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SCN Release Notes


This document will get updated on a regular base to reflect the latest bug fixes and feature enhancements that have been provided to the SCN platform. Please be aware that it will not contain all the work done during the implementation time of a release but mostly bugs and features visible or important to our community.

We also maintain a SCN Known Issues List which tracks all issues reported by the community members.

Release 10-16-2013

  • FIX COMM-2716 - Broken Text In Profile Page For Change Email / Subscription
  • FIX COMM-2809 - Wrong Text In Notification Of Request Access Widget
  • NEW COMM-2411 - Add Support For SAP Virtual Events As Video Source
  • NEW COMM-2413 - Entice Users To Log / Register Via Reminder In Action Box

Release 10-06-2013

  • FIX COMM-2570 - Error With Formatted Text Widget: "The list is empty"
  • FIX COMM-2645 - Manage Overview Page Doesn't Work For Space Editors
  • NEW COMM-2590 - Switch To Turn Moderation On/Off For Discussions/Questions Only
  • NEW COMM-2619 - Add Request Membership Widget

Release 09-22-2013

  • FIX COMM-2490 - Content With Attachments Is Published Without Moderation
  • FIX COMM-2635 - User Actions Are Duplicated In Nitro Due To Request Timeout
  • FIX COMM-2010 - SCN Global Moderators Not Able To Delete Status Updates
  • NEW COMM-2470 - Enable Promotion in Email Notification Template
  • NEW COMM-2541 - Improve And Optimise Google Ads Integration

Release 09-15-2013

  • FIX COMM-2245 - Moderators See Items From Spaces They Do Not Moderate
  • FIX COMM-2471 - Space Editors Cannot Edit Space Overview Page
  • FIX COMM-2479 - Implement Cache Fix For High CPU Usage Issue
  • FIX COMM-2582 - 'Unexpected Error' When Creating Blog Post With Duplicate Title
  • NEW COMM-2507 - Exclude Discussion Replies (Messages) from Moderation

Release 08-20-2013

  • FIX COMM-2245 - Moderators See Items From Spaces They Do Not Moderate
  • FIX COMM-2582 - 'Unexpected Error' When Creating Blog Post With Duplicate Title

Release 08-06-2013

  • FIX COMM-665 - Action Buttons In Moderation Panel No Longer Visible With Long URL In Message
  • FIX COMM-2369 - Security Issue In User/Email Confirmation Screen
  • FIX COMM-2210 - Guest Attributed As Modifier Of Documents

Release 07-22-2013

  • FIX COMM-1975 - Country And Alternative Email Type Not Saved In User Profile
  • FIX COMM-2192 - Original Author Is Showing As The Last Editor, Impacts Moderation

Release 07-08-2013

  • FIX COMM-2284 - Vertical Alignment Issue With Widgets On Root Page
  • FIX COMM-2385 - Content Deletion Generates Wrong Notification Message, Duplicates Sentence
  • NEW COMM-2100 - List Space Moderators & Space Editors Under People Tab Of Space
  • NEW COMM-2193 - Show Info About Moderation Approach To Moderated User When Creating Content
  • NEW COMM-2282 - Enable The Activity Indicator
  • NEW COMM-2325 - Extend Auto Login Session To Full Workday
  • NEW COMM-2358 - Update Answered And Unanswered Icons In Discussion Threads

Release 06-16-2013

  • FIX COMM-2337 - Spelling Mistake In Time Zone Settings For New Delhi
  • FIX COMM-2329 - Posts Marked For Moderation Not Found In Queue
  • FIX COMM-2328 - New User Wizard Welcome Email Should Not Be Sent
  • FIX COMM-2217 - Content Rejected Because Of Abuse Appears In Search Results
  • FIX COMM-2316 - Users With More Than 30 Points Are Being Pre-moderated
  • FIX SCN-184 - Content Link Missing In Reputation History
  • FIX SCN-183 - Discussion Titles In Reputation History Show Encoded Values Instead Of Accents
  • NEW COMM-2311 - Show User's Drafts In Personal Content Left Hand Navigation
  • NEW COMM-2193 - Show Info About Moderation Approach in Moderation Message To Moderated User When Creating Content
  • NEW COMM-2102 - Notifications Sent For Actions Taken By Moderators
  • NEW COMM-2085 - Move Newsletter Preferences From Old BC To New SCN

