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Introduction to SAP Process Orchestration

SAP Process Orchestration combines the power of SAP Business Process Management, SAP Process Integration and SAP Business Rules Managementinto one integrated offering. The solution provides all components your organization needs to quickly automate and optimize business processes - from simple workflows to integrated processes that span applications, geographies, and organizational boundaries.

SAP customers can now leverage SAP Process Orchestration to get the most out of their SAP and non-SAP investments. SAP Process Orchestration enables customers to adapt, simplify, accelerate and integrate business processes, as well as introduce flexible business rules to drive agility.

Equipped with solid B2B capabilities your organization will secure and at the same time extend SAP investments beyond the SAP domain.

With SAP Process Orchestration you can save costs by fulfilling all your integration needs on one platform. It is the one platform that empowers both IT and Business professionals to model, implement, integrate, and monitor custom process applications and securely exchange information across distributed applications and with customers and partners.

Take a look at Process Orchestration Customer Testimonials to learn from peers how they avoided expensive customization and reaped immediate value for their organizations. Get inspired! Achieve differentiation and competitive advantage faster than ever before!

Latest news

SAP Process Orchestration is now available on the HANA Enterprise Cloud

It can be used on a subscription basis by SAP customers. All existing customer assets and scenarios could be taken into this cloud environment, which is fully managed by SAP. For more details please see SAP note 1987017.

New video tutorials for SAP Process Orchestration

Take a look at the new video tutorials collection on YouTube to find guidelines on reliable connectivity between SAP BPM and SAP PI, how-to demos on implementing typical integration patterns, monitoring messages, starting a process with multiple interfaces, implementing conditional starts and more.

SAP Process Orchestration Roadmap webinar - recording is now available!

The webinar covers the latest innovations and planning for SAP Process Orchestration. You will also learn how Process Orchestration customers can benefit by enabling intelligent business operations on the SAP HANA platform and how to take advantage of other Middleware offerings such as SAP Gateway and SAP HANA Cloud Integration . June 2014

SAP announces Intelligent Business Operations powered by SAP HANA

If you are a Process owner, you have certainly imagined what it would be to have real time visibility into day to day business operations. What if you could see problems before they hit your business? If you are a Process developer, you have always wanted tools enabling you to solve IT requests from business in real time. This overview blog will show you how you can quickly set your organization towards real time business navigation with Intelligent Business Operations with SAP HANA and get even more from your SAP Process Orchestration / SAP Middleware investment. You can get avail of this latest SAP Middleware technology bundle even if your IT landscape is heterogeneous or you currently have no SAP footprint. Read the official press release and contact your SAP representative for more information. April 2014

SAP Middleware News @ SCN

To meet the needs of the growing SAP Middleware community we are extending the IT Management Newsletter to SAP Middleware Newsletter starting from March 2014. We at the Global CoE Team for SAP Middleware are very excited to keep sharing insights nto all innovations in ALM, Software Logistics, Software Defined Data Center solutions, Virtualization & Cloud Management, Architecture, SAP Process Orchestration, Decision Service Management, Operational Process Intelligence, SAP HANA Cloud Integration, Big Process and and powerful technology bundles like Intelligent Business Operations powered by SAP HANA  powered by SAP HANA.

Read more here and sign up: SAP Middleware newsletter – the newest addition to the SCN newsletters' family

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Try SAP Process Orchestration in Public Cloud!

SAP is giving you a free license to try SAP Process Orchestration in the cloud. Read this blog and get started today!

What is new series
What’s new in SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 SP14 / 7.4 SP09
What’s new in SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 SP13 / 7.4 SP08
What's new in SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 SP12 / 7.4 SP07

What is new in SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 SP10 & 11 | 7.40 SP05 & 06

What is new in SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 SP09 | 7.4 SP04
What is new in SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 SP08 | 7.4 SP03
What is new in SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 SP07
What is new in SAP Process Orchestration 7.31 SP06
Key Knowledge Materials
SAP TechEd 2013 Replays on SAP's Orchestration and Integration Solutions

SAP TechEd 2012 Online Covering SAP Process Orchestration - part 1

SAP TechEd 2012 Online - part 2

Join us for a 5 webcast series starting on May 29th to hear latest news about Process Management software from SAP: SAP Process Orchestration including B2B capabilities, SAP Operational Process Intelligence and SAP Decision Service Management. Please share with anyone who may be interested. We look forward to meeting you there!

Getting Started with SAP Process Orchestration

A crisp SAP Process Orchestration overview by @Piyush Gakhar including licensing and deployment options for new/existing customers. Feel free to reach out to him if any questions.

Video: The Future of Process Orchestration with SAP

SAP Technology Forum session reply.

SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration in Action!

Watch the solution demo tour to learn how it improves the efficiency, integration and flexibility of business processes, and helps you reduce integration costs through one single platform.

SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Solution Brief:

Improve the Efficiency, Integration, and Flexibility of Business Processes

SAP Insider Article: SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Blends Solutions to Improve Flexibility and Better Align IT and Business

SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration on

Learn more, access materials and demos and speak with SAP representatives.

