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Business Communication Services (BCS) and SAPconnect FAQs

How do I configure the sending and receiving of e-mails in an SAP system?

Configuration is done in transaction SCOT. For inbound e-mails some profile parameters have to be set and some settings have to be done in the Internet Communication Framework (transaction SIFC). See SMTP Configuration Guide for detailed information. Please, note that inbound processing should also be configured if you only want to send messages from the SAP system. Otherwise, status notifications cannot be routed back to the sending system. See also related note 455140.

Where can I see outgoing or incoming messages?

Use transaction SOST for outgoing, transaction SOIN for incoming messages.

I want to send an e-mail from an application program. What do I have to do?

Use class CL_BCS to send e-mails, faxes or SMS from application programs. You find examples in programs bcs_example_*. See also Business Communication Services for detailed information.

How can I delete data that is stored by the BCS?

The BCS store e-mails for administrative purposes. If the data is not needed any longer, use report RSBCS_REORG for deletion. See also related note 988057.

Why does sending from an application program not work any longer after a system upgrade?

As of Release 6.10, a commit work statement has to be set after calling the BCS send interface. See also related note 489286.

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