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SAP Business One

SAP Business One In Action - Migration And Optimisation - DTW

This catalog is designed to aid those who sell, implement, customise and use SAP Business One. This section contains articles which will ease the migration from the customer's legacy software with the Data Transfer Workbench (DTW). It also provides tips & tricks for using DTW on a regular basis outside of the implementation phase. Access the 'SAP Business One in Action' catalog page.

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Business One in Action - Can a Default Price List be Defined in the Item Master Data?

This article explains how the display of the price list works in the Item Master Data and how they can be imported.

04 Dec 2009

Business One in Action - Why Are the New Segmented Accounts Placed at the Bottom of the List When Updating the COA via DTW

This article explains why a segmented account, imported via the Data Transfer Workbench (DTW), always appears at the bottom of the list of accounts. It will also show you how to move this account to its correct location in the Chart of Accounts.11 Dec 2009

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