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SAP Business One In Action - Accounting General Finance

This catalog is designed to aid those who sell, implement, customise and use SAP Business One. This section of the catalog provides a deeper understanding of the financial transactions executed within SAP Business One. Access the 'SAP Business One in Action' catalog page.

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Business One in Action - Error Message: Date Deviates From Permissible Range [Document Name – Offending Date] [Message 173-11]

Tips & Tricks in SAP Business One. This document explains system behavior with regard to the error message ‘Date deviates from permissible range [Document Name – offending date] [Message 173-11] & offers a resolution.

22 Dec 2009

Business One in Action – How Can a Journal Entry have Different Posting Dates Per Row?

This article will provide you with instructions on how to create a manual journal entry with different posting dates per row. Please note that such journals may cause the trial balance to be out of balance, depending on the selection criteria.04 Dec 2009

Business One in Action - How Can the Posting Date of a Recurring Posting be Changed?

This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to change the posting date of a recurring posting.

04 Dec 2009

Business One in Action – How to Cancel A Journal Entry Using Today As the Posting Date

This article explains the difference in system behavior of cancelling a journal entry and using the Reverse functionally, whilst providing concrete examples reflecting different business processes.04 Dec 2009

Business One in Action – How to Correct Posting Periods?

It frequently occurs that posting periods are defined, postings have been made and then a decision is taken to change the posting periods from, e.g. months to year. SAP Business One does not allow the change of posting periods as soon as there has been a journal transaction. This article gives 2 options to correct the posting periods. It will depend on the circumstances and the number of transactions which method is the most suitable.04 Dec 2009

Business One in Action – How to Create a Journal Entry With Different Currencies?

This article shows how to configure SAP Business One such that the manual input of journal entries carrying different currencies on the row level is supported.04 Dec 2009

Business One in Action - How to identify GL Accounts that are used in Setup functions?

This article provides explanation on how to identify accounts defined in various setup functions.01 Dec 2009

Business One in Action – How to Record the Validity of Tax Exemption Certificates?

In many countries some organisations such as charities or churches are exempt from paying tax. These organisations may be in receipt of a tax exemption certification with a definite validity date range. Some localisations of SAP Business One have an integrated functionality that caters for this requirement, others do not. This article is aimed at the localisations where the functionality is not integrated.25 May 2010

Business One in Action – How to Report Tax on Received Dunning Fees?

SAP Business One can be set up to automatically calculate interest and/or apply a dunning fee during the execution of the dunning wizard. However, neither the calculated interest nor any fee applied to the dunning letter is reflected in the business partner account balance. Yet, both fee and interest amounts can be included in the physical letter sent to the customer. When the customer accepts liability and pay the interest/fee, these monies received must be declared to the tax authority as additional income. This article demonstrates what methods can be employed to achieve the correct tax reporting.24 May 2010

Business One in Action - Landed Costs Accounts System Error Messages

Tips & Tricks in SAP Business One. This document explains system behavior with regard to Landed Costs in databases using perpetual and non-perpetual stock systems. Error messages when creating a Landed Costs document are explained and approaches for resolutions given.21 Dec 2009

Business One in Action – The Difference Between Consolidation Options (Payment & Delivery) in the Business Partner Master Data.pdf

This article explains and demonstrates the differences between the different Business Partner consolidation methods, payment or delivery. It also demonstrates the effect each of these options has on the Business Partner's balance.10 Dec 2009

Business One in Action - What are the 'Transaction Type' numbers?

In this article you will find an explanation of what the Transaction Type (Also known as Object Type) numbers are. It will show you how to find the transaction type number for each transaction and how to use these numbers to identify transactions when querying SAP Business One Tables.15 Dec 2009

Business One in Action - What is the meaning of the message ''Newly entered posting date is related to other posting period''?

This article provides explanation on the G/L Accounts used by the system when posting transactions belonging to a 'Period Category' which is different from the default posting period.01 Dec 2009

Business One in Action - What to do when a document/journal must be posted into an already closed period?

Tips & Tricks in SAP Business One. Recommendation of business process with regard to posting periods.

24 Dec 2009

Business One in Action - Why Are the New Segmented Accounts Placed at the Bottom of the List When Updating the COA via DTW

This article explains why a segmented account, imported via the Data Transfer Workbench (DTW), always appears at the bottom of the list of accounts. It will also show you how to move this account to its correct location in the Chart of Accounts.11 Dec 2009

Business One in Action - Why does a manual journal entry where the box 'Automatic VAT' is not ticked have a tax code & base amount?

This article provides explanation why some G/L Accounts have default values in the tax code and base amount columns.01 Dec 2009

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