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Migrating WPC Content from 7.0 to 7.3


The migration of WPC content from an EP 7.0 portal to another seperate portal on EP 7.30 is not officially supported. Officially it is recommended to upgrade the existing 7.0 system to 7.3 to migrate the WPC content. However there may be situations where 7.3 is installed on a separate system and it is not desired to upgrade the existing 7.0 system.In such a case,the content has to be migrated in a different way.

There are four ways in which you can do this:

Method 1

1.Create a fresh installation of 7.0

2.Migrate your WPC content from your present 7.0 system

3.Upgrade this system to 7.3

4.Migrate the WPC content to your target 7.3 system

Method 2

Migrate all the WPC related files from the old 7.0 system to the new 7.3 system like:

1. Content,the /wpccontent repository will not be present on the 7.3 system.Create it and configure it exactly the same way like the system was upgraded.

2.All the configurations of wpc 1.0 and wpc 1.0 content resources in /etc repository,layouts,etc.

3.The configurations for the resource types in KM as these are not placed in the configurations of wpc.

Method 3(if your target 7.3 system is a production system)

1.Create a fresh 7.3 installation

2.Migrate all the WPC content as in step 2

3.Test if it is working correctly

4.Migrate to the target 7.3 system

Method 4

Create the entire WPC content from scratch on the new 7.3 system

See SAP notes 1371703 and 1537708

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