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SAP Crystal Reports

Top reasons for a .NET or Java developer to upgrade to SAP Crystal Reports 2013


SAP Crystal Reports 2013

Make the most of your .NET or Java runtime engine by designing your reports with SAP Crystal Reports 2013 software. This comprehensive report design tool saves time, adds increased functionality to your report, and can access additional data sources.

More Productivity

Utilize Crystal Reports 2013 and spend less time creating and integrating reports with:

An editable preview panel that allows you to edit reports while viewing them with data

RPTR files that protect your report designs from downstream modifications

Custom report templates to reuse common design patterns

A repository for component reuse

A workbench tool helps to manage projects

Extension points for custom toolbar buttons

Multilingual report design

More Report Functionality

Add end-user report interactivity with:

Embedded Flash objects that allow interactive visualizations to be combined with your report data

Custom rows and columns in cross-tabs

Built-in barcode support

Ability to save export options within the report so you don’t have to train end users on how to export

Report alerts and geographic maps

On-report sort controls

Interactive parameter panel that allows parameters to change without a database refresh

More control over page size, records per page, and page orientation

Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)–based exports to support exporting to any format

More Data Access

Access data with:

Online analytical processing (OLAP) data access

Web Services data driver data driver

DataDirect drivers

Once created in SAP Crystal Reports 2013, reports can be integrated into your Java and .NET applications using the runtime engines supplied with the version for Eclipse and the version for Visual Studio. Report developers will save time, and end users benefit from the improved interactivity and functionality.

Experience Report Creation with SAP Crystal Reports

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