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SAP NetWeaver Gateway How-to Guides


The following list of How-To guides will walk you through the various tasks required firstly to create and publish services in your Gateway system, and secondly to consume those services from different front-end technologies.

How to Create OData Services for Analytic QueriesSource: SAP

How to set up ADFS 2.0 for OAuth2.0 with Netweaver Gateway

This how to guide will cover all of the steps required to set up your ADFS environment to work with Netweaver Gateway for your Gateway OAuth 2.0 implementation.

Installing and Configurating SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0   Source: SAP

In this how-to guide, you will learn the installation steps for SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0. You will also learn the step-by-step configuration procedures for your SAP NetWeaver Gateway to connect to a SAP backend.

Get Started with Adobe® Flash Builder Plugin for SAP NetWeaver Gateway Services

The Adobe® Flash® Builder® Plugin for SAP NetWeaver Gateway makes consuming SAP services exposed through SAP Netweaver Gateway fast and easy from within Adobe Flash Builder. Using Adobe Flash Builder together with the SAP Netweaver Gateway you can now build rich, easy to use front-end applications, extending core data from within SAP though modern web and mobile applications that run consistently across devices.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway - Code Snippets   (WIKI-Link)

SAP NetWeaver Gateway technology provides a simple way to interact with SAP applications through variety of devices, environments and platforms based on market standards. The framework supports rapid innovation while ensuring security, integrity, management and optimized maintenance of the core SAP systems.

How To... Create Complex Business Entities using the Gateway OData Channel   Source: SAP

Some business objects, such as Sales Orders or Purchase Orders, consist of header and line item data. Thus, when creating such business objects, it makes sense to use hierarchical or nested data in the creation request. SAP NetWeaver Gateway can be used to create and expose a service that allows for the creation of these business objects. The Gateway OData Channel provides deep insert functionality to accommodate the creation of an entity along with its associated entities in one request.

How To Enable Business Workflow for SAP NetWeaver Gateway   Source: SAP

In this How-to Guide, you will learn the configuration steps and procedure for enabling your existing Business Workflow from SAP Backend to SAP NetWeaver Gateway. With the RESTful services provided from SAP NetWeaver Gateway, you can allow your users to operate on the workflow tasks from any device or platform.

How To Enable Subscription Push Scenarios with SAP Netweaver Gateway and Business Object Eventing   Source: SAP

In this How To Guide you will learn how to enable subscription push scenarios with SAP NetWeaver Gateway and business object eventing. In this scenario we shall bind Business Suite BOR events with SAP Netweaver Gateway and push notifications to relevant subscribers. This document looks at one of two options for enabling push scenarios. Look out for OData Channel Subscription Push How To guide coming soon.

How to Write an OData Channel Gateway Service: Part 1 – The Model Provider Class   Source: SAP

Writing a Gateway Service using the OData Channel requires an understanding of the relationship between your ABAP code and the generated OData XML. This How-To Guide is the first of two documents that describe (in detail) this development process. Part 1 deals with the creation of the Model Provider class, and part 2 will deal with the creation of the Runtime Data Provider class.

How To Write an OData Channel Gateway Service. Part 2 - The Runtime Data Provider Class)   Source: SAP

This is the second of two How-To guides that shows how to develop a Gateway Service using the OData Channel approach.

How To Batch Multiple Operations Into A Single RequestSource: SAP

In some cases, business entity instances may logically belong together and need to be handled or processed together in the same logical unit of work. For example, on a sales order, an update of two or more related item entries could be required and must be processed together in a single request (all or none). SAP NetWeaver Gateway can be used to process such scenarios with its capability to batch multiple operations into a single request.

Expose SAP Business Workflow with SAP NetWeaver Gateway - Dialog ActivitiesSource: SAP

One of the features of SAP NetWeaver Gateway is the capability to expose SAP Business Workflow tasks as OData RESTful services. Dialog task types that are bound to BOR Object Dialog methods require some extra configuration and BAdi coding to be exposed. This guide will lead you thru all the steps needed to do this!