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Keeping Your Software Integration Up-to-Date Is Important!

For customers pre-integrated solutions pose a great advantage. Building and maintaining your software's integration with SAP solutions is well worth the effort. Regular re-certifications not only allow you to keep the "SAP® Certified Integration" logo for marketing your interface software, but also proof your commitment to customers.

Validity of integration certification

- Certification is valid for three years for most integration scenarios. A few certification scenarios (mobile apps, Cloud integrations, or SAP HANA integrations) have a one year validity due to the higher frequency of updates that occur in the partner solutions.

- After the end of validity period, an "SAP® Certified Integration" is outdated.  Re-certification is necessary to keep the interface updated.

Why Re-Certify?

Technology Changes :

  • With change in technology, product versions change, and SAP interfaces change
  • Consider testing your integration or entire solution on SAP HANA.
  • Make SAP integration certification an integral part of your development plan.

Up-to-Date Know-How

  • Let your developers focus on enhancements for your core product, and let the SAP Integration and Certification Center experts handpick the relevant information for you.
  • If you sign up for re-certification, an SAP ICC consultant will discuss latest technologies with you, and provide you recommendations and input. 
  • SAP ICC also hosts a number of webinars with updates through a number of enablement sessions .

Faster Sales Cycles with Latest Integration Certification

  • If your latest product release offered to SAP customers is not the one certified by SAP, it often creates the opposite effect and lengthy test demo sessions are required – in particular ABAP add-ons should be updated for SAP HANA to support your customers migration roadmap.
  • Enable your engineers and sales team to position your solution's integration with SAP solutions

How to Sign Up

To request a formal service offer for the re-certification of your solution, please contact the SAP Integration and Certification Center .

Get 30% discount on re-certification.

Take advantage of a special discount of 30% on most re-certifications, if you sign the re-certification contract before the expiry of your current certification. Certification itself can be completed within nine months after the sign-up. So do not miss this special offer!

Exceptions to the above discounting policy are all SAP Business One-related re-certifications which receive a 50 % discount , while SAP Business One Bundle certification will be at same 30% discounts. ABAP Add-on and Network re-certifications do not qualify for a re-certification discount.

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