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SAP TechEd

2011 SAP TechEd Recorded Lectures for Mobile


Here you can discover SAP TechEd lectures for 2011 relating to SAP for Mobile.  Each of the below links leads to to a cover page providing more information on the lecture.

PMC210 iPad, Adobe, Android, ...- UI Technologies to Integrate in SAP NetWeaver BPMBusiness Process Management ; Business Process Modeling ; Composite Applications ; Orchestration ; Sybase Technology and Solutions ; User InterfaceHelmut Grimm
MOB100 Unwiring Your Enterprise with an SAP Mobile Platform
iPhone; Mobile Technology; On Device; Sybase, an SAP CompanyThorsten Stephan; Sami Lechner
MOB110 Developing Synchronized Mobile ApplicationsMobile Technology ; On Device@Stan Stadelman; Karsten Hinrichs
MOB120 Simple Code Free Mobile Application Development with the Mobile Hybrid Web ContainerMobile Technology; On DeviceDavid Brandow; Andrew Lee
MOB130 Enabling Business Suite with SAP NetWeaver Gateway, example Sybase Unwired PlatforOn DeviceAndre Fischer; Karsten Hinrichs
MOB230 Developing Simple Mobile Applications Using OData for SAPOn DeviceStefan Kusterer; Karsten Hinrichs
MOB240 Managing Mobile Devices in the EnterpriseMobile Technology; On DemandMilja Gillespie

You can also find these lectures online in the SAP TechED Online Catalog for Mobile.

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