEd Online video. October 23, 2012

Better Choice – SAP BW on SAP HANA

You think you know databases? Think again. Watch the short animated video to see how you can make a better choice with SAP BW on HANA. Learn how you can better handle your exploding data volume, and why your business can benefit from real time data analysis. October 23, 2012

Join the first Google+ HANA Hangout!

Hang out with SAP HANA experts on Monday, October 29 at 9 am PT for a live, streamed chat about SAP HANA and big data. Participants include Aiaz Kazi, Head of Technology & Innovation Marketing for SAP, and Amit Sinha, Head of Database & Technology Marketing at SAP and special guest Irfan Khan, CTO of Sybase. October 26, 2012

What Customers Say About SAP HANA

“Fujitsu and SAP’s  history of co-innovation and collaboration have now provided both very large and small customers with a scalable in memory appliance that can quickly be implemented to dramatically increase data processing and real time information analytics for decision making,” says Rolf Schwirz, CEO Fujitsu Technology Solutions. Read more in SAP In-Memory Computing - Procter & Gamble Customer Testimonial, SAP HANA Helps Federal Mogul to Improve Performance, SAP HANA Helps Booan Run Better, Hilti Customer Testimonial and Charite Improves Lives with SAP HANA. October 5, 2012

First Experience with ABAP for HANA – Evolution or Revolution?

Check out this excellent blog by SAP Mentor @Tobias Trapp, and contribute to the new, dedicated ABAP for HANA space.

Read more about how co-innovation among SAP and SAP Mentors enabled optimization of the ABAP platform for HANA in Former Memberblog All for One and HANA for All. October 3, 2012

With All the Facts and Information Readily Available, Why Is It So Tough for Some to Speak Truth About SAP HANA?

Former Member, SVP Communities & Social Media at SAP, put together this nice collection of great blogs, videos, articles, and other content that will help you understand the essence and the truth about SAP HANA. Top picks include: What Oracle Won't Tell You about SAP HANA by Steve Lucas, EVP Database & Technology at SAP, and Puneet Suppal's SAP HANA and the Pretenders. October 3, 2012

Turbocharge Your Applications with SAP HANA (Webinar Recording)

In this recording, learn how to add new revenue streams and monetize in-memory computing with new services and offerings, turbocharge your applications with SAP for OEM Partners, and reduce administration costs and do ETL, materialization, aggregation, and summarizing in just one step.

Video Blog: The State of SAP HANA - Debating Killer Apps and Skills Needs

To commemorate the first year anniversary of HANA's General Availability, @Jon Reed taped this special Google Hangout with fellow SAP Mentors John Appleby, Vijay Vijayasankar, and Harald Reiter. September 14, 2012

How to Analyze Who Has Access to Particular Objects

Following his blogs on how to analyze security relations in SAP HANA system, SAP Mentor @Tomas Krojzl looks at authorization relationship between users and objects. September 14, 2012

New Publication: A Storage Advisor for Hybrid-Store Databases

This paper, published in the Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment by SAP Research, proposes a storage advisor tool that supports database administrators in deciding between row and column data management. September 14, 2012

Spotfire on HANA (and a bit of a comparison)

After a previous blog “Tableau on HANA,” @Ronald Konijnenburg of Logica Nederland B.V. got curious again about how a similar third-party application would behave when connecting it to HANA. September 7, 2012

From Online Gaming to Genome Analysis SAP HANA Creates New Business Opportunities

Technology itself does not give your business an edge—how you use that technology does. In her latest blog post, SAP’s @Ruks Omar introduces the SAP HANA Use Case Repository, where you’ll find numerous applications for SAP HANA, and a call to share your use case. September 7, 2012

SAPInsider: SAP HANA is a Journey, Not a Destination

Since its release in 2010, SAP HANA has rapidly evolved from an appliance for accelerating analytics to an application platform — and there's still more to come. In this SAPinsider Q&A, hear from Dan Kearnan, Senior Director of Marketing for Data Warehousing and SAP HANA, who discusses this in-memory technology's impressive growth and sheds light on where it's headed. September 7, 2012

Free Course on In-Memory Data Management

Gain deep technical understanding of a dictionary-encoded column-oriented in-memory database and its application in enterprise computing with this new offering from the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI).

The course, guided by Dr. Plattner himself, begins September 3, 2012 and requires about 3 hrs effort per week over 6 weeks. See the course overview on SCN and visit the openHPI web site for complete details. August 14, 2012

Webinar Replay Now Available

Transform Your Business with the Real-Time Power of SAP HANA - According to a study by Oxford Economics, companies that implement real-time systems see an average 21% increase in revenue, and a 19% reduction in IT cost.1 But what does real time really mean? August 24, 2012

Sign up for the August 16 Webinar: Transform Your Business with the Real-Time Power of SAP HANA

This 30-minute webinar focuses on how a real-time in memory data platform can give companies unprecedented and immediate insights into their customers, products, services and operations by enabling the analysis of huge volumes of data from virtually any source -- for improved agility and bottom line performance. August 14, 2012

I'm in a HANA State of Mind

Says SAP Mentor John Appleby, "...because once you start spotting opportunities for SAP HANA, you won't stop until you find ways to disrupt entire industries." August 1, 2012

SAP HANA Startup Forum Day - TLV 2012

Former Member, Head of Technology Ventures at SAP Labs Israel, recaps an exciting day of learning and collaboration centered around big data and SAP technologies as part of the world-wide SAP Startup Focus Program. August 2, 2012

HANA and the Future of Personalized Medicine

Medicine can now be aided by tools capable of processing large volumes of data quickly. HANA is well placed to establish a strong role in the new era of personalized medicine. Former Member shares some thoughts and observations on the potential for HANA and personalized medicine. July 31, 2012

SAP Hana Code Jam - Why Code in SAP Hana?