Release 05-26-2013

  • NEW COMM-1798 - Show Role Badges Of Author In Discussions
  • NEW COMM-2022 - Space Editor to Edit Overview Page
  • NEW COMM-2023 - Space Moderator to Move Blogs
  • NEW COMM-2216 - Make Full Navigation Tabs Clickable

Release 05-20-2013

  • FIX COMM-2250 - Autologin Sends Unintended Activation Mails
  • FIX COMM-2246 - Logged Error In sap-social-buttons.ftl Due To IE Check
  • FIX COMM-2143 - Error Page When Moderator Moves Content To Another Space.
  • NEW COMM-2271 - Disable Required Moderation Of Profile Photos By System Admins

Release 05-05-2013

  • FIX COMM-2081 - Apply Browse Performance Improvements
  • FIX COMM-2191 - Fix Moderation Queue Performance Issues
  • FIX COMM-2216 - Extend Navigation Tabs Click Area
  • FIX COMM-2218 - Fix Styles For Tag Autocomplete Popup
  • NEW COMM-2027 - Moderation Console

Release 04-24-2013

  • FIX COMM-1369 Post Appearing Twice in a Space
  • FIX COMM-2080 SCN: S-User Is Able To Edit First And Last Name In User Profile.
  • FIX COMM-2167 Private And Rejected SCN Content Appearing In SCN Site Search Results (Guest Login)
  • NEW COMM-2136 Restrict Access / Contribution Of Private Content (Documents / Threads / Polls)

Release 04-14-2013

  • FIX COMM-2004 Documents And Polls Can Be Visible Before Approval By Moderator
  • FIX COMM-2080 - SCN: S-User Is Able To Edit First And Last Name In User Profile.
  • FIX COMM-2142 Meta Description On SCN Homepage and Overview Pages No Longer Render
  • FIX COMM-2147 Content With Tags Is Bypassing Moderation Queue
  • NEW COMM-2022 Add Ability For Space Editor to Edit Overview Page
  • NEW COMM-2023 Add Ability For Space Moderator to Move Blogs
  • NEW COMM-2024 Moderator Signature Should Be Enabled By Default For Edit/Move Content

Release 04-03-2013 (SPAM Mitigation)

  • FIX COMM-1380 S-User Is Able To Edit Locked Fields In SCN User Profile
  • FIX COMM-2002 Draft Documents And Blogs Are Published When Approved In Moderation Queue
  • FIX COMM-1924 Unauthorised Message When Creating A Discussion While Being Moderate
  • FIX COMM-2011 User Can Set Himself For Approval On Document, Circumventing Moderation Process
  • FIX COMM-2013 User Can Circumvent Moderation By Publish > Edit > Save Action
  • FIX COMM-2014 Moderation Console: Cannot See "View in Context" When Filters Applied
  • NEWCOMM-2040 Update Virusscanner Cookbook To Latest Version
  • NEWCOMM-2058 Implement White List For LDAP Groups To Allow Registration

Release 03-17-2013 (Preparation For Gamification)

  • FIX COMM-2003 - Points And Badges Not Showing In User Profile And Profile Popup
  • NEW COMM-1686 - Added Advanced User Search Tools For Community Admins
  • NEW COMM-1996 - Implement White List For Groups To Not Go To Moderation

Release 03-13-2013 (SPAM Mitigation)

  • FIX COMM-1494 - Duplicate Accounts May Get Created During Login
  • FIX COMM-1841 - Slow Query On Check For Entitlements
  • NEWCOMM-1908 - New Site Wide Moderation Based On Points Threshold
  • NEWCOMM-1945 - Toggle Ability To Create SCN Account

Release 02-10-2013

  • FIX COMM-641 - Branch In Discussions Doesn't Work
  • FIX COMM-1293 - User Email Address Not Replicated From SAP IDS
  • FIX COMM-1289 - Enable Auto Login With Remember Me Flag Set
  • FIX COMM-1313 - Improve Login Performance With SAP IDS
  • FIX COMM-1448 - Fix For Mismatch In ViewCount Figures
  • FIX COMM-1636 - Replace SAP Community Network Logo With NON-BETA Version
  • FIX COMM-1676 - Performance Improvements For Mobile Activities Stream
  • FIX COMM-1699 - Remove SCN Own ToU and Privacy Policy Checks
  • NEW COMM-971 - Install Static Content Upload Plugin
  • NEW COMM-1013 - Apple Touch Icon For Home Screen
  • NEW COMM-1193 - Activating the Profanity Filter

