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SCN Member of The Month Hall of Fame


Every month, a member of the SAP Community Network is recognized for exemplary behavior: sharing knowledge with peers, being helpful and taking on additional tasks to support community engagement. See more details about the program in the announcement blog.

MonthNameDescription Blog

OctoberBenedict Venmani Felix@Benedict Venmani Felix says that he didn't choose SAP, SAP chose him. He's glad of that, and so is SCN. A BW/HANA consultant who contributes wherever he can within the community, Benedict prefers reading and writing blog posts, as the format provides a great deal of flexibility when presenting information about tackling a variety of problems. Benedict values SCN for its base of collective knowledge and its networking opportunities, and SCN values Benedict for being part of the professional environment that offers immense benefits.Benedict Venmani Felix - SCN Member of the Month, October 2016
SeptemberMartin Fischer@Martin Fischer lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany. He is the "Portfolio Unit Manager SAP Database & Technology" (or, more simply, a "Senior Consultant") with bridgingIT. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves skiing, hiking, climbing, and biking. He's also an ABAP expert, although he is always expanding his areas of knowledge -- primarily through communities and in-person events. Martin's advice for community members? "Don't take the community as a one-way street. If you get something out of it, give something back." Martin is a perfect example of this philosophy -- as he uses SCN to learn and share.Martin Fischer - SCN Member of the Month, September 2016
AugustSimone Milesi@Simone Milesi, based in Italy, he is the in-house SAP technical referent and developer, and ABAP expert. He has a fun sense of humor, and engages on the community to share knowledge, help keep an eye on quality, and weigh in on topics important to all community members.Simone Milesi - SCN Member of the Month August 2016
JulyChristian Drumm@Christian Drumm is an expert in SAP CRM and SAP Utilities (IS-U), and the head of development and consulting at FACTUR Billing Solutions GmbH. In addition to sharing his expertise through informative blog posts and answering questions, he builds his network by speaking at and attending SAP Inside Tracks and CodeJams. He's also helping kickoff an exciting new community event format, the CodeRetreat.Christian Drumm - SCN Member of the Month July 2016
JuneVadim Klimov@Vadim Klimov is an expert Solution Architect focused on SAP Process Orchestration. He is a steady contributor of high-quality content, sharing is knowledge through informative blog posts and diligently answering questions. He is patient, thorough and polite, offering in-depth explanations and guidance to the community.Vadim Klimov - SCN Member of the Month June 2016
MayNithyanandam Venu

@Nithyanandam Venu is a fun-spirited expert in SAP Design Studio and Business Intelligence. He is hard-working and smart, passionate about sharing his knowledge through informative blog posts and answering questions on SCN.

Nithyanandam Venu - SCN Member of the Month May 2016
AprilYüksel AkçinarYüksel AKCINAR is a seasoned technology consultant focused on SAP Basis administration. He is thoughtful and diligent, and shares his natural passion for knowledge sharing and training with SCN by answering questions and publishing informative how-to posts and documentation.Yuksel Akcinar - SCN Member of the Month April 2016
MarchFlorian Pfeffer

@Florian Pfeffer is an expert in HANA, UI5/Fiori and ABAP, a lecturer and HANA Distinguished Engineer. He answers questions diligently on the community and enjoys networking with other members at SAP events like Inside Track and SAP TechEd. He is humble and super smart, and takes care to help keep the quality on SCN high and help out other members.

Florian Pfeffer - SCN Member of the Month March 2016
FebruaryVeselina Peykova@Veselina Peykova is an independent consultant, focused on SAP Sales & Distribution. She is witty, humble, and smart, someone who embraces learning and enjoys sharing her knowledge.

Veselina Peykova - SCN Member of the Month February 2016

JanuaryPaul Hardy

@Paul Hardy is an ABAP expert, author and speaker. Paul shares his deep knowledge of ABAP programming, playful spirit, and wit with the community through popular blog posts in which he explores some of the finer points of ABAP programming and SAP's products with other SCN experts.

