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WS-I Basic Profile

Interoperability is one of the key promises of Web services and Enterprise SOA. The WS-I Basic Profile helps achieve this by defining how SOAP, WSDL and UDDI should be used together. As such, it is considered to be the common denominator of basic Web services interoperability, and is widely supported by all major Web services platforms including NetWeaver, .NET, and Java. In a nutshell, the profile brings together a set of core Web services specifications by providing guidance on how to use these specifications in a harmonized way to develop interoperable Web services.

WS-I has released two versions of the Basic Profile. BP1.0 profiles WSDL1.1, SOAP1.1, UDDI2.0, XSD, and other related specifications. BP1.0 only allows SOAP/HTTP binding. BP1.1 relaxes this constraint so bindings that support attachments also become possible.

In early April 2006, WS-I created another working group to produce next versions of Basic Profile that will address the new generation of Web services specifications including SOAP1.2, UDDI 3.0, WS-Addressing, etc.

Getting Started

An Overview of Web Service Interoperability

The goal of integrating independent IT systems with Web services was almost cut short by a lack of interoperable implementations, even though they were based on the same specifications. This paper outlines how this situation arose, what has been done to date, and continuing efforts.

Specifications and Whitepapers

WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 (Final)

This document defines the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0, consisting of a set of non-proprietary Web services specifications, along with clarifications, refinements, interpretations and amplifications of those specifications which promote interoperability.

WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 (Final)

This version of the BP relaxes the requirement that ONLY soap/http binding can be used. It allows the use of MIME binding.

Related Activities

WS-I (Web Services Interoperability) Organization

SAP's Role: Presidency and Chair, Board and Founding Member. The organization created by SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and other companies to promote Web services interoperability.

More on WS-I Basic Profile

Is it WS-I BP compliant for a soap:Body to have two or more child elements ?

The WS-I Basic profile, in both version 1.0 and 1.1 , has a few related requirements to address this question. However, these requirements are scattered in different sections and none of the requirements directly answers the question, connecting the . . .

WS-I reaches another Web services interoperability milestone

WS-I has just released today three new profiles as member- approved Final Materials: the Basic Profile 1.1, Attachments Profile 1.0 and Simple SOAP Binding Profile 1.0. They are available for download at:

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