Release 01-20-2013

  • FIX COMM-1071 - Possibility Of Images Disappearing From Content Due To Bug In Jive Clean Up Task
  • FIX SCNSBS-1589 - "Object expected" JS Error When Browsing Content Using IE8
  • FIX COMM-642 - 404 Page Does Not Show Proper SCN Layout
  • FIX COMM-649 - Formatted Text Widget Error: "The list is empty"
  • FIX COMM-822 - Merge Space Functionality Not Working
  • FIX COMM-1025 - Unpublished, Draft And Deleted Content Appearing In SCN Search Results
  • FIX COMM-1370 - KM Content Not Synced Into SAP Inside Track Space
  • NEW COMM-1193 - Activation Of Profanity Filter

Release 12-16-2012

  • FIX COMM-1358 - Profile Reputation Tab: Tooltip Is Missing
  • FIX COMM-962 - Slow SQL Queries For Username Lookup
  • FIX COMM-1112 - Dependency On Omniture JS Files For Finishing Page Loading
  • FIX COMM-1164 - Login Links Outside Of Masthead Show IDS Login Page In Full Screen Mode
  • FIX COMM-1192 - Home Page Feature Rotation Speed And Black Overlay Box
  • FIX COMM-1194 - JS Errors When Using HTTPS
  • FIX COMM-1207 - Communications Stream AJAX Call Triggered For Anonymous Users
  • FIX COMM-1311 - Activity Page Returns Unexpected Error For Global Moderators
  • NEW COMM-1013 - Apple Touch Icon For IOS Home Screen

Release 11-18-2012

  • FIX COMM-839 - No Email Notifications For Blog Posts And Blog Comments In Followed Spaces
  • FIX COMM-909 - SCN Compatibility Issues With Internet Explorer 10 In Windows 8
  • FIX COMM-521 - Add "Site Index" Link To Footer
  • FIX COMM-636 - Reporting Abuse Shows Up In Activity Stream
  • FIX COMM-647 - Migrated KM Content In SCN Will Not Be Indexed Completely
  • FIX COMM-934 - Upload of Community Image into Sub-Subspace Fails Without Error
  • FIX COMM-1039 - Problems With Creation, Editing, Moving And Permissions Of External Resources

Release 10-28-2012

  • FIX COMM-949 - Draft Blog Posts Appear In SCN Search Results
  • FIX COMM-885 - Unpublished, Draft And Deleted Content Appearing In SCN Search Results

Release 10-07-2012

  • FIX COMM-704 - Missing Mapping For Standard Profile Properties
  • FIX COMM-879 - Format Not Valid Error In SCN Profile When Maintaining Alternative Email Address
  • FIX COMM-917 - Empty Error Message Shown When Trying To Login With Duplicate Email Address
  • NEW COMM-152 - Enable Trending People/Content Widget In Activity Page

Release 09-30-2012 (Business Center Forum Migration)

  • FIX COMM-30 - Moderator Gets Listed As Author Of Content After Moderating It
  • FIX COMM-634 - Possibility To Save XSS Code In Profile Fields
  • FIX COMM-704 - Missing Mapping For Standard Profile Properties
  • FIX COMM-856 - Adding / Changing Space Image Doesn't Work
  • NEW COMM-440 - Migration Of BC Forums
  • NEW COMM-797 - Implementation To Handle Additional Secondary SCN User IDs Per Profile
  • NEW COMM-853 - Disable Possibility To Change Email Address In Initial Username Confirmation Page
  • NEW COMM-881 - Disable Possibility To Change Email Address In User Profile Page (links to Change email address, Change password and Change newsletter subscriptions now in the right hand Actions area)

Release 09-16-2012

  • FIX COMM-28 - System Announcement Sends Mass Mails to Users
  • FIX COMM-589 - Improve Healthcheck To Cover Additional Failure Scenarios
  • FIX COMM-593 - Input validation in the profile update action
  • FIX COMM-605 - Some Metadata Are Missing And Do Not Get Display For Users
  • FIX COMM-759 - Escaping Of HTML Not Working Correctly For Custom Meta Tags
  • FIX COMM-790 - Avoid Browser Popup Security Warning During Login Process
  • NEW COMM-152 - Enable Popularity Widgets
  • NEW COMM-597 - Decouple Header Navigation Change From Application Deployment
  • NEW COMM-741 - Add Social Sharing Counts

