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Overview of Business Rules Management Technologies at SAP


SAP has developed two business rules management platforms, supporting both its Java and ABAP environments. These technologies can be used to ensure that decisions are effectively managed and integrated throughout your SAP enterprise backbone.

SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management (SAP NetWeaver DSM)

Companies applying decision service management can create simpler and more agile processes, and more flexible business applications, by externalizing the decision support algorithms and applying business rules to effectively manage these decisions. Integrating business rules management systems in the most dynamic parts of a business process improves visibility as well as agility, and it helps to align the business department with IT. Making decisions explicit and managing them together with processes ensures the effective separation of concerns and a more streamlined business. Combining business process management and decision service management helps to decrease process complexity, and to increase straight through processing. Read more about SAP NetWeaver Decision Service Management.

Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus) is part of the SAP NetWeaver ABAP server and integrated in many business applications. BRFplus is already used in many SAP applications as well as custom projects across all business areas and industries. It combines the powerful ABAP software logistics with the agility and flexibility demanded by business experts. There are three recent papers on BRFplus for Decision Services, BRFplus for HCM Features, and Dunning by Collection Strategy with BRFplus demonstrating how business experts can use BRFplus to enhance business processes.

SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management (SAP NetWeaver BRM) is part of the SAP NetWeaver AS Java. SAP NetWeaver BRM enables your organization to externalize business rules and manage them flexibly across multiple installations for greater agility, for consistent and transparent enforcement of policies across the entire enterprise. SAP NetWeaver BRM is part of the package solution SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration combining the power of SAP NetWeaver BPM, SAP NetWeaver BRM and SAP NetWeaver PI into a single, integrated solution. Get started with SAP NetWeaver BRM

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The following documents will also help you understand better the business rules management technologies from SAP:

Overview of SAP NetWeaver BPM and SAP NetWeaver BRM

(Log-in required) This session provides an overview of SAP NetWeaver BPM and BRM and the new process orchestration features that will help you to extend application core processes with your own practices. Key takeaways: a quick overview of the application areas of both solutions, learn about Business Process Library and the new Collaborative Process Modeler, see a short demo and highlights from product roadmaps.

Business Rules Management with SAP: BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM

(Log-in required) This session will introduce you to business rules management with SAP: approach, components, features, and usage of BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM (with ABAP and Java stack respectively). It also provides general recommendations on when to use what technology, including mixed scenarios, alignment of BRFplus and SAP NetWeaver BRM, and new specific features to come.

Choosing Business Rule Providers in Heterogeneous Landscapes

For heterogeneous landscapes, SAP provides two BRMS engines - SAP NetWeaver BRM (on SAP NetWeaver AS Java) and BRFplus (on SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP). This article explains how to determine which of these engines should be chosen as the rule provider, also whether the native configuration of the invoking application should be used instead, or whether particular use cases should be treated as business rules at all.

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