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SAP Partners - Integration & Certification

Integration Scenarios - ABAP Add-Ons

Third-party ABAP solutions that conform to SAP standards and conventions are eligible for certification within the SAP Software Partner Program framework. As a software vendor, you can develop ABAP programs under a special ABAP Workbench Development license. This license enables you to provide add-on applications for SAP components or to supplement existing installations where SAP-preferred technologies are not available.

SAP requires that you use the SAP Add-On Assembly Kit (AAK) to package an ABAP add-on, and strongly recommends that you use the toolkit throughout the development cycle. Starting with SAP R/3 4.6, syntax checks for code are done using AAK. Additional certification checks are done by SAP.

The AAK tool is available directly from the Integration and Certification Center as part of the ABAP Service Package for third-party ABAP solutions.

Applying for Custom Namespaces

Starting with SAP Basis 4.0, software vendors need to apply for custom namespaces from SAP via SAPNet. These namespaces are SAP-exclusive identifiers that enable SAP, SAP customers, and third-party vendors to develop components and products without the risk of naming collisions.

All custom ABAP objects, database tables, fields, and data elements must exist within the proper namespace. Software vendors should not modify SAP objects (screens, menus, programs, function modules, etc.) and should not update SAP tables. Instead, updates can be made by using SAP-endorsed technologies such as IDOCs, BAPIs, released function modules, or SAP-provided transactions. Reading SAP data is permitted.

Joining the SAP Software Partner Program

Successfully testing and certifying an ABAP add-on with the AAK toolkit is an important step that ensures a smooth implementation on a customer's production system. Software vendors that certify their ABAP add-ons also enjoy all of the benefits of the SAP certification program and can apply for partner status from the SAP Software Partner Program.

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