Paul Hardy - SCN Member of the Month January 2016
DecemberDaniel Van Leeuwen@Daniel Van Leeuwen is a software developer, and expert in mobile development and Kapsel. He is fondly referred to on the community as the "Kapsel Guru" for answering questions and keeping Getting Started with Kapsel Guide updated and loaded with practical examples.Daniel Van Leeuwen - SCN Member of the Month December 2015
NovemberMariano Cabalen

@Mariano Cabalen is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur, with expertise in supply chain management and production planning. He answers questions diligently, with clear and objective answers. He demonstrates his care for the community by reporting questionable content, advocating for community best practices, and publishing his own quality content.

Mariano Cabalen - SCN Member of the Month November 2015
OctoberPaul Bakker

@Paul Bakker is an expert SAP technical consultant, author and entrepreneur. He shares his expertise by answering questions on SCN and posting guidance around SAP certification and best practices in SAP Business Workflow.

Paul Bakker - SCN Member of the Month October 2015
SeptemberJosé Nunes

@Jose Nunes is an SAP developer and entrepreneur who helps build connections between the community and SCN events. He answers questions avidly, helps organize SAP Inside Track events, and shares the experience via informative blog posts and videos from the event.

Jose Nunes - SCN Member of the Month September 2015
AugustMustafa Bensan

@Mustafa Bensan is a seasoned BI Solution Architect, who diligently answers questions. He is thorough, polite, and works to find an answer to help his fellow members. He also uses his hands-on expertise to help drive innovation to SAP's products by sharing use cases and enhancement ideas through informative blogs.

Mustafa Bensan - SCN Member of the Month August 2015

JulyMadhu Babu SaiMadhu is a strong contributor in the GRC space, online day and night, and answers question in an exemplary manner. He also writes blogs and documents, adds a lot of value to the space and has great SCN Community Spirit!

Madhu Babu - SCN Member of the Month July 2015

JuneSander van Willigen

@Sander van Willigen is a great writer who shares his SAP BI expertise by writing in-depth blogs and documents, and by generously answering questions in BI and warehouse spaces. He is patient, polite, always willing to help fellow community members.

Sander van Willigen - SCN Member of the Month June 2015
MayJoão Sousa@Joao Sousa is an active community member who participates with passion and integrity, showing genuine care for the community. He weighs in on community topics, provides helpful answers across various spaces, contributes popular blog posts and actively engages with other community members.João Sousa - SCN Member of the Month May 2015
AprilMaksim Rashchynski@Maksim Rashchynski is an exemplary community member, doing a superb job sharing knowledge on SAP Fiori and SAP UI5 topics. He is polite, courteous and patient answering questions, and generously shares tips and tricks, he picks up along the way.Maksim Rashchynski - SCN Member of the Month April 2015
MarchSven Ringling@Sven Ringling is seasoned, witty and enthusiastic, and shares his in-depth experience in SAP HCM & consulting generously with the SCN Community. He answers questions, shares his perspective and coaches young consultants through the good, the bad and the ugly.Sven Ringling - SCN Member of the Month March 2015
FebruaryVirinchy Panangipalli

@Virinchy P is enthusiastic and bright, working on the cutting edge of mobile IT. With technology evolving so quickly in this are, documentation is sometimes hard to come by - so Virinchy helps out by creating blogs that documents and explains his work, so others can benefit from it. He also answers questions and engages politely with other members. He considers SCN the ultimate barter tool, where he both learns and shares with enthusiasm.

Virinchy P - SCN Member of the Month February 2015

JanuaryMatt Fraser@Matt Fraser is a long standing member of SCN who contributes valuable content across a variety of spaces. He is a great writer, and takes care to contribute meaningful content, answer questions, and provide helpful suggestions. He is quick witted and respectful, and adds a lot of personality to the community.Matt Fraser – SCN Member of the Month January, 2015
DecemberMasayuki Sekihara@Masayuki Sekihara is one of the SCN's most active experts on Fiori and SAPUI5 who actively contributes some of the most esteemed content in the SAP for Mobile and UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 Developer Center spaces.

