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Variables in HANA Studio


Hello Everyone,

In this document, I would like to brief the “Variable” feature of HANA Studio. The concept explained here is based on the current design and it may subject to change in the upcoming releases

When the users wish to filter the data at run time, he can go for Variable functionality. The user can assign the values to the variables manually or he can select from the list. Variables can be created in Analytic and Calc Views. If the user consumes the Analytic View in Calculation View, he can only use the Variables comes from Analytic View but can’t edit them

There are four types of variables available…

  • Attribute Value: This option can be used if the user wants to filter the data when the values come from Attribute
  • Currency: This option can be used to mention the target currency at run time
  • Date: This can be used when the filter value is in date format
  • Static List: This can be used when the user wants to set his own filter values (User defined filter values for variable)

User can set the variable as Mandatory or Optional, in case of Mandatory; he “should” enter the filter value during the data preview

The Selection type for the variable can be

  • Single Value -> Only one value can be set for the variable
  • Interval -> From and To Values can be set as filter
  • Range -> The user can use =, >, <, >= , <= operators to set the value for filter

Let’s assume the following Analytic View which has different types of variables

SELECT_LOCATION: This is the Range variable of type Attribute Value with Multiple Entries (which means the user can add the variable in the variable prompt multiple times during Data Preview)

SELECT_GENDER: This is the Interval variable of type Attribute Value with Multiple Entries

SELECT_BIRTH_YEAR: This is the Single Value variable of type Static List without Multiple Entries

SELECT_CURRENCY: This is the variable of Currency type

SELECT_DATE: This is the Interval variable of type Date without Multiple Entries

At run time (during Data Preview),

The values for SELECT_LOCATION variables will be picked through the Attribute LOCATION which comes from the Attribute View AT_MK_NEW_CUSTOMER.

Similarly for SELECT_GENDER, the values are coming from GENDER Attribute of Attribute View AT_MK_NEW_CUSTOMER.Here usage of "between" for Gender attribute is not a right business case

The values for SELECT_BIRTH_YEAR comes from the static list of values which user defined during design time

For the SELECT_CURRENCY variable, the values are coming from the Currency tables. The user should set the default schema for the View through the View’s Property dialog. This default schema should have the currency tables such as TCURR, TCURX, TCURN, TCURF and TCURV

Values for SELECT_DATE can be picked as follows.

The user should bind the variables with the Attributes in the “Logical View” tab of Analytical View; else he won’t be able to see the variables in the Variable prompt screen during Data Preview

Hope this helps to understand the Variables feature of HANA Studio

Rgds, Murali