CTS+ Configuration for Process Orchestration (PI/PO) and AEX 7.31 (JAVA Only Stack)

In this blog @Devendra Singh Soni explains the prerequisites and configuration steps.

How to setup NWDI with CM Services and CTS+ for Process Orchestration

In this article Former Member gives an overview of all required steps for the following requirement:

setting up SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration together with CTS+ for transporting both PI/SLD and BPM objects and together with NWDI for storing and administering the sources and builds. Target was to use CM Services instead of CMS and cover the setup for BPM.

Big times for us! We have made the next release of SAP NetWeaver generally available (GA) to the public: SAP NetWeaver 7.4. The direction of our activities around our technology platform which is productively used in more than 70.000 system deployments world-wide is outlined in this blog by @Bjoern Goerke. SAP NetWeaver 7.4 is now the next step of this roadmap delivered to our partner and customer ecosystem.
In his blog Former Member points out the importance of using a BPMN modeller as early as possible in the process design and shares useful tips for aiding Business & IT communication and collaboration as the process is coming to life.
Decision Management has become the de-facto best practice for implementing business rules. At the heart of this approach is an explicit focus on decisions and this is reflected in the decision-centric approach taken in SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management. In this blog Former Member shows how these best practices increase your likelihood of success and boost ROI. James also shares a webinar replay! Also check his latest article: Blueprinting BRFplus and NW DSM projects with Decision Requirements.
The 2013 PI survey is now on and the focus this year is, not surprisingly, on B2B and EDI. More details and survey access link in @Holger Himmelmann’s blog. We look forward to your participation!
Find out about the multiple new features and enhancements for Business Process Management, Process Integration and Orchestration scenarios. See how integration between SAP NetWeaver PI and BPM has been tightened further.
Simple use-cases with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration B2B Add-on
Check these new articles by Former Member providing use-cases and configuration options of OFTP; SFTP and PGP; AS2 and EDI Separator; Modules and X400 adapter available with the SAP B2B Add-on.
You must try this! Get your hands on SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA with the test drive we have created for you. Find out more in @Harshavardhan Jegadeesan’s blog. Enjoy!
Read this document to find out more about this new offering and how to join ramp-up. Check out the overview video and share your thoughts on the related blog by @Peter McNulty.

Generate a Migration Report to estimate the migration effort from PI dual-stack to AEX

Migration from PI dual-stack to single-stack (Java-only) can be a daunting task. In this article Former Member presents a java client program (read only) to be used to browse through all the configurations in the Integration Directory and produce a report helpful for the preliminary assessment of the migration task in your landscape.
In this blog @Piyush Gakhar introduces SP1 of the B2B and Secure connectivity Add-ons which bring variety of new features and enhancements.
This blog @Jocelyn Dart explains what are enterprise patterns for, what does it take and how to use them, plus shares a free download to help those of you who are getting into the wonderful world of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration.
With SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.31, SAP NetWeaver BPM, SAP NetWeaver BRM and SAP NetWeaver PI can now run on a single Java system, leveraging the same infrastructure for both integration-centric and human-centric processes. This simplifies the system landscape, reduces communication overhead and provides synergies between the individual components. Follow this blog by @Abdul-Gafoor Mohamed to understand how exactly PI and BPM talk to each other, when installed on one Java system. You will also find a comprehensive table of integration patterns’ states and availability.
In this blog Former Member provides guidance on licensing, installation and upgrade for customers who are looking to move on to a higher release of SAP NetWeaver PI or to Process Orchestration.

Download and Installation of Process Orchestration 7.31

In this blog Former Member provides instructions on where to find and how to install the software

In this blog @Alexander Bundschuh describes what installation options currently exist when running Process Integration and Orchestration use cases.
Do you consider moving from a dual-stack installation towards Java-only to benefit from the latest improvements with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration? @Alexander Bundschuh’s blog is a must read guide if you are looking for feature comparison, understanding on which installation option would match your requirements and what target release you should go for.
SAP has released B2B and SFTP-PGP components of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration in the beginning of Q2 2012. More details in this blog.
In this blog @Katrin Ahsen explains the positioning of the B2B add-on and the new RDS for EDI with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration. Learn what are the benefits for new Customers and options for SAP Partners.
Two new Add-On solutions have been launched for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration and this guide provides you a good overview of the solutions: a) secure Connectivity add-on b) business to business add-on.
SAP NetWeaver PI brings tremendous value to Healthcare providers with the Health Level Seven (HL7) adapter. Read @Bettina Lieske’s blog and success story to find out how Haga Hospital connected more than 300 SAP and non-SAP apps benefiting patients, doctors and management.

Additional Resources:

Process Orchestration Resource Center: SAP B2B Add-on

Process Orchestration Resource Center: SAP Secure Connectivity Add-on

SAP Operational Process Intelligence Powered by SAP HANA

SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management

Process Observer

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