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For all new Mobile Application Certification contracts we have a special offer for 2016:

In 2016 we offer all our partners who sign up a new contract with our bundle pricing offerings as well as for single certifications the opportunity to get a free re-certification of the same product, either with a new version or the old version. This offer is only applicable to all partners who get back to SAP ICC before the expiry of their initial certification(s).

To keep it simple,

signing up for 1 certification means getting 1 re-certification of the same product for free,

signing up for 5 certifications means getting 1 re-certification of the same 5 products for free,

signing up for 10 certifications means getting 1 re-certification of the same 10 products for free!

To ensure customers obtain robust and tested enterprise-class mobile apps, SAP has created a certification program for mobility. More specifically, partners and ISVs who develop OData-based mobile apps using SAP Mobile Platform can obtain certification by the SAP Integration and Certification Center in order to ensure quality and technical alignment with SAP.
Certified pre-packaged and downloadable mobile apps deployed on SAP Mobile Platform are listed on SAP Store.
The certification of OData-based mobile apps is available for SMP 3.0. Previously certified mobile apps on SMP 2.3 can be re-certified until the end of 2016. As part of this process, the following aspects will be verified:

Mobile app client: 
  • Verify the deployment of the mobile app onto the device
  • Verify the end-to-end mobile app functionality

SMP Server objects:
  • Verify configuration steps in Management Cockpit (such as configuring backend connection profiles).

Backend Connectivity
  • SAP Backend: Any SAP backend integration shall be implemented using a SAP-endorsed integration technology:
Integration with SAP delivered standard APIs (aka BAPIs) or remotely enabled function modules
o Integration with custom developed ABAP Add-on (functions). When developing custom Add-ons, the following criteria must be fulfilled:
§ Appropriate SAP development license (either SAP ERP or SAP CRM or SAP NetWeaver application user license) is required
§ Registration of development namespace (for custom Add-on) on SAP Service Marketplace is mandatory. Delivery of Add-On in customer namespace (using X, Y, Z) is not allowed and accepted.
§ Packaging of custom Add-on using Add-on Assembly Kit is required (AAK will be provided during certification).
§ Custom Add-on criteria are also applicable when developing Gateway content for mobile apps.
§ For further details on developing custom Add-on (how to get AAK, AAK tutorials, etc.) please contact your assigned ICC integration consultant.
§ The same applies while using SAP NetWeaver Gateway.
            o  Non-SAP backend: While using 3rd third party application or database as backend, only data validation is done in the backend.

Getting Started

As a member of the SAP PartnerEdge program for Application Development, please follow the steps outlined in the SAP Application Development Partner Center . Please request certification by using the wizard on the partner center as earliest as possible to ensure a smooth and timely completion.
For vendors who wish to request independent certification of a mobile app, please send the following information to SAP ICC:
  • Company Name and complete address (no PO Box accepted)
  • Name of Mobile Application and release
  • SMP version
  • Technical contact person (and region)

Technical Documentation

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0
The scope of the mobile app certification covers every component of the mobile solution from device to backend system. Please consult the Test plan document for complete details on the mobile app certification on SMP 3.0
SAP NetWeaver Gateway
For mobile apps that integrate with an SAP backend system using SAP NetWeaver Gateway, please consider additionally the test plan for SAP NetWeaver Gateway certification.
SAP Backend Connectivity
All SAP backend connectivity with custom Add-on development or SAP NetWeaver Gateway must meet custom ABAP Add-ons criteria. Please refer to ABAP Add-on test plan if you deliver an add-on as part of your mobile solution.
Recorded webinars
o    SMP – Mobile apps certification (overview of the certification)
o    Developing and delivering custom ABAP Add-on (for vendors who have implemented custom ABAP code as part of their mobile solution)
o    SAP NetWeaver Gateway integrations (for vendors who have an integration with SAP NW Gateway as part of their mobile solution)
SMP Cloud Ready
Mobile apps can be validated for SAP Mobile Platform on HANA Cloud Readiness, this is an optional test. Only REST API applications can be qualified for SMP Cloud Ready test.
Security Requirement
Mobile app security is one of the important aspects of certification. Please refer the Mobile app security guidelines document  and implement at least one security measure and document it in technical product profile document.
You may also be interested in the Secure Mobile Development Landing page on SCN.

Mocana MAP Ready
Mocana Mobile App Protection tool offers additional security wrap without writing code. You can take advantage of this without any cost and it is offered for free with mobile apps certification. Mocana Mobile App Protection Readiness is a self-certification program. Partners / ISVs are responsible for completing this self-test prior to scheduling certification test. To complete this self-test, an individual from Partner / ISV must be physically located in the US. Please contact your ICC consultant for further details or consult the Mocana website.

Test System Recommendation

SAP Mobile Platform
Companies wishing to develop and certify mobile applications on SMP will require a development system. During certification, ICC will use your QA environment for deploying server objects, and must allow ICC devices to connect to your QA systems.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway
It is preferable for vendors to have their own test system.

SAP Business Suite
It is preferable for vendors to have their own test system but you may contact ICC for availability of SAP Test System Access.

Price List

We are offering a special bundle pricing for all Mobile Application Certifications:

Single Certification: One (1) Certification to be completed within 9 month from signing the contract = 2,500 Euro

5-Pack Certification:  Five (5) Certifications to be completed within 9 month from signing the contract = 7,000 Euro

10-Pack Certification: Ten (10) Certifications to be completed within 9 month from signing the contract = 10,000 Euro

(Euro currency applicable to all countries)

Benefits of Certification

Customers using SAP-certified solutions in their SAP environment, as well as the ISVs and partners offering these, experience great benefits such as shorter implementation times, technical enablement, and marketing assets that certification provides. Please visit the 'Certification Benefits overview page' for more information.
After successful certification testing the ISV solution can be advertised with the following logo.
SAP Application Development partner directory: Certified solutions are listed in our SAP Application Development partner directory.
SAP Store
The SAP Store for Mobile Apps is an “enterprise ready” app store that allows customers to discover, download, evaluate and buy mobile apps from SAP and SAP’s ecosystem partners. The SAP Store for Mobile apps offers the ease of use and familiarity of a consumer app store and addresses the unique needs of enterprise customers. Please visit SAP Store at

ICC has set up a SAP JAM group where vendors can consult frequently ask questions (or FAQ) related to this certification and view the certification documents. Please request access to this JAM group with your assigned ICC consultant or PSA.
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ICC Webinar You are invited to join our introductory webinars - hosted by the SAP Integration and Certification Center in regular intervals. For a schedule and recordings got to the page "SAP Integration and Certification Webinar Series Overview".
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