Masayuki Sekihara - SCN Member of the Month December 2014

NovemberMehwish Haq

@Mehwish Haq is a Senior SAP Consultant and IT business partner for HR, based in Karachi, Pakistan. She is a seasoned professional who enjoys answering questions in ABAP Development and SAP Business Workflow. She is polite and thorough, and hangs in there on the toughest questions to help members get the answers they need.

Mehwish Haq - SCN Member of the Month November 2014
OctoberAlessandro Banzer@Alessandro Banzer is an SAP Project Manager and GRC Consultant who brings a collaborative spirit and passion for answering questions, curating content, and writing posting informative blogs to the GRC Space.Alessandro Banzer – SCN Member of the Month October 2014
SeptemberYasemin UluturkFormer Member is a BI Systems and Data Mining expert based in Ankara, Turkey. She is a tireless contributor to numerous spaces, where she answers questions and shares her expertise.Yasemin Uluturk - SCN Member of the Month September 2014
AugustMike Howles@Mike Howles is a BI Solution Architect from Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He writes informative blogs, shares code, and helps other debug their own. He answers questions, and encourages others who share quality content.Mike Howles - SCN Member of the Month August 2014
JulyFlorian Henninger

@Florian Henninger is an ABAP developer from Bavaria, Germany. He shares highly valued guidance in the ABAP Development and other SCN spaces, answers questions tirelessly, and engages with a positive attitude and supportive style.

Florian Henninger - SCN Member of the Month July 2014
JuneColleen Lee@Colleen Hebbert is a GRC consultant in Brisbane, Australia. She answers questions day (and night!) on SCN and blogs occasionally, with success.Colleen Lee - SCN Member of the Month June 2014
MayMidhun VP@Midhun VP is a mobile consultant in India, passionate about SAP. He like sto spend time on SCN answering questions with thoughtful details, and sharing his thoughts and experience in blog posts.Midhun VP - SCN Member of the Month May 2014
AprilMartin Voros@Martin Voros is a consultant with expertise in ABAP and Security who is recognized for his contributions in the Security discussion forums and his polite way of interacting with fellow SCN members. He also helps SAP improve its software by contributing to SAP Notes.Martin Voros - SCN Member of the Month April 2014
MarchSteffi Warnecke@Steffi Warnecke is an administrator for a brewing company in Germany. She manages her company's portal, ID management system, as well as a third-party wiki and a third-party ERP module. Among others. Read more in the Member of the Month interview post.Steffi Warnecke - SCN Member of the Month March 2014
FebruaryJitendra Kansal@Jitendra Kansal is an application developer based in Bangalore, India. He is an invested community member who likes to learn, connect, and encourage fellow members. Learn more about him in the Member of the Month blog and in his Blog It Forward post. Let him teach you things about mobile in A workflow Application to Release A Purchase Order… and HWC Application Development using Hybrid API Ge... | SCN… or more about Sybase Unwired Platform in 10 steps to develop SUP101 Android Native appli... | SCN and How to access SUP CDB (Cache Database) ? | SCNJitendra Kansal - SCN Member of the Month February 2014
JanuaryAlessandro Spadoni

Alessandro Spadoni is an ABAP developer and SAP NetWeaver consultant in Italy. He likes to follow trends on new technologies and share what he learns with the community. Check out Excel -like custom grid control in SAPUI5 #OpenUI5 and BSP mobile logon screen using jQuery Mobile as well as his Blog It Forward post.

Learn more about Alessandro.

Alessandro Spadoni - SCN Member of the Month January 2014
DecemberLukas Weigelt

@Lukas Weigelt is an ABAP developer who works in the Public Sector in Germany. He likes to learn and help others in the HCM Employee Services and Travel Management areas. He is known for being straightforward and caring about SCN, as well as his passion for good video games and drums - as told in his Blog It Forward post.

Learn more about Lukas.

