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SAP Business One

SAP Business One in Action - Accounting - Currency/Exchange Rates

This catalog is designed to aid those who sell, implement, customise and use SAP Business One. The articles of this part of the catalog provide tips to understand how to work with currency and exchange rates in SAP Business One. Access the 'SAP Business One in Action' catalog page.

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Business One in Action - Changing the document's currency will delete the current accounts table. Do you want to continue?

This article explains the meaning of the system message when posting Outgoing Payments.14 Dec 2009

Business One in Action – How to Permanently Exclude An Account from The Exchange Rate Differences Run

This article will provide you with a simple procedure that allows the user to select which GL accounts should not be included in an exchange rate differences run.21 May 2010

Business One in Action – How to Transfer Funds from Different Currency Accounts

Frequently companies dealing internationally need to reflect the movement of monies from one account to another. In some instances these accounts are defined within SAP Business One to carry one currency only. The application does not allow the direct transfer of funds from one mono-currency account to another defined to a different single currency. This article describes a simple procedure by which the transfer is facilitated.27 Sep 2010

Business One in Action - Why Are Zero Value Journal Entries Found On Customers’ Account Statement How Can They Be Excluded?

Tips & Tricks in SAP Business One. Explanation of system behaviour with regard to the customer statement.

21 Dec 2009

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