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Integration and Certification Center

SAP Auto ID Infrastructure - Integration Scenarios

Integration & Certification

The following are predefined integration certifications offered by SAP. In addition to the standard scenarios listed here, SAP can also offer interface certification based on business scenarios from third-party vendors when:

  • Vendors use the SAP-endorsed integration technologies described in the ICC Integration Guide - Technologies
  • Vendors successfully test the interface software through an SAP Integration and Certification Center (ICC).

The Integration and Certification Centers evaluate third-party scenarios either based on an Integration Assessment or on customer references.


SAP AII Release







AII-DC-RFIDDevice Controller InterfaceNew VersionNo change

No change

No change


Integration Scenario Status

Bold Text

Achieving interface certification for this release is one criteria for becoming an SAP Software Partner.


Information about upcoming versions of this interface is available.

New Scenario

This is a new integration scenario/interface. Certification is available.

New Version

This is a new version of an existing interface. Recertification is required.

Additional Features

The interface has been enhanced with new features or new documentation. Recertification is not required, but is recommended.

No Change

Interface has not changed in this release. Recertification is not required.

Continued by

Beginning with this release, the interface is included as part of a new scenario that uses new technology and/or provides additional functionality. The original interface will be supported for two additional major releases, beginning with this release. Recertification is required.

Upon Request

Certification for this integration scenario with the most recent version of SAP solutions is available only upon request, if SAP resources are available. Please contact SAP PartnerEdge for more information.


The interface is obsolete in this release and certification is no longer available. Once an interface becomes obsolete, it usually is supported for two additional releases.

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