Lukas Weigelt - SCN Member of the Month December 2013
NovemberZahid Yener

@Zahid Yener is a BI Consultant in Turkey who provides most of his help in the BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and BusinessObjects dashboard discussion forums. He is also known for a post about “BICS vs BAPI vs DF Relational Connection” that got close to 30,000 views to this date. Meet Zahid in this Member of the Month interview.

Zahid Yener - SCN Member of the Month November 2013
OctoberRick Bakker

@Rick Bakker is a certified SAP Workflow consultant based in Australia. He has been active in the discussion forums for several years on SCN and helped many other members, as his lifetime points can attest. Find out more in this Member of the Month interview, write a comment and encourage him to publish a Blog It Forward post to get to know him better!

Rick Bakker - SCN Member of the Month October 2013
SeptemberRavi Sankar Venna

@Ravi Sankar Venna is an independent consultant certified in FI/CO, BW, Solution Manager, and several other modules and solutions. He is celebrated on SCN for his career advice to SAP consultants and for sharing his experience with the SAP Certification program. Find out more about him in his Blog It Forward post, and read the Member of the Month interview.

Ravi Sankar Venna - SCN Member of the Month September 2013
AugustDavid Clavey

@David Clavey is a mobility consultant who is very active in the community sharing news, thoughts and experience on all things mobile. Check out his blog on Microsoft Surface Windows 8 in the enterprise, as well as his SMP-23 documentation and Rugged mobile devices.

David Clavey - SCN Member of the Month August 2013
JulyMarssel Vilaca

@Marssel Vilaça works for an SAP Consulting company and specializes in ERP Financials. In addition to being active in this topic, he’s been helping out in the Brazilian community. Get to know him in his Blog It Forward post and read the Member of the Month interview.

Marssel Vilaca - SCN Member of the Month July 2013

JuneNicolas Busson

@Nicolas Busson is a CRM consultant with ABAP and WebUI expertise. He helps other SCN members in discussions as well as via blog posts. See his contributions such as the blog series on Creating a home-grown SAPUI5 mobile app and the blog post How-to check dependencies between transport requests that already got a whopping 7,000 views and close to 20 bookmarks.

Learn more about Nicolas.

Nicolas Busson - SCN Member of the Month June 2013
MaySamuli Kaski

Former Member is an application developer who specializes in SAP NetWeaver Portal and WebDynpro. He’s very versatile and helps in topic discussions around HCM and Solution Manager. He doesn’t hesitate to share his own code. Read his contributions, such as Exporting HR Organizational Structure to a String Variable and Unix Script for Locating JARs. Learn more about Samuli.

Samuli Kaski - SCN Member of the Month May 2013
April@Jelena Perfiljeva

Jelena Perfiljeva is a long-time, knowledgeable SCN member who specializes in ABAP, SD, MM and FI. She is known for outstanding quality contributions and for sharing her experience and opinions on her expertise topics as well as SCN as a community. Read New SCN for old folks, for instance.

Jelena Perfiljeva - SCN Member of the Month April 2013
MarchSteve Rumsby

@Steve Rumsby is an SAP Technical Manager at the University of Warwick, UK, who specializes in technical architecture design, Basis/SAP NetWeaver and GRC. Read the first part of a blog series about Installing the 7.02 ABAP Trial system (NSP) in an Amazon AWS instance and more from him about mobility and GRC.

Steve Rumsby - SCN Member of the Month March 2013
February@Amy King

@Amy  King is an Applications Developer specialized in Web Dynpro ABAP who likes an SQL challenge from time to time. In addition to the discussion forums, she shares her knowledge in documents such as Passing DTP Source Package to a Procedure using a Generic Table Type and Using Cell Variants to Dynamically Assign Search Helps in a Table.

Learn more about Amy.

Amy King - SCN Member of the Month February 2013
January@Stephen Millard

Stephen works for a consulting company and specializes in Human Capital Management (talent visualization). His expertise and interests are wide, ranging from technical (e.g. system development, hardware support) to business (e.g. team management, executive coaching). On SCN you will find him in the talent visualization forums, but also in the ERP HCM space and all things related to the community. Do not miss his Blog It Forward post and his reflections on contributing on SCN (a blog series).

