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Forums in SAP Enterprise Portal


The forums in SAP Enterprise Portal are designed with intuitive user interfaces that enable users to discuss common issues and topics, post questions and announcements to the community, watch forums (with notifications) and get updates on posted comments. Users can also create draft versions of postings, personalize their forum themes, or vote in polls.Forums include extensive and easy-to-use moderation features such as content control by approval processes, by deleting and moving content, and also by closing discussions. The web-based forums admin tool makes it easy to delete, edit and move messages, manage permission-levels and organize the hierarchy of categories and forums.

See this image of a forum thread list and a poll:


  • Customers can get forums for free: there is no extra licence, forums are included in the SAP NetWeaver licence.
  • Easy installation: Forums are part of the Portal Addon-On and can additionally be installed in a Portal landscape. There is no additional infrastructure needed; as runtime environment the J2EE engine und the database of the portal is used.
  • Governance: access control to forum content by permission concept.
  • Content control for the administrator by approval processes, user banning and profanity filters.
  • Customer branding by theme adoption and UI changes.
  • Internationalization: translation into 26 SAP NetWeaver languages.
  • Accessibility standards are fulfilled.
  • Easiness: forums are intuitiv to use.

More Information

Look at the material below to get a better understanding on the forum features within SAP Portal.


Forum Overview Presentation: in the overview presentation you find all general information on forums like benefits, supported scenarios, roadmap, features highlights, licensing and how to get forums, information channels.

Demos and eLearnings

How-to Guides and FAQs: 


New Forum Features in SAP NetWeaver 7.3

Documentation and SAP Notes

User Guide

Administration Guide

Installation Note 1049553 (with installation guides included as PDFs)

Sizing Guide (Service Marketplace User required)

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