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SAP Development Tools for Eclipse Installation: FAQ and Known Issues


It seems that you had a problem while trying to get and setup the tools.

We are sorry for that but maybe there is already a solution for your problem.

Where to start


FAQ #2: When I try to install SAP Development Tools in Eclipse, I get an error message that Eclipse can not connect with the update site or

Typical error messages are:

Probably, you did not configure the proxy correctly in Window > Preferences > General > Network Connections so that Eclipse can not reach The correct proxy configuration depends on your IT infrastructure. The following 3 typical configurations have been reported as working in the support forum:

  1. You can connect directly to the internet, i.e. don't need any proxy.
    Please configure 'Direct' as Active Provider.
  2. You connect to the internet via http proxy.
    Please configure 'Manual' as Active Provider and configure the proxy entries for the protocols HTTP and HTTPS. Do not configure anything for SOCKS.
  3. You connect to the internet via SOCKS proxy.
    Please configure 'Manual' as Active Provider and configure the proxy entry for the protocol SOCKS.

To find the right setup, you could check the proxy settings in your browser.

After fixing the proxy configuration, please go to Windows > Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites, select the software site "SAP Development Tools for Eclipse Mars" and press 'Reload' to verify that the connection works now. Repeat the check for software site 'Mars' (

Additional hints:

If this does not solve your problems then please request support in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Community .

FAQ #4: Installation fails with message 'Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found'.

Please ensure that the 'Contact all update sites during install to find required software' check box is selected in the installation wizard. See also

Please also double check that the software site "SAP Development Tools for Eclipse" matches your Eclipse installation version (Mars, Luna):

FAQ #6: Installation of tools starts but then suddenly hangs

Users have reported freezes during installations caused by anti-virus programs, e.g. Eclipse freeze when installing SAP HANA Tools

FAQ #7: Eclipse hangs and crashes or even doesn't start at all

Probably you are running Eclipse with SAP JVM and forgot to add SAP JVM specific PermGen size configuration in eclipse.ini (-XX:MaxPermSize=256m, under vmargs), see for details.

In case you have SAP JVM and Oracle JVM installed on your machine, Eclipse picks up one JVM and it is not clear which unless you configure the JVM explicitly in eclipse.ini (note: 2 lines in eclipse.ini):


<path to JVM>

See also Eclipse runtime options and Eclipse Launcher chapters in Eclipse Help.

FAQ #8: Which Java version is recommended for running Eclipse?

All SAP Development Tools support at least the following Java versions:

  • Eclipse Mars (4.5): Java 7 (most tools support Java 8 as well)
  • Eclipse Neon (4.6): Java 8

Some SAP Development Tools may support additional Java versions, see the tool specific documentation on General information about the recommended Java versions for Eclipse is available in the readme/readme_eclipse.html file of your Eclipse installation (online version: Eclipse Project Release Notes 4.6 (Neon)).

See FAQ #7 how to specify explicitly the Java version used by Eclipse.

FAQ #9: Installation fails with certificate error

The installation fails with a similar error message as in FAQ #2 (Unable to read repository ...). However, the detail message points to a certificate error like "SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find a valid certification path".

This error message means that the JVM running Eclipse could not validate the certificate of

Typical reasons are:

  • Outdated Java VM. Please install the latest Java VM patch level. See FAQ #8 for the recommended Java version.
  • Although an up-to-date Java version is installed, Eclipse runs with an older version (which is also available on your PC). Check the Java version in "Help > About Eclipse > Installation Details > Configuration", search for java.runtime.version to see which Java version is actually used. Property eclipse.vm points to the Java binary that is used to run Eclipse. See FAQ #7 how to specify explicitly the Java version used by Eclipse.
  • Users reported issues with corporate proxies that required a special configuration. See e.g. here. Please check that you can access without certificate issue in a browser using the same proxy that you have configured in Eclipse.
  • Check the certificate path of in your browser. It is supposed to be: Baltimore CyberTrust Root > Verizon Akamai SureServer CA G14-SHA1 > * If it is different, especially if your company name shows up in the chain, then your proxy seems to interfere the SLL communication. You might be able to fix this problem by importing your companies SSL certificate into the JVM that you use for running Eclipse. See this thread for more information.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues.

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