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SAP Guided Procedures Library


For information about SAP's vision and planned developments going forward read:

Workflow and Orchestration Solutions from SAP – Overview and Positioning

This article outlines the different workflow and service orchestration solutions currently available to SAP Customers. It provides overview and positioning details, focusing on the strengths of each of them and recommendations for usage. Details of interoperability and comparative summary are also provided at the end of the document.

Here is a collection of SAP Guided Procedures materials:

Guided Procedures Functions and Features    

This overview sheet introduces the features and functions of SAP Guided Procedures.

Guided Procedures Overview   

This overview presentation introduces SAP Guided Procedures, what they are, how to use them.

Getting Started with Guided Procedures (eBook) 

In this eLearning, you will learn what Guided Procedures are, where they fit, and who they are for, as well as see some typical business scenarios.

Usage Guide for Guided Procedures 

In this guide you will see a description of typical business processes, recommendations when creating blocks, callable objects, as well as recommendations for using SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer, SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, and Universal Worklist.

Additional information


SAP Library - CAF Guided Procedures (in SAP Help Portal)  

Documentation for SAP Guided Procedures.

Guided Procedures with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe  (eBook) 

This session explains Guided Procedures and how to integrate interactive forms within them. You will also learn about the different types of interactive forms, "standalone" and "in-process." You will create a process with Guided Procedures, create a standalone interactive form, and generate an impersonalized form. Finally, you will initiate a Guided Procedures process via an interactive form.

Guided Procedure Design Time 

The Guided Procedures design time is the tool-set that enables you to create collaborative user-centric workflows that can build on top of heterogeneous technical landscapes. This presentation explains the GP design time tools and their use for process modeling.

Four Ways to Start Business Processes in Guided Procedures: Easy, Quickly, and Flexibly 

CAF Guided Procedures (CAF GP) is a framework that enables you to model business processes quickly and flexibly, using simple and user-friendly tools.  Process modeling with GP does not require detailed development skills. It is targeted at business experts who are familiar with business processes, and can use GP to model them according to specific requirements in their firm.

SAP Enterprise Modeling Applications by IDS Scheer   

Details about ARIS for SAP NetWeaver.

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