Stephen Millard - SCN Member of the Month January 2013
December@Tom Van Doorslaer

Tom is a Technology Architect at a large SAP customer. Originally an ABAP developer, his interests have expanded to include user experience, mobility, gamification, community, social media, and more. Tom introduced himself in Blog It Forward – Tom Van Doorslaer. Don't miss blog posts like Putting It All Together and TechEd 2012 The Aftermath; or the discussion he started in Debate: Rewards vs Work vs Value.

Tom Van Doorslaer - SCN Member of the Month December 2012
November@Ajay Maheshwari

Ajay is a top contributor in the SAP ERP Financials - Controlling space. A FICO consultant and a freelance SAP trainer, he is a great resource in the Financials area. Ajay started in 2008, and since then many members have relied on his help. See discussion threads such as New GL & COPA and this Product Costing discussion.

Ajay Maheshwari - SCN Member of the Month November 2012
October@Simon Kemp

Simon is a certified consultant with an excellent reputation among SAP Customers. He’s been active on SCN since its beginning, sharing expertise on Enterprise Portal, ABAP, Mobility and Security. Check out his most popular blogs Why I think Portal on Device (PoD) Has Potential and A Taste of Mastering SAP Technologies Sydney 2012 and get to know him in his Blog It Forward post.

Simon Kemp - SCN Member of the Month October 2012
September@Kumud Singh

@Kumud is an HCM Time Management, ABAP and Workflow expert. With a personal interest in social media and eagerness to connect with people, she has built a strong network within the SAP Community and loves to learn and meet new people on SCN. Do not miss contributions such as Exporting time and master data with Interface Toolbox (PU12) and her work in the wiki.

Kumud Singh - SCN Member of the Month September 2012
AugustFormer Member

Thomas is a Basis and Solution Manager expert, popular on SCN for the career advice he gives to SAP Professionals. You cannot miss the lively discussion How did you get your start in SAP? and blogs such as Advice for recent college graduates (aka "Freshers") or FAQ: Different career paths in SAP.

Thomas Dulaney - SCN Member of the Month August 2012
July@Jansi Rani Murugesan

Jansi is a very active member of the Solution Manager space. Her passion is to learn and help SCN members. In addition to sharing her knowledge in the discussion forums, she has contributed blogs that have been very helpful to the community: Errors And Solutions Related to the Automatic Users Created in Solman_setup SM 7.1 and My Experience on Setting up IT Performance Reporting.

Jansi Rani Murugesan _ SCN Member of the Month July 2012
JuneFormer Member

An expert in the area of Process Orchestration, as well as Process Integration and SOA Middleware, SAP Solution Manager William Li is praised for his outstanding contributions to the community, such as Gateway or Process Integration – which is the Right Tool for the Job?, Migration of Integration Scenarios from PI 7.1 to AEX of PI 7.3 and Process Orchestration 7.30 EhP1 Is Now Generally Available.

William Li - SCN Member of the Month June 2012
May@Andrei VishnevskyAndrei is a Top Participant in the CRM space, respected for his ability to explain difficult concepts with simple words. You will find him involved in the CRM Discussions almost on a daily basis; you may want to review his wiki pages for step-by-step guides and read his useful blog on inserting code to a discussion or blog post.Andrei Vishnevsky - SCN Member of the Month May 2012
April@Sascha Wenninger

Sascha has been an active member of SCN for several years, and a successful blogger with Opinions on Deploying NetWeaver Gateway and NetWeaver Gateway and PI - There's a place for both! Recently, as the new SCN launched he helped fellow members get on board and provided guidance for successful engagement. Learn more about Sascha.

Sascha Wenninger - SCN Member of the Month April 2012
March@Tom CenensTom stands out as our first Member of the Month with blog posts such as How has blogging changed my life? and Connecting at SAP TechEd 2011.New feature - Member of the Month