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NW ABAP Print and Output Management

Printing Overview Page

The platform-independent component for printing SAP forms and documents

The SAP output management system formats SAP documents and passes them to the host output system for printing. It handles printing forms and lists and offers some special functions, like barcode and OCR printing. The user can manage all of his output out of the SAP System and does not have to bother with print processing at the operating system level. Processing and administration of print and output requests, and administration of output devices and device types are major tasks of the SAP output management system as well.

User-friendly Printing

Unicode Printing

Printing in Unicode SAP systems is possible on all printers, that are supported by non-Unicode SAP systems as well. However, the output is limited to the character sets of the printers. Using UTF-8 -based printers provided by Lexmark or HP enables printing all languages with a single printer at high speed.

Print Options

Have you ever wanted to use a different paper tray when creating an output request? Or print double-sided in order to save paper? Or switch color, activate draft mode? The dialogues to create output requests for SAPscript forms and SAP Smart Forms offer you such choices. Read more... The device types which can make use of these options are currently being built (see SAP Note 1049778).

Learn how to configure Print Options and how to use them during the printing process..

Want to know which device type is supported for your printer model? Check the lists of printer model/device type combinations in section DEVICE TYPE SELECTION WIZARD below.

Easy Printer Administration

Printing Assistant for Landscapes (PAL)

The Printing Assistant for Landscapes is an enhancement of the conventional SAP print capabilities which enables you to configure all printer definitions centrally and distribute them within your system landscape. Without PAL each physical printer must be defined and managed in each system separately, which is a time-consuming process and also prone to errors due to configuration inconsistencies. If you want to learn more about PAL, take a look at the overview presentation Printing Assistant for Landscapes (PAL). For more details, read the PAL Online Help for NW 7.0 EhP1 in the SAP Help Portal.

Device Type Selection Wizard

SAP Printing has introduced the Device Type Selection Wizard to simplify the procedure when it comes to choosing the applicable device type a new output device. The Device Type Selection Wizard is a tool, accessible via button from transaction SPAD, which shows the relation between an actual printer model and the appropriate device type. Simply select the printer manufacturer's name and you will receive a list of valid printer model/device type combinations to choose from.

SAP Note 1036961 describes technical details and release-specific requirements. You can download a short User Guide and two lists of printer model/device type combinations available from the Wizard:

1. All printer model/device type combinations

2. Only combinations with device types which support Japanese Language

Note that both lists are subject to regular changes.

Printing Methods

SAPSprint and SAPFprint

SAPlpd is replaced by SAPSprint for server printing and SAPFprint for frontend printing. These solutions simplify the configuration and make the execution stable. More...

Printing with Forms


Printing with SAPscript Forms. Documentation in the Help Portal: BC-SAPscript: Printing with Forms

SAP Smart Forms

Information about form printing with SAP Smart Forms is available on the SAP Smart Forms homepage. Documentation in the Help Portal: Smart Forms

PDF-Based Print Forms

PDF-based print forms are part of SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (IFbA). SAP's strategy for both print and interactice forms is described here...

SAP Documentation in the Help Portal: PDF-Based Print Forms