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SAP Notes Related to VMware


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General statements:

Note 1492000 - General Support Statement for Virtual Environments (MUST READ)

Note 1380654 - SAP support in cloud environments

Note 1501701 - Single Computing Unit Performance and Sizing

Note 2161991 - VMware vSphere configuration guidelines

SAP HANA on VMware vSphere:

Note 1788665 - SAP HANA Support for VMware vSphere Environment (steadily changing)

Note 1995460 - SAP HANA on VMware vSphere in production

Note 2024433 - Multiple SAP HANA VMs on VMware vSphere in production

Note 2020657 - SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA on VMware vSphere in production

Note 1905389 - Additional Material for HA200 and HA200R

Note 2157587 - SAP Business Warehouse, powered by SAP HANA on VMware vSphere in scale-out and production

SAP on Linux:

Note 1122387 - Linux: SAP Support in virtualized environments

Note 171356 - SAP software on Linux: General information

Note 540787 - CPU affinity and CPU priority under Linux

Note 989963 - Linux: VMware timing problem

Note 1552925 - Linux: High Availability Cluster Solutions

Note 1681501 - Configure a SAP JVM to use large pages on Linux

Note 724140 - Extended memory, release for operating system

SAP on Windows:

Note 1409608 - Virtualization on Windows

Note 1374671 - High Availability in Virtual Environment on Windows

Note 1678705 - Installation scenarios for a standalone ASCS instance

Note 1002587 - Flat Memory Model on Windows

Note 1612283 - Hardware Configuration Standards and Guidance

Note 2043588 - SAP installation fails on Windows 2012 (running on VMware)

Support Related:

Note 2293740 - Performance degradation due to high network latency with vSphere 6

Note 2237937 - Virtual Machines hanging with VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 3 and 6.0 (MUST CHECK)

Note 2229228 - VMware vSphere 6.0: possible data corruption (MUST CHECK)

Note 1158363 - VMware Performance Snapshot

Note 1478133 - MS SQL Server: How to analyze connection problems to database server

Note 1593183 - TCP/IP networking parameters for SQL Server

Note 500235 - Network Diagnosis with NIPING

Note 2015392 - VMware recommendations for latency-sensitive SAP applications


Note 1482272 - Key Monitoring Metrics for SAP on VMware vSphere (up to version 5.5 u2)

Note 2266266 - Key Monitoring Metrics for SAP on VMware vSphere (version 5.5 u3 and higher)

Note 1409604 - Virtualization on Windows: Enhanced monitoring

Note 1102124 - SAPOSCOL on Linux: Enhanced function

Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM):

Note 1783702 - SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Management 2.0

Note 1798556 - SAP NetWeaver LVM 20 Standard Edition

Note 1259069 - Configuration of VMware vCenter for LVM

Note 1808432 - Online Virtual Machine cloning with LVM

Note 1709155 - System Provisioning with SAP Landscape Virtualization Management

Additional notes to help you configuring LVM:

Note 1102124 - SAPOSCOL on Linux: Enhanced function

Note 1550099 - Additional Host Agent Operations for ACC/SAP LVM

Note 1572841 - Setup of name server update of SAP LVM

Note 1606643 - Linux: VMware vSphere host monitoring interface

SCN article - VMWare based VM online cloning of an SAP System with the help of SAP Netweaver Landscape Virtualization Management  (SAP NW LVM) Software HowTo

Database virtualization:

Note 1142243 - MaxDB release for virtual systems

Note 1173954 - Support of Oracle for VMware (also read VMware statement regarding Oracle support)

Note 1130801 - DB2 LUW, DB2 z/OS release for VMware, XEN, and Hyper-V

Note 1706801 - Sybase ASE release for virtual systems

Business Objects:

Note 1405449 - PCM : VMware hosting the PCM suite

For all other Business Objects products, see SAP Note 1492000.

Desktop virtualization:

Note 66971 - Supported SAP GUI platforms

Note 154156 - Parallel operation of SAP GUIs of different releases

Other products:

Note 1303814 - TREX 7.1: Usage of TREX on Virtual Machines (VM)

Note 1070760 - Running a Virtual Machine (VM) and MDM

Note 325616 - ITS 6.20 System requirements

Note 1223407 - Using the SCM Optimizer in virtual environments

Note 1336014 - CRM Mobile Laptop: MDW and MRS usage on Virtual Machines

Note 1461398 - BW 7.X(7.20) Precalculation - General Info. & Limitations

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