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HANA-Retail Deployment Scenarios, Case Study French Retailer - Webinar Presentation

This session will give you an overview of how HANA is enabling the Business Transformation for Retail Customers. We will go through current Challenges for Retailers and Opportunities enabled by HANA to drive business value in Merchandizing and Marketing, Supply Chain, Stores and Channels and Corporate Operations. We further look at common Retail Use-Cases implemented by Customers on HANA around Inventory, Point Of Sales Analytics and Real-Time stock management along with deployment options enabling these scenarios using HANA, BW on HANA and SAP Point-Of-Sales Data Management software on HANA. Details on the implementation with a French Retailer, forwarding the SAP Point-Of-Sales Data Management Ticket data to SAP HANA will be provided. The SAP HANA Ticket data View is further connected to a BW on HANA Object to integrate BW Master Data and BW Inventory to enable new Business Processes.

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