Release 08-26-2012

  • FIX MOCPS-1359 - 'Remember me' Functionality Broken On SCN
  • FIX COMM-361 - OOM Situation On App Servers Due To Bookmark Handling Bug
  • FIX COMM-435 - Rejecting An Abuse Report No Longer Removes The Content
  • FIX COMM-633 - Redundant Information Showing In Abstract Of Search Results
  • FIX COMM-497 - Jive Cover Page For KM Assets Displays Wrong Action Button Text
  • FIX COMM-499 - Jive Cover Page For Content Type sdn-tv - Link Should Open In Correct Size Window
  • FIX COMM-500 - Jive Cover Page For Content Type sdn_code_sample - Missing Content Type Information
  • FIX COMM-698 - NumberFormatException On Space Meta Data When Editing Thread (Thanks @Abesh Bhattacharjee!)
  • FIX COMM-737 - Truncated Text In Social Shares When Title Contains Special Characters
  • CHANGE COMM-375 - Enhance Results For Omniture Reporting
  • CHANGE COMM-469 - Enhance Search Facet With "Collaboration Areas"
  • CHANGE COMM-545 - Enhance Reliability Of SCN Landscape Virtualization

Release 08-05-2012

  • FIX COMM-581 - Attributes Don't Get Saved When Updating Profile
  • FIX COMM-495 - Cannot View Threads With Specific User
  • FIX COMM-540 - Delete Points From Wiki To SCN Which Were Loaded More Than Once
  • FIX COMM-595 - Legal Footer Is Missing From Emails Generated By The System
  • FIX COMM-424 - Filtering Errors In Some Spaces
  • FIX COMM-593 - Input Validation In Profile Update Action
  • NEW COMM-400 - Social Sharing On Content Pages

Release 07-22-2012

  • FIX COMM-31 - Verify & Deploy Fix For Text Filtering With Solr Cluster -> Filter by Text is back!
  • FIX COMM-267 - Link To NetWeaver Cloud Developer Tools License Does Not Log In Automatically
  • FIX COMM-291 - Users Can't Be Found With @ Auto Completion
  • FIX COMM-329 - Restore Missing Blogs That Got Lost After Space Merge
  • FIX COMM-384 - Remove KM Initiated Duplicates From Search Results
  • FIX COMM-514 - Unexpected Login Popup When Trying To Access Public SCN Portal KM Assets
  • NEW COMM-305 - Provide Search Link For Additional Results After Browse Content

Release 06-24-2012

  • FIX COMM-34 - Removing Un-needed KM Content From Search
  • FIX COMM-242 - Scrollbars Showing In Discussion Threads With Normal Size Content
  • FIX COMM-348 - Reflect Space Permission Change In The Search Results
  • FIX COMM-369 - Problems with points deletion for a resource rejected due to an abuse report
  • FIX COMM-370 - Number of Points in the upper bar is updated with delay
  • FIX COMM-371 - Wrong calculation of Points upon 5-star share of Blog Post
  • FIX COMM-430 - Reputation Tab: Some information is not displayed
  • NEW COMM-301 - Show Spaces At Top Of Search Results
  • NEW COMM-431 - Move Blogs And Documents To Bottom Of Create Menu

Release 06-10-2012

  • FIX COMM-88 - Fix invalid KM links sent to TREX
  • FIX COMM-242 - Scrollbars Showing In Discussion Threads With Normal Size Content

Release 05-27-2012

  • FIX COMM-30 - Moderator Gets Listed As Author Of Content After Moderating It
  • FIX COMM-33 - Un-follow People and Spaces Not Working
  • FIX COMM-220 - Discussions With Attachments Don't Show Actual Message Text
  • FIX COMM-221 - Users in China Cannot Login to New SCN Using User Name & Password
  • FIX COMM-240 - Service user shouldn't get points assigned
  • FIX COMM-241 - Incorrect record upon points assignment for 'someone likes your comment'
  • FIX SCNSBS-1509 - "Stop tracking" button does not work

Release 05-06-2012

  • FIX SCNSBS-1716 - MouseOver / MouseOut Event In Discussion Thread Adds White Space in IE9
  • FIX SCNSBS-831 - Top Contributor Widget: Link "Learn more... " Pointing To SCN Homepage
  • FIX SCNSBS-1702 - Corrupted Layout In Browse People Page With Long Usernames
  • FIX SCNSBS-1585 - Points Disabled In A Space Not Working All The Time
  • FIX SCNSBS-1551 - New Users Get Sometimes Stuck During Registration On Personal Data Page.
  • FIX SCNSBS-1777 - Follow Status "Awaiting Approval" Although No Required Approval Configured
  • FIX SCNSBS-1740 - Wrong Date Format In Send System Mails
  • FIX SCNSBS-1733 - Upper Border Of Content Thumbnail Disappears When Viewing Additional Options In Chrome
  • FIX SCNSBS-1039 - Ad Appears With Gray Background On Tags Page
  • CHANGE SCNSBS-1643 - Configure To Hide Content After 2 Abuse Reports
  • CHANGE SCNSBS-1668 - Configure Spell Checker With Common SAP Terms