SAP Mentor @Tammy Powlas shares her experience at the first SAP CodeJam focused exclusively on SAP HANA. July 30, 2012

New Installation/Import - Including Unified Installer -  for SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA

SAP’s @Roland Kramer provides guidance for implementing BW on SAP HANA, whether it’s a new installation or an export of an existing system with any DB export. July 27, 2012

Using JPA to Persist Application Data in SAP HANA

This document proposes a solution for using the Java Persistence API framework JPA to persist Java classes in HANA DB. July 18, 2012

Create Your Own Security Monitoring Tool

SAP Mentor @Tomas Krojzl of IBM shows how to create a tool that will give you an overview of user role assignments in your SAP HANA system.Part I | Part II July 18, 2012

Real-time Gross-to-Net Profitability Analysis - HANA PoC at COIL

Vistex partnered with SAP and IBM in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab to develop a solution to provide real-time profitability analytics while reducing the overall impact on transactional processing and other business operations. In this blog, @Kevin Liu of SAP Co-Innovation Lab introduces the project and resulting white paper.

SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP for HANA

How does ABAP help to leverage the benefits of in-memory database technology? This document describes SAP's vision, strategy, development, and commitment to enable ABAP for SAP HANA. June 25, 2012

Does SAP HANA Replace BW? (Hint: No.) - Part 2

In this part 2 blog, SAP Mentor John Appleby continues where SAP EVP Steve Lucas left off in his original blog post inspired by a series of posts in the Twittersphere. June 25, 2012

Download the SAP HANA Essentials eBook (It's Free!)

In this video blog, SAP HANA expert Former Memberintroduces the new book SAP HANA Essentials eBook. June 25, 2012

Announcing the SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer Program

Learn about a new program from SAP that aims to promote and encourage technical expertise in SAP HANA. June 19, 2012

Happy First Birthday, HANA!

On the first birthday of SAP HANA, SAP Mentor Former Memberfrom IBM reflects on the progress made over the last year and looks forward to challenges and opportunities ahead. June 18, 2012

SAP Insider: Powered by SAP HANA

In this SAPinsider article, Former Memberof SAP explains how value-added resellers, independent software vendors, and systems integration partners are helping companies that have "big data" challenges understand the scale of SAP HANA and identify areas where it can help drive their business forward. June 18, 2012

Get your own SAP HANA DB server on Amazon Web Services

Get your hands on your own HANA DB server using three different image sizes we made available for you. Check out now and create your own HANA@AWS environment and get started with SAP HANA!  June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to You, HANA!

On Monday, June 18, SAP HANA turns one year old, and we'd like to you to be a part of the celebration. Bay Area residents may join us in Palo Alto, and everyone's welcome to join in on the virtual birthday party. Festivities start at 10 AM Pacific time. June 14, 2012

Understanding Look and Feel of SAP HANA STUDIO

In this document, Former Member discusses the basic navigation for the SAP HANA Sandbox system, with an emphasis on the look and feel of the system. May 31, 2012

Rapid Deployment Solution for Banking Powered by SAP HANA Transforms your Business

To help banks to speed up the adoption of SAP HANA, SAP offers Rapid Deployment Solutions for banking. @Susanne Knopp highlights them in this recent blog. May 31, 2012

Getting Started with SAP HANA Developer Center

In this short tutorial, SAP Mentor and Development Expert @Alvaro Tejada Galindo covers some HANA Developer Center essentials: Creation of a Developer Center account, CloudShare, creation of row and column tables, upload of CSV file to SAP HANA, creation of Stored Procedure, creation of a view, and graphic analysis using SAP HANA Studio own tools. May 9, 2012

Who's Talking About SAP HANA? Find out on this "Conversation Heat Map"

Former Memberof SAP Global Marketing introduces a tool for visualizing social media conversations around #SAP #HANA. Check it out. May 10, 2012

Explore Use Cases, Quantify Business Value

In these two blogs, SAP Mentor @Rukhshaan Omar previews two new decision-making tools she'll be unveiling at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando: The HANA use case repository and the business value calculator. May 8, 2012

Developer's Journal: ABAP/HANA Connectivity via Secondary Database Connection

Interested in how to access HANA from your ABAP systems? In his edition of the HANA Developer's Journal, @Thomas Jung explains how much can be done today when HANA runs as a secondary database for your current ABAP based systems and what development options within the ABAP environment support this  scenario. April 15, 2012

SAP HANA Technical Overview – An Entry Point to Our Revolutionary Chapter

This blog introduces the latest and greatest technical overview white paper for SAP HANA. This essential document provides a general understanding of SAP HANA as of support package 3 (SP03), and covers database administration, deployment scenarios, data load architecture scenarios, and more. 20 April 2012

SAP HANA Scale-Out Performance Test: Blog Commentary

In his blog SAP HANA - Scale Out Performance Test Results - Early Findings, Sam Bhat of United Software provides general guidelines for people interested in considering new database technologies like SAP HANA. Josh Greenbaum (EAC ) summarizes the data from SAP’s latest HANA scalability test in his blog SAP Ups the HANA Challenge following SAP’s April 10 press conference. 20 April 2012

Visit the SAP Newsroom for more news from the April 10 press conference. 11 April 2012

Inside SAP HANA: Optimizing Data Load Performance and Tuning

SAP Mentor @John Appleby outlines seven steps and offers insight into the best ways to optimize data models and load performance in SAP HANA. He covers not only optimizing the data model, but testing load parameters and choosing a partition scheme carefully. 4 April, 2012

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