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SAP NetWeaver High Availability Cluster 740 Certification (NW-HA-CLU 740)

The SAP Integration and Certification Center provides an integration scenario for High Availability Clusters in SAP NetWeaver. With SAP NetWeaver 7.40 (SAP Kernel 7.42 or later is required) a new version of the integration scenario is available for certification. Besides providing some new commands in the API, some test cases have been enhanced and a brand new HA test tool is now available. SAP NetWeaver 7.40 supports the SAP HANA platform. The certification scenario NW-HA-CLU 7.40 is downward compatible with the previous NW-HA-CLU 7.30 release.

Getting Started

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) highly recommends that ISVs and partners, who are interested in certifying an integration of their product with SAP solutions, begin with our page Getting Started with Integration and Certification that explains the SAP ICC services and describes the process how to obtain them. This page helps you select the correct integration scenario and contains technical information, streaming media

Technical Documentation

SAP has introduced an integration certification program to certify the HA-interface cluster API of the SAP Start Service (sapstartsrv). Some important aspects of this certification are:

-      Certify start/stop infrastructure within HA Setups

-      Establish a single SAP HA setup scenario

-      Unify HA setups for SAP NetWeaver 7.x based on 7.20 DCK availability (ABAP, Java)

-      Clarify OS dependencies and 3rd party failover software

-      Clarify available DB-specific HA solutions of third party vendors

-      Clarify responsibilities of SAP and its partners, especially for support

These criteria aim to ensure compliant implementation of customer HA setups of SAP systems. Partners can extend and further optimize their solutions beyond this scope.

The SAP Start Service (sapstartsrv) provides basic management services for systems and instances and single server processes. Services include starting and stopping, monitoring the current run-time state, reading logs, traces and configuration files, executing commands and retrieving other technology-specific

information, like network access points, active sessions, thread list etc. They are exposed by a SOAP Web service interface named “SAPControl”.

The following sapstartsrv interface configuration provides functionality that the HA vendor solution has to be able to use in a customer environment:

Test pre-requisites

Important Resources about the HA-Interface Certification for Partners:

SAP High Availability certification page:

List of SAP certified vendor HA Solutions:

Price List

ISVs can get their NW-HA-CLU Integrations certified for 10000 Euro.

Benefits of Certification

Customers using SAP-certified solutions in their SAP environment, as well as the ISVs and partners offering these, experience great benefits such as shorter implementation times, technical enablement, and marketing assets that certification provides.
Please visit the 'Certification Benefits overview page' for more information.

  • After successful certification testing the ISV solution can be advertised with the following logo:   

Important Links:

SAP Training and Help:
Please refer to SAP Education.

ICC Webinar You are invited to join our introductory webinars - hosted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center in regular intervals. For a schedule and recordings got to the page "SAP Integration and Certification Webinar Series Overview".

Apply for ICC Services right away - please fill in the SAP ICC online application form.

SAP Application Development partner directory: The certified solution is listed in our SAP Application Development partner directory.

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