Release 04-22-2012

  • FIX SCNSBS-1559 - Missing Forums To Be Migrated (ERP HCM Payroll Spain Forum and Portal KMC)
  • FIX SCNSBS-1684 - Broken Display of Thumbnail View In Chrome
  • FIX SCNSBS-1715 - Navigation Control For "Next Item" In Pagination Not Showing Correctly
  • FIX SCNSBS-1606 - KM Documents Show SAP User As Author
  • FIX SCNSBS-1610 - Failed Documents In TREX Search
  • FIX SCNSBS-1646 - Some Asset Types Not Correctly Indexed / Displayed In Search Results
  • FIX SCNSBS-1669 - New Indexes For Browse Content
  • FIX SCNSBS-1530 - Redirects For Blog Categories Broken
  • FIX SCNSBS-1466 - Like Points Stay Even After Content Has Been Deleted
  • FIX SCNSBS-1575 - Change Email Notification Text For "Not Active Contributor"
  • FIX SCNSBS-1634 - No Redirect From Old BC URL To User Profile In Some Cases
  • FIX SCNSBS-1672 - Update URL Mapping Table For Blog Post Redirects
  • FIX SCNSBS-1358 - Some JSON Resources Are Not Marked As Cache Able
  • FIX SCNSBS-1691 - H1 Text Overlaps When In Editing Mode
  • CHANGE SCNSBS-1688 - Move To Dedicated Solr Server

Release 04-02-2012

  • FIX SCNSBS-1641 - Code Formatting Doubles Bottom Margin In Edit Mode
  • FIX SCNSBS-1661 - UI Bug In New SCN Theme Impacts Content Rendering, Adds White Space
  • FIX SCNSBS-1646 - Raise Max Number Of Images Per Blog Post/Document To 30
  • FIX SCNSBS-1635 - Broken Layout Rendering Of 'Like' Button User's Own Documents/Blog Posts
  • FIX SCNSBS-1613 - Do Not Render Duplicate Results For Blog Comments, Bookmarks (Search)
  • FIX SCNSBS-1601 - Logon To WIKI Redirects User Always To WIKI Homepage
  • FIX SCNSBS-1596 - Blog Posts Appear In Search Results With Modification Date (Search)
  • FIX SCNSBS-1583 - System Announcement Sends Mass Mails to Users
  • FIX SCNSBS-1542 - Error When Assigning Points For Wiki Contribution If User Not Existent In New SCN
  • FIX SCNSBS-1526 - Improve Performance Of "Browse Content" Queries
  • FIX SCNSBS-1288 - Corrupt Layout In Content Browser List View When Using IE

Release 03-26-2012

  • SCNSBS-1624: Change Default Content Browser View to Details for All Registered Users
  • SCNSBS-1605: Remigrate Missing Blog Post Images (Preparations)
  • SCNSBS-1577: Users Get Points After Editing Documents / Blog Posts
  • SCNSBS-1504: Redirect Of Old URL Not Working After Blog Post Moved To Topic Space

Release 03-21-2012

  • SCNSBS-1612: Disable Text Filtering in Browse Content Area (Mitigation on Performance Issues)
  • SCNSBS-1546: Disabled Internal Search Page (Mitigation on Performance Issue)
  • SCNSBS-1527: Bugfixes on TREX Search Indexing

Release 03-19-2012

  • SCNSBS-1580: Author / Admin Email Address Showing in Blog RSS Feed as Author Information
  • SCNSBS-1562: Improvements on Application Memory Consumption
  • SCNSBS-1555: Variation of Old Forum Message URL is not Redirecting to New SCN Message URL
  • SCNSBS-1546: Remove Incorrect Links to Old Search Page
  • SCNSBS-1525: Remove "Join Date" in User Profile,  Duplicate to "Member Since"
  • SCNSBS-1506: Redirect Loop at Login Leads to Error at "/sso-updateconfirm"
  • SCNSBS-1477: NullPointerException When Updating User Profile Creation Date