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Overview of Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)


SAP provides you with the Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW), a tool that supports the one-time or periodic transfer of data from a variety of sources without any programming. You define the mapping and the rules for the changeover and the LSMW then uses this definition to generate an ABAP data transfer program. This gives you considerable support during the migration.

The LSMW is free of charge for all SAP customers and partners and offers the following benefits:

  • Substantial reduction of the cost and time required for data migration
  • Data transfer without programming
  • Migration history trace at any time
  • Maximum quality and consistency of data through import checks
  • Independence of SAP Releases, platforms and the kind of data to be migrated
  • Different control functions
  • Guidance through the migration process by using a clear sequence of steps
  • Reusability of data mapping and conversion rules
  • Support by SAP via component BC-SRV-DX-LSM

Please note: As of SAP Web Application Server Release 6.20, the LSMW is integrated in the SAP system! Therefore, if you are using a SAP system of this release or higher, you can use the system-integrated LSMW 'out of the box'. You only need to install the LSMW as an add-on for releases lower than 6.20.
The information concerning LSMW can be divided in the following categories:


How does LSMW work? 
This link leads you to a page explaining the technical system landscape and describing shortly the LSMW data migration process flow.


LSMW Online Documentation

Here you find the links to the online documentation of the integrated LSMW version (4.0): English and German. Please note, that you need to login to the SAP Service Marketplace to open the documentation.


Here you find answers to the most important questions concering LSMW.

LSMW Overview Presentation

This presentation offers an overview of the LSMW basics.

Check this link also for further info.

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