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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

Extend your Applications with SAP Crystal Server 2011


SAP Crystal Server

Take advantage of extensive developer benefits with SAP Crystal Server software, an affordable business intelligence (BI) platform that enables information access and management of reports, dashboards, and exploration documents. File, user, and group management can be integrated into applications through comprehensive .NET and Java APIs.

.NET and Java APIs

SAP Crystal Server offers a complete set of APIs in both Java and .NET for customizing these aspects of server operation:

Storing, querying, and accessing objects stored in the server, like reports and dashboards

Logging on and logging off the server

Managing users, groups, and security rights

Scheduling reports

Creating and subscribing to events

Creating data-driven publications, and extending publications with your own custom processing

Adding monitoring probes that help ensure the server is behaving as expected

Searching for content on the server

Retrieving auditing events

Managing cryptographic keys

Importing and exporting content to and from offline files

For information on the API functionality related to SAP Crystal Server software, please reference the
SDK document library. There you will find “getting started” content and API guides for all the APIs for SAP Crystal solutions. Note that SAP Crystal Server software is based on the SAP BusinessObjects™ BI platform and as a result uses the related SDK and API documentation.

Web Service APIs

With SAP Crystal Server, you can use Web services to perform the following tasks:

Storing, querying, and accessing objects stored in the server like reports and dashboards

Logging on and logging off the server

Scheduling reports

URL Interface

SAP Crystal Server also supports a URL interface, so you can view documents and pass parameters into documents to control how